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Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Type              Healthy Range           Score

Protein           6.3 - 8.4                   7.5
Calcium         8.5 - 10.5                 9.9
Sodim            134 - 144                 140
Glucose         74 - 100                   98
Potasium       3.5 - 5.3                   5.0
Chloride        98 - 107                   96    ***
Creatinine     0.3 - 1.4                   0.7
Albumin        3.5 - 5.0                   4.4
Total Bili        0.2 - 1.3                  0.3
Alk Phos        23 - 153                  151
AST                17 - 59                    35
ALT                21 - 72                    30
BUN               8 - 24                       5     ***
CO2               22.0 - 30.0               30.1  ***
GFR               Anything Over 60      130

Lipid Panel

Type                      Healthy Range           Score

Cholesterol            Under 200                152
Triglyceride            Under 150                168  ***
HDL                       Over 40                     57
LDL                        Under 130                 61
VLDL                      Under 30                  34   ***
Chol/HDL Ratio     Under 4.0                  2.7
Non-HDL Chol.      Under100                 95

Iron & TIBC Panel

Type                    Healthy Range            Score

Iron                     49 - 181                    73
TIBC                    265 - 497                  381
% Saturation        20 - 55                      19   ***          


Complete Blood Count Panel

Type                                Healthy Range            Score

White Blood Cell Count   3.8 - 10.6                  7.3
Red Blood Cell Count      4.20 - 5.80                5.01
HGB                                13.5 -18.0                 15.7
HCT                                42.0 - 52.0                47.7
MCV                                78.0 - 100.0              95.3
MCH                                27.0 - 31.0                31.3 ***
MCHC                             32.0 - 36.0                 32.8
RDW                                11.5 - 15.5                12.8
PLT                                  130 - 400                  272
MPV                                 7.4 - 10.4                  9.7
NEU %                              40.0 - 74.0                58.6
LYMPH %                         14.0 - 46.0                 27.3
MONO %                          4.0 - 13.0                  12.1
EOS %                              0.0 - 7.0                    1.4
BASO %                            0.0 - 3.0                    0.6
NEU #                              1.8 - 7.8                    4.2
LYMPH #                          0.7 - 4.5                    2.0
MONO #                           0.1 - 1.0                    0.9
EOS #                               0.0 - 0.4                    0.1
BASO #                             0.0 - 0.2                    0.0


Vitamin B12           Healthy Range                    Score

                              230 - 1050                        146   ***

Vitamin D :            Ranges                                Score                           

                             0 - 10 = Deficiency             16.5 (Insufficiency)  ***

                            10 - 30  = Insufficiency  
                            31 - 100 = Sufficiency 
                            100 - 100 + = Toxicity




So I'm wondering what you guys who get regular blood tests think.  This is the first blood test that I have ever gotten so I have nothing to compare it with so I am hoping to see how it compares with some of yours.


My doctor said that he was shocked that my protein, potassium, calcium, and iron were all within range.  He also said that my kidney function (GFR) was the most impressive he had ever seen on a blood test, and that I must never put anything that toxic in my body.  He then said that he saw no reason for me to need to change my diet, but said that vitamin d and b12 needed to be addressed and shouldn't be put off until later.


EDIT: Some of you were asking me about my triglycerides being a bit high, I totally forgot to mention when I originally posted this that I asked him about it and he just said, "That's just because you didn't fast before getting the blood test."  He told me that in order to get a true measurement for triglycerides you need to fast for 12 hours first and since I ate 40 bananas and a head of lettuce within the 12 hours prior to the test they were higher than they would have been if I had fasted. 


The vitamin d problem is no doubt due to the fact that it's February and I'm living in a cold climate (Ohio) and it's supposed to be impossible to produce vitamin d from the sun here even if you are outside naked for several hours a day and the sun is out.  I had a feeling that I would test low in vitamin d because I have been craving sunlight and I almost feel depressed when I look at the 10 day weather forecast and see nothing but snow and cold cloudy days coming up.


Spring starts in just a few weeks so I imagine that lots of warm and sunny days are in the very near future. 


The doctor said that if I'm going to be moving to the tropics later this year that vitamin d should never be a problem for me once I'm living there, but he highly recommended that I supplement for now in order to get the levels back up now rather than later.  Personally I think that since spring is so close I will just wait to get the real thing from the sun rather than take a D3 supplement that isn't even vegan.


Any advice on B12 would be appreciated.  Again, I have never been tested before so I don't have any old results to compare this to and I honestly feel fine other than craving sunlight, but I know that this may not be something to ignore.  He suggested that I simply take an oral tablet.  I asked about the injections and he said that he doesn't believe in them unless the patient is experiencing the symptoms like tingling in the hands and feet so he wouldn't prescribe them to me.  He just told me to get a pill and that it would be best if if was a "B Complex" pill.


I would love to just see if the numbers will go up naturally between now and summer time, but I'm just wanting to know if these numbers are too low to try it.


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Man it sounds good, although I don't know much to say about the chart!

About the B12 ... I am taking pills too but after I read here a lot in the forum I'll switch to B12 Injections.

With the Vitamin D I agree... Spring/Summer is infront of us so no worries. I am taking a Vitamin D supplement.. I guess it won't hurt but if you are feeling fine you might just want to wait 2 more weeks.

This was fortunately / hopefully my last 'winter' of my life too, I am planning to move to Australia or California...

Nice one! I've seen a few people put blood results up in the last couple of months. I'm glad that people are doing it because it helps to put minds at ease about the potential impacts of LFRV. 

Looks like the only numbers that are concerning are triglyceride, vitD, and B12. I guess BUN is expected to be low because kidney function is particularly good?

If I were you I'd probably look into B12 injections, everyone on here who's mentioned injecting has nothing bad to say about it, so maybe it's not a bad idea, especially if you can find a supplier and DIY.

Would be interesting to know if your triglycerides are rising or falling - I'd read a lot of criticism of LFRV that mentions triglycerides would be expected to rise, not sure if there's really any truth to that. Do you eat close to 10% fat?

Do you eat close to 10% fat?


Yes, my fat intake is almost always 8 or 9 percent.   I have yet to give 9/5/5 a real try.  Maybe I'm missing out.  I guess I need to finally try going 30 days without ANY overt fat. 

The high triglycerides is funny. You would expect the opposite. 

I use b12 sublinguals (hydroxycobalomin) with good results.

I also supplement D in winter time. I live in The Netherlands, from Octobre till March (maybe even longer) there is no chance of getting ANY vit D, since UVB rays are not strong enough. I do notice a positive difference when I supplement with D.

Interesting vid on vitamin D:


Cheers for the link Dutchie! That lecture is well worth watching, am definitely considering vitD supplementation now.

you're welcome!

Great video.  Thanks!

You could get one of those reptile bulbs for cheap for the next few weeks to start upping your vit D.

this link between low D and high triglycerides is interesting. i saw more studies confirming this.  

Get a uMMA test for B12. It will tell you if you actually have a deficiency or not.

Thank you to everyone for responding.


I'm still not 100% sure what I am going to do, but what I am thinking I will do is go ahead and take a vegan brand of vitamin d and a b12 supplement for a short time and then get a second test to see how well they worked, and if they work well and raise my levels high enough I would like to then go all summer without taking the vitamin d supplement (and possibly the vitamin b12 as well) and then get a 3rd test at the end of the summer to see what happens when I go off the supplements but am getting plenty of sun, sleep, water, etc...  


Regardless of what I end up doing I will share the results here.  I know that vitamin d and b12 get brought up a lot here and I rarely add anything to those conversations because I never felt that I had any real first hand knowledge about vitamin d or b12.  I had never taken b12 or vitamin d supplements, I had never gotten a blood test, and I had never felt the symptoms associated with low vitamin d or b12.  (Except for very recently when I was CRAVING sunlight.) By doing the experiment that I would like to do I would certainly learn a thing or two about about this subject and like I said I will share what ever the results are here for others to learn from as well.


As I mentioned earlier my doctor told me that he wouldn't prescribe the b12 shots because he doesn't believe in them, and I don't know what brand of b12 pill to trust.  I will try seeing if another doctor would be willing to prescribe the b12 shots, but if I can't find one soon I will go ahead and start taking an oral supplement...   Oh yeah, any advice on what brands of b12 or vitamin d supplements would be appreciated.


Since I already feel great I'm kind of excited about the thought of possibly feeling even better once I get my b12 and d levels raised :)

Interesting! Thanks for sharing, I think it's impressive.



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