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My bone density - My plan/goal to reverse osteoporosis

I had my appointment at the end of last month by my orthopedic doctor. My pelvis was x-rayed because I've been having muscle pains in my hip and thigh and sometimes my back since January. The doctor showed me the x-ray. When I was previously by his colleague, I was able to share my story about being anorexic for 11 years and finding HCRV (12 May 2012), which saved my life. He reacted positively, but said it takes a while for bone density to go back to where it should be, as I damaged mine very badly through the anorexia. My doctor explained the x-ray to me. He said, it is not SO terrible. He meant my joints are in good shape, but my bone density is still low (I was able to recognise that because they saw a bit ghost-like instead of solid). I am aware that my bone density doesn't improve over night, but I know this lifestyle as well as rehabilitation sport 2x a week (what my doctor prescribed) will lead me to that goal. :)

^^Having said that, don't get me wrong, I still have pains, sometimes agonising pains, especially in my legs (from my thighs down) and in my back and I worry because of it. I still have yet to contact the reha-sport centre. The one that looks the best to me is women-only, which I find good. I must call today. But back to my worries due to my pain, which causes me to walk very slowly and sometimes like a penguin, my boyfriend wonders if the pain is coming from my bone density coming back.

^^Does anyone know if my boyfriend's guess is right or if my pain means something else?

I want to stay positive, bring my bone density back, and eventually right a book about how HCRV saved me from osteoporosis. Nevertheless I can't help but worry due to my pain and I'm annoyed that ripening can take forever by my fruits as well as the fact that not all fruits taste optimal in the winter and I do my best to eat 3000+ calories, but eat no less than 2700. I'd give anything to eat at least 4000 calories...

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Hi. I do know something about Osteoporosis, since I work at am Arthritis and Osteoporosis Clinic. Generally, you won't feel osteoporosis...unless the bones in your spine are so weak that they start fuse together due to compression.
Furthermore the pain that you're describing sounds like something else. I would recommend get a bone density scan

Thank you for both of your tips Orange Ya Glad.

PS: I LOVE your user name! :D

Hi Athena,  so many good things in your post, a Doc who is positive from the get go about HCRV!  Whoop whoop!  An all woman rehab sport center, I have been in a few women's groups and it is a special kind of support, you are very fortunate to have that available to you! :)  And HCRV saving your life!!!  Your book will be such an important one for so many!!!  I think the rehab center will be great to advise you when to push past the pain and when to rest and why it might be there.  Have you read HC/LFRV Ruth Heidrich's book Senior Fitness?  It is a fantastic book and she talks about restoring her bones after osteoporosis which is now the density of that of a 30 year old woman and she's 80+!  She talks about which tests to get too.  My library had it and then I bought a copy for my sister-in-law, it was so good.

Banana and dates and tender leafy greens (lettuces and celery) as your mainstay with ripe fruits thrown in as they come along is perfectly sustainable @ 4000 calories, go for it! :D 

I find Eli's daily schedule an inspiration!

As well as Josh's awesome video...

Thank you Shell. :)

Unfortunately I have to wait until Youtube is fast again. :(

As for the rest of your response, thank you so much! I have heard of Ruth Heidrich and I knew she healed a couple of things, but I didn't know osteoporosis as well! I will order that book as soon as possible. She sounds phenomenal and inspirational.

Unfortunately greens still taste terrible (even the celery that I used to like doesn't taste good in winter, I can't eat bananas (because they make me gag), but I can eat lots of dates. I need to try a recipe with greens or a green smoothie with any fruit other than bananas or citrus fruit because I'm allergic to citrus fruits. I'm only able to eat dates as monomeal. I don't know why my taste preferences are that way...

Eli's schedule is cool! :)

Well enjoy Josh's pic for now, lol! ;)  Golden isn't it?

Hey have you tried Earth bananas or Turbanas, they are both a hundred+ times better in taste than any organic dole or chiquita, you might like to try them.  Whole Foods carries Earth and many small health food stores carry Turbana, both are fair trade and more sustainable then organic.  I can no longer stand to eat organic, bananas, the taste is so bad compared to the fair trade.

Check your library for Ruth's book, they can always do an inter-library loan. 

Cheers! :)

Yeah, Josh's pic is super cool! :)

No, I can't say that I have tried those bananas.

However, as far as I know Whole Foods is only in the states. I live in Germany. :p

Luckily I saw that Ruth's book is being sold on the German Amazon. :)

Oh you're in Germany, maybe they have some fair trade bananas there.


Did you happen to have a bone density test before, and if so, do you know if you improved things yet?  

I concur with Orange Ya Glad that in many cases, osteoporosis in and of itself does not cause pain unless there has been an injury.  


Although I do not know for sure in your case, I have a theory.  

Sometimes pain resulting from ED's comes from nerves.  The reason is that many people with EDs do not eat enough fats in their diet.  Two things can happen of course.  With low dietary fats and low body fat, the body cannot regulate and store properly fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K.  Vitamin D is good for building strong bones hense improving your bone density problem.  

When we eat an extremely low fat diet, the myelin sheath, the material that form around the axon of our nerves, may become thin, weak, and or destroyed thus leading to pains in some people, and or forms of neropathyies resembling problems like MS.


No worries though, especially in early stages, many people are able to repair these myelin through improvements in diet and lifestyle.  

Keep consulting your doctor and get follow up xrays to monitor your progress and improvements.  Do whatever exercise you can even if you are just walking or belly dancing 20-30 minutes a day.  Defy gravity as they say.  

To maximize calcium and other minerals from your diet, avoid high oxalate foods such as kale and spinach.  

Also focus on foods that have a good calcium to phosphorus ratio of 1:1 or 2:1 or better.  It is not that each food has to be perfect, rather, your overall daily diet should be more parts calcium than phosphosrus.  

Focusing on things like oranges and lots of lettuce greens helps.  Also, the vitamin C in the oranges is great for collagen, strong bones, and tissues.  

Don't be afraid to keep fat content in the 10%+ goldilocks zone and about an oz of nuts and seeds everyday.  

Yes, stay positive and good luck.  Even if you do not see fast results, and I expect it to take up to two years or more, at least you are going in a good direction now.  

Peace, PK

Did you happen to have a bone density test before, and if so, do you know if you improved things yet? 

I did get a look at my bone density test about 10 years ago, where it was dangerously low. Unfortunately I can't get a hold of it. But my doctor now said it's not terribly bad, but my bone density is still low.

I've heard figs are EXTREMELY rich in calcium. Because I can't afford loads of fresh figs (when I can find them here), is it still raw/acceptable to eat dried figs (when there are no chemical processes with them)? If so, I could easily eat truckloads of them, but of course I need to be mindful of my budget, which I spend almost exclusively on food.

I'm allergic to all citrus fruits and am still working on my greens problem. I'm planning on trying greens with  shredded beetroot, maybe mais and either fresh dill or some kind of overt-free sauce with dill. I'm normally a monoeater, but my last hope is through overt-free recipes to get my greens.

Don't be afraid to keep fat content in the 10%+ goldilocks zone and about an oz of nuts and seeds everyday. 

I don't eat overt-fats.

Thanks, I'm staying positive for the most part, even though I'm in a lot of pain every day. I plan to achieve my dream of reversing osteoporosis, having an age-appropriate bone density (or younger ;) ), and writing a book about how I reversed osteoporosis through HCRV - in English and German (since the movement here isn't nearly as well-known as in other countries). :)

I am not knowledgeable in this subject but have heard that trampoline helps with bone density problems.

Really? A mini trampoline would maybe be possible, but there is no room for a big one.



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