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It is getting frustrating. I am on this diet for almost 4 months now, and i constantly gain weight. My butt has never been as big as it is now. And no, it is not muscle or water, it is unattractive mushy flesh around my behind and upper legs.

I know, i should stop whining, but i just have to share that with someone. I gotta buy new trousers, not a single one fits anymore.

I think i am a textbook lfrv. Eating mono-meals, not adding any overts, usually i am at 90-5-5, doing a moderate amount of sports, sleeping well, drinking water (1 liter before every meal).

At the beginning i tried 2500 calories on average. Gained weight. Then, after a month or so, i reduced my calories to about 1800-2000 for 2 weeks, gained more weight. Now i am doing 2500-2800 a day again (following the advise to eat more calories), and i just don't stop gaining. Holy makrele. I am not especially vain, but i feel a bit lost. Also, i do not really enjoy that the people who warned me that this diet will make me gain weight are actually right. And they aren't afraid to point that out.

For the last 10 years my weight was at about 48 kilos (105p). I am 162 cm tall (5'2). I never gained much weight, no matter if i was eating cheese all day long (married to a french guy) or if i had my weeks of mainly eating chocolate, or if ate a lot or if i ate little... no major fluctuations. And now that i am starting to eat well my butt grows to this huge monster? I am damn 53 kilos now! I gained 5 kilos in 3-4 months! Pffhaha.

Can it be that i eat too many bananas? I am going to try more water-rich fruits for the next days. Or simply too many calories? Seriously. Graham's book would suggest about 1700 for me, and so does the calculation based on Adam's file that i once found randomly on here.

I soooooo hope that someone experienced the same, and kept going, and things normalised. I don't want to loose hope. I came so far, i feel really really fit and good. But if i gain more at some point i am gonna switch back to a cooked vegan diet, cuz i don't want to get overweight.

Thanks for listening, and please share with me if you experienced the same! It kind of makes me a little depressed to become healthy but overweight.


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that's ok Jas and Gosia. :) and thank you for your feedback :):)

It's exciting to think,that as time goes by the longer i eat raw,the more my body heals gets stronger and more vibrant,so much to look forward to really,for all of us eating raw the way that makes us feel the best. X
Neet, you may not realize how significant your insights might be. I have been pondering on the topic of fat loss for some time. The usual, you know, how to do it, why it works and why it doesn't work. I may have not too much experience on the topic as I may have not been as active as some people on this forum. Still, with my persistence at exercise (with not too much change in the diet arena), I observed some fat loss occurring in my body. It became rather apparent to me that the combination of healthy eating habits (a happy Goldilocks balance between the two extremes of over- and under-eating) and exercise (a crucial factor) does the trick. Your insights and in particular the stark transformation of your body, coupled with some references I recently found in my little excursions, is a nice confirmation for me that yes, a sensible and consistent diet, and yes, a sensible and consistent exercise, is a necessary factor for a perfect balance. Thank you dear!
can we see a photo
You are too sweet! I would say we wait until it gets a tiny bit bigger. More fun then!
I say KILL the scale! Take a hammer and bash it. Eat fruit and be happy. Problem solved. ♥ :-D

And if your butt keeps getting bigger, guys dig it, its the best asset for skating, be proud!
I am sure this comes from someone who is super lean!

Well, trashing the scale would not help much. I need an entirely new wardrobe as well, right now i have one more skirt that fits me, and i am wearing this day in day out.
Trust me, I have scale issues too, way more then you know. I hate it. None of my clothes fit and I look crappy cause of my weight. Really, guys dig chicks with a butt. I hear it all the time, "oh you have such a pretty face." :-( People arent making jokes about you here.
I've read all these messages on this topic and would like to add that I am also in the same position. And I am also exactly 4 months into lfrv too. I have been disturbed (i posted something earlier) about my weight gain. I felt a little embarrassed in front of my friends, as they see me eating all this fruit and see me get bigger, as if i don't realize that's it the fruit causing it. When I posted it, most others just said the same thing - forget the scale, continue to eat as much fruit as you desire, and exercise more, don't worry.

This is what I've noticed in my body. I've recently been biking more and mainly hills which are intense. I notice a change in my muscle tone when I do. When I restrict calories at all, I feel horrible = irritable, grouchy, unhappy, a little depressed. So I think cutting back is not the answer. Like you, I was eating a lot of bananas and not quite getting in the intense workouts where I was really sweating. I think intensity is the key, if even for a short time. It just burns through the fruit.

I have surrendered that my legs are still fat'ish despite eating what seems to be the best diet and food of my life. I do recognize that my body hasn't always gotten all the carbs its wanted, over the years, so I'm trying to be patient and consistently give it the calories it can use. Hopefully, in time, we will have a rock solid trusting relationship with our bodies where it knows it will be sufficiently fed and begin to lose more weight. Not sure how long that takes to turn around.

Again, your not alone - i'm also here plugging away at this diet. with much faith and patience. and happiness (i'm loving all the other benefits). I think I understood it wrongly that this diet would make me skinny. all that will make me skinny is how much i exert myself and eat simple meals.

thanks to you, and your butt, for your honest sharing - as others, like me, also receive support and encouragement.
Jas, you write wonderful posts, but you suck in pasting links. None of them works?!? Re-post please, i want them :)
Thanks for this reply! I am so happy to hear that i am not the only one. Now i am still waiting that someone comes with a 'been there done that got over it' story! There must be someone!

I am so happy right now girls!
CBS i love you girl xx



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