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I am reading Dr. Esselstyn's book Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease.

In it he says, " Fruit carries a high sugar content, and consuming too much of it rapidly raises the blood sugar. The body compensates to the sugar high with a surge of insulin from the pancreas and the insulin, in turn, stimulates the liver to manufacture more cholesterol. It may also elevate triglyceride levels." 

My triglycerides are very high after starting 811...and I've gained weight. 

Please help me understand.

Is Dr. Esselstyn wrong???

I do not want to die from heart disease like my father who died at age 49.

Please help.

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I've researched this a bit myself and while I found (mostly searching scientific articles on pubmed) that sugar from fruit does *not* lead to elevated blood glucose levels/insulin problems, etc when consumed within the guidelines of 80-10-10 (so low fat -  I wanted to make sure I wouldn't end up with diabetes and I do like to read the 'science' behind things when it's available)... what I did find was some information on how diets high in fructose *can* lead to elevated triglycerides - I still haven't researched it as much as I had wanted, but from what I read, it sounded like the fructose first goes to restore your glycogen reserves and then if there is excess once the reserves are topped off, it is converted to triglycerides and is stored as fat.

Our glycogen reserves are tapped into mostly when we need a lot of energy (think exercise).

So in my non-expert opinion, based on some things that I've read and based on my own conclusions,(how's that for a disclaimer, lol - I just am a big fan of people doing their own research) it seems as though people on this diet might have some issues with high triglycerides if they are not exercising enough to tap into their glycogen reserves.  Like others have mentioned  - this is a *lifestyle* and is much more than just a diet.  Have you noticed that many of the people who are most successful on this diet also happen to be athletes?

So... in other words... try more exercise?

They use refined fructose in the 'science' not fruit so it's like 2 different planets..:)

Exercise MUST be part of a healthy lifestyle, there's just no way around that.

indeed.  I searched high and low to find something that used actual fruit in the studies...  

Here's a thread I started a while back on this very subject (triglycerides) if anyone is interested - some good stuff on there:



My cholesterol went WAY up when I first checked, 2-2.5 years into starting this diet.  I was shocked.  It had been 174 on a low fat starch-based diet, and then it was up at 246.  Yikes!  My TG also went up, but they were still under 125 and I wasn't as worried about them.

I kept on with the diet and checked the next summer, and cholesterol was down to 189 and TG were a bit lower.

Then I should have checked this past summer and I really wanted to, but I never motivated (I totally hate getting my blood drawn.)  I really need another reading to see whether this diet elevates my numbers, or whether that initial spike was my body clearing out old cholesterol deposits.  I'd had very high cholesterol in the past eating lots of dairy (around 300), so even though it was lower right before I went on this diet, I'm sure I had lots of gunk to clear out.  I'm hopeful that this is what is going on because I don't want to go back to starches.

I do have another friend (real life, not just an internet buddy), an older woman who adopted this diet and saw her TG go up to over 400 after about half a year.  She didn't stick with the diet because of that, so we don't know if they would have settled down or not.

Please keep us updated and I will as well when I finally motivate to check my blood again.  Best of luck!

Ok so...since I'm a loser at eating 811 perfectly...and eat most of my meals 811lfrv and cooked low fat vegan dinners, drink 2+ liters of water a day, teach yoga, weight training & cardio 6 hours a week, sleep 9 hours a night, then I could still have a heart attack because of the high amounts of fruit sugars???

YEP!!!  YOU GOT THE MESSAGE NOW!  YOU GOT THAT EXACTLY RIGHT!!!  (Actually, it's fats--not sugars).

 I thought you had read "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease," by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyne, Jr., M.D.?!!  Did you read the chapter on "Moderation Kills"?  Did you read the discussion on the Nitric Oxide Effect? 

Did you read the explanation about a house on fire?  Is it good to throw "only a bucket" of gasoline on it, if your house is on fire?  Likewise, if your body is inflamed with all the problems known as "heart disease," is it good to eat only "moderate amounts" of SAD while you try to arrest and reverse the inflamation of heart disease?

What do you think?  Is it good to eat "moderate amounts" of poison, toxins, carcinogens, trans-fats...?  Why is this simple explanation so difficult for you to understand?  Could it be that you don't WANT to understand it--because you are an addict?  Could you be addicted to SAD? 

At a certain point in the progression of chronic cardiovascular disease, you can die from ONE HIGH-FAT SAD MEAL!!


It sounds like you are eating much less fruit than anyone else here... 

So, I doubt fruit is your problem. 


Where did I say that I was eating the SAD diet????

Well said +1

I apologize.  I read the book, "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease," because I'm trying to prevent and reverse heart disease!  I noted the chapter on "Moderation Kills," and the explanation of the Nitric Oxide Effect, which says that I can be heart-attack-proof within 3 weeks of becoming enirely abstinent from a long list of SAD foods.  It also says that I am no longer heart-attack-proof once I begin eating something like a handful of nuts in my salad, or  1/2 teaspoon of "non-fat" cream cheese on my bagel.  Some people probably did not, do not note this distinction.

Someone who is not interested in preventing and reversing heart attacks would probably not care about this distinction.  I thought this person was asking about becoming heart-attack-proof.  If fact, I thought that is what the discussion of the book was about.

I don't care what anybody eats!  I don't care who dies from heart disease!  THERE'S MORE THAN ONE KIND OF ANAL PERSONALITY!  SOME ANAL PEOPLE CALL OTHERS ANAL WHEN THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THE CONVERSATION IS ABOUT.  But I could care less.

Lol welllll I don't think that actually fits the definition of anal... But alright.

Not looking to incite hostility or insult anybody with my comment;I just know that if I had been in RMM's position, I would have felt a bit attacked by a few people who have commented, and I don't think that's beneficial to anybody.

I don't think there's anything wrong with what you believe, and I don't think there's anything wrong with stating that here - as you are correct, that is indeed what the conversation is about.

However, I think that maybe some of what you've said could be described as negative or rude, and I do not think that that is necessary or called for. That's all.

I am sorry about insinuating that you may be nitpicky or anal - speaking of rude and impulsive, I was at fault there, I'm sorry.




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