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I have been a successful 80/10/10'er before. For 2 months i did well. VERY well. I ate nothing but 100% 80/10/10, by the book. A few things here and there were altered, but i did fairly well. Then i stopped one day, the convenience of cooked food got me, and i haven't yet gone back to 80/10/10. 

Since switching to the "convenient" i have suffered MASSIVE health problems. 

I have developed "cluster headaches" which are the most intense pain i can ever describe. Feels that my left eyeball is popping out of my head. 

Getting these headaches has led me to taking MASSIVE amounts of Ibuprofen. Which has led to a stomach ulcer. The headaches combined with the stomach ulcer have started this cascading effect of vomiting on a daily basis. 

You would think that having headaches (and i say headache lightly.. it feels like someone is prying my eyeball out with pliers) and an ulcer would be enough, but unfortunately i also suffer from SERIOUS gallbladder problems. 

I can only eat VERY small meals, and if i don't i will get a massive gallbladder attack. Feels like i am being blown up with air in my right back side and i vomit (blood in vomit) and get SO SICK that i literally SCREAM and CRY. 

I am going to the doctor this morning. NOT because i want a HUGE amount of drugs, but because i want someone else to see these things, diagnose them, and i have a starting point. 

One of the main reasons i stop 80/10/10 is FRUIT FLIES, and the fact that i cannot ever even SLIGHTLY stray away from the lifestyle, or i will get massive indigestion. There was a point, where i had my bananas out (as people do) and i had about  32894723 fruit flies in my kitchen. SWARMS. Enough to coat my cabinets and make my fruit rot way faster. Which made it to where i had to freeze bananas which wasn't working for me. My blender can't handle them, it takes 25 minutes to make one smoothie in the morning before work. 

ALSO, if i wanted to use a salad dressing, i would get bloated the next day and be unable to eat, mixing fruit gave me indigestion, just painful. 

I need either a MENTOR, or something to help me STAY on this lifestyle LONG TERM. PLEASE HELP ME!!

I lost 20 lbs last time i did it, and managed to keep most of the weight off. 

But i need to do this for my HEALTH, because i am declining FAST. <3 

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killing fruit flies is not a good idea

use a freezer, a container over top of the bananas, and/or put them in a cupboard in which fruit flies cannot get to

Hi Kristi,

Started today on 80/10/10 - can't offer to be a mentor but can go through your re-transition to raw with you!


Seems to me that the pain you experience straying from the 80/10/10 way at all would make you want to stick 80/10/10. I mostly have to eat mono meals myself due to a gallbladder issue, but that's the way it is. I love my food anyway. A big bowl of any fruit, is just much better than anything else. As to salad, what kind of dressings are you using. I usually just blend fruit up with some water, and lemon juice or orange juice, and put it on the salad. Does that bother you.  As to fruit flies just monitor your fruit ripeness and freeze or use the ripe fruit right away.

fruit flies make fruit ripen faster?!?! is this true?

Sounds alot like what I went through before I started eating vegan or even 80-10-10.  I had massive headaches, which your description is quite perfect, took loads of Ibuprofen, but didn't know what really caused it.  Gallbladder problems, also, along with kidney issues.  Someone pointed out that I needed to drink more water, 1/2 my weight in ounces (right now I'm 150lbs / 2=75oz) for a SEDENTARY life.  Once I started drinking the this minimum amount and lots more (throughout the day) when biking, walking, moving furniture or just chasing the children around then EVERYTHING was better.  No more headaches, no more pain, tons of energy and clarity of thinking!

I hate the fruit flies too.   Had them bad when we started getting 3 cases (40 lbs each)of bananas per week-the first 2 weeks went well, then we started getting sick of bananas and I did freeze them - the ice cream tastes great after a break-and we are back to one case per week, since we purchase other in season fruit.

Consider reading, online or his books,Dr. Batman's Water Cure.  His information on water is eye opening!

Keep asking questions, keep reading other's experiences, keep looking here among others that are willing to give you ideas, help and encouragement.  You'll be better soon if you keep trying, it's soooo worth it!

I agree with you about the digestion problems. I ate some bananas and then shortly after had some tomato.  Wow - it didn't last long but my body definitely said "HEY!  They don't mix!!!!!"  So you do become more sensitive - no doubt about it.

Re: blending frozen bananas.  I take banana "ice cream" with me in a thermos. My trick to making it with my crappy blender is 1) take the bananas out first thing in the morning, let them slightly defrost 1/2 hour if you have the time.  2) blend up smaller amounts - don't put too many in the blender at once.  That seems to help.

There is a video knocking around this forum on how to build a no-kill fruit fly trap.  Also, I haven't tried it, but I wonder about those food umbrellas that I see for sale on Ebay.  From what I can tell, the flies could still get in where the umbrella hits the table - someone really needs to design and sell and fruit fly protective cover.  May a hair net over a bowl????  Or a piece of fine mesh covering a bowl with an elastic over it?

wauw, you do have some serious problems!

Yikes, get back on the fruit wagon today! :)

To keep fruit flies away, throw out any past their date bananas right away.  The longer you follow 811 the better you get at managing your fruit and these flies no longer will be an issue.

As your body gets healthier it lets you know more quickly and more clearly what is good and what is bad for you.  Most long termers stick to mostly mono meals because our bodies tell us this is best.  People with underlying conditions must always stick to what is best.

It's perfectly fine to eat small meals throughout the day on 811, lots of people do it, Michael Arnstein eats this way.

There are lots of 811 mentors around, just find one you click with.  One who does by donation is Chris Kendall: http://the-raw-advantage.com/tag/chris-kendall/

Just jump right in with lots of fruit, you'll be feeling better in no time! :D



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