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It is getting frustrating. I am on this diet for almost 4 months now, and i constantly gain weight. My butt has never been as big as it is now. And no, it is not muscle or water, it is unattractive mushy flesh around my behind and upper legs.

I know, i should stop whining, but i just have to share that with someone. I gotta buy new trousers, not a single one fits anymore.

I think i am a textbook lfrv. Eating mono-meals, not adding any overts, usually i am at 90-5-5, doing a moderate amount of sports, sleeping well, drinking water (1 liter before every meal).

At the beginning i tried 2500 calories on average. Gained weight. Then, after a month or so, i reduced my calories to about 1800-2000 for 2 weeks, gained more weight. Now i am doing 2500-2800 a day again (following the advise to eat more calories), and i just don't stop gaining. Holy makrele. I am not especially vain, but i feel a bit lost. Also, i do not really enjoy that the people who warned me that this diet will make me gain weight are actually right. And they aren't afraid to point that out.

For the last 10 years my weight was at about 48 kilos (105p). I am 162 cm tall (5'2). I never gained much weight, no matter if i was eating cheese all day long (married to a french guy) or if i had my weeks of mainly eating chocolate, or if ate a lot or if i ate little... no major fluctuations. And now that i am starting to eat well my butt grows to this huge monster? I am damn 53 kilos now! I gained 5 kilos in 3-4 months! Pffhaha.

Can it be that i eat too many bananas? I am going to try more water-rich fruits for the next days. Or simply too many calories? Seriously. Graham's book would suggest about 1700 for me, and so does the calculation based on Adam's file that i once found randomly on here.

I soooooo hope that someone experienced the same, and kept going, and things normalised. I don't want to loose hope. I came so far, i feel really really fit and good. But if i gain more at some point i am gonna switch back to a cooked vegan diet, cuz i don't want to get overweight.

Thanks for listening, and please share with me if you experienced the same! It kind of makes me a little depressed to become healthy but overweight.


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j/k= "just kidding" :)
with the years, your body shape will change a lot. My body look quite different from what i was 4 years ago (i am a vegan for 4 years and a low fat for more then 3 and a half)...

Girls dont need to worry really!
Yes and changing training changes body shape...This is what has happened to me,i now have a fit strong athletic body,where before raw i was just mostly fat little muscle,then i came to raw i lost mega amounts of weight and was so skinny(little muscle)....its good changes...
changing training? what does this mean? what is a good training you suggest? merci!
yes,i use to only do cardio ~running and rowing.

Now i cycle,do advanced pilates sometimes weight training,less longer distance running,some trampolining.
eduardo, you are sweet! (but a liar :)
love it!
you go gurll haha
"I don't know how much I gained. I threw the scales out of the window some time ago. A number on a scale is not an indicator of how high or low my self-worth, selflove, self-acceptance is. Not anymore. :)"
Kisses Jasmin, that makes so much sense. Yes, i would love to get that article, if it is not too much work for you to scan it. Totally!
Damn undereating, yes, i feel that my body is rather confused, and now wants to store everything in case i am going back to starvation.

Well, and while you were typing this i was doing an extra yoga session, and now i am cycling to buy myself a rebounder. Yeah!

Let's do that together. We can even send each other pics with our newly gained sweet butts, hehe. Assuming they will melt away at some point (ok, i will give it 8 more months) we should celebrate them a little just now (joking).

So good to hear that someone feels the same. I checked out Freelee's blog as well, happened to her too, and she did not have a very sane eating habit before lfrv either!

We can do it! Totally! Powergrrrls! :)

(And thanks so much for sharing your emotions with me/us)

oh please send it to me too!!

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this is an awesome post jasmin.. you've progressed so quickly and have come such a long way
wow thank you so much for posting this! I am in a similar situation and am kind of worried by it. I can hear a voice saying woahh girl you better back off eating so much food. I've never had this problem before, even on raw eating more than I am now. So I am confused and concerned. I like to know what's going on physically within me/why things are happening.
This has been helpful/reassuring. What are the articles you mentioned?

thanks again :)



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