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So... I've been lurking and reading and researching this site, the 80/10/10 book, Dr Graemes website and all of utube vids associated for the last few months. I've been slowly transitioning my diet toward 80/10/10 getting my head around eating higher calories and higher quanities of food... and am ready to throw down a 3 month challenge for myself, 100% low fat raw vegan.

I am a personal trainer, yoga/boxing/group fitness instructor, holistic counsellor, singer/songwriter.
It's been around 10 years since I used to jokingly refer to myself as a 'walking eating disorder'. My health is really good now other than a coenzyme Q10 deficiency (which really knocked me about for the last 6ths), although my bloodwork is really good, I still have about 25ish kg's of body fat to melt off, so now that my energy levels and immune system are getting better (from the Q10 def), I am hoping to shift it the healthy way.

I have been vegetarian for the last 7ish years, but when my health declined I reintroduced fish into my diet, thinking that maybe I was lacking protein. 
It was very hard to insist that vegetarian was the way to go when I have fit PT's around me advocating protein and here I am thinking that I'm right yet I don't look or feel the part cause I'm still tired and overweight so who is going to believe me.

Either way, as much as I don't like doctors, I decided to go get tests done, thinking I was hypothyroid or diabetic (since they both run in my family) but no, other than the Q10 I am fine, in fact really good) I have been supplementing the Q10 and feeling better and better.

So, I have noticed since going vegan and introducing more raw fruit that I can eat more and am not putting on weight, in fact my weight hasn't shifted in 8 weeks, even though my cals are higher (from fruit). This is weird for me, normally if I'm not dieting I am putting on weight.
So, I'm thinking that if I go 100% that I may just lose weight.

There are so many pros to this lifestyle, if my body has more healing to do I am prepared to wait it out in order to heal and then allow my body to naturally melt into what it should be.

Anyway good to be here xx

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I will totally take that challenge with you! :D:D Let's do it!

Thanks Guys,

Mary Kate, I will totally take you up on that... I'm going grocery shopping today, getting rid of any left over Xmas food and I am going 100% as of tomorrow.

I used to do 3 month calorie restriction diets so I figure 3 months of this will not be hard at all. # months is also a good amount of time to cement it into a lifestyle for myself.

Yes, let's do it



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