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Hey I was watching it and wondered what everyone thought about it?  No one on this show is as strict as 30badders but it seems they are judged and everyone friends and family are forcing them to eat pizza and telling them to stop obsessing.  Most people in my life tend to eat healthier when they're around me or we both eat our own way.  If I go to the restaurant I'll eat before or after, or even bring my food to the restaurant. I've taken in a whole cantaloupe to Mexican Restaurants and asked the server for a plate and knife w/o any problems half the table ended up eating cantaloupe with me in addition to their mexican food because it was so good.  I've eaten an entire papaya in rafferty's and the server himself had me pop a bite in his mouth between tables ;)

Don't get me wrong sometimes it's a hassle to eat this way and I have days I get frustrated as well, but it seems the people MTV is following don't have nearly as strict of a diet but bigger issues with it...

What does everyone think?  Orthorexia?  MTV's True life etc thoughts...

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At the end of the episode spring and the guy are eating meat and gaining weight and everyone tells them how healthy they look,  uugh!

Yeah ... I just saw it this weekend.  I was looking around at no one else in the room and saying ... 'but they all eat crap still'.  Especially the egg whites gal .. jeeezy peezy ..... then they get that guy to eat meat ... i just couldn't believe how much friends n family were negative influences ... and the guy was like ... 'I haven't eaten meat in like 9 months this is gonna taste wierd!!' ... I mean come on!!

Ended up just looking like sum teens wanting attention due to control issues, anxiety, and their beliefs in what they read in magazines .... 

The only person i could relate to was the raw chick who throws up her cooked food ... i think it is actually orthorexia if u purge or deprive to excess perceived unhealthy food.

Oh I missed the part where he said it'd only been nine months since he'd eaten meat, wow


any behaviour that makes you sick should be stopped.

everything else is fine.

i am a clinical orthoignoranimus.  i have an obsession about avoiding people that are certified ignoramuses.

i always counter any opposition with education. when that doesnt work i use humour and when that fails i challenge them to a push up contest or running race.

"orthorexia" is some bs thing made up by some young med student who decided to write a book and make money off of it. and guess what? it worked! IT DOESN'T EXIST. if you are obsessed with food to the point of starvation, there is a name for that already... it's called ANOREXIA - some people are anorexic and do redbull and cigarettes, and some are obsessed with health food. if you are NOT starving or underweight it's called... being TRULY healthy (which is seen as "extreme"), or OCD (if it's more about obsessive ideas, etc)... see? IT ALREADY HAS A NAME EITHER WAY. i have OCD. one OCD thing i do is closing doors a bunch of times... do i have "DOOROREXIA"?!??! i supposed you could make up a name for EVERYTHING if you really wanted to... UGGHHHHH!!!!! GAHHHH!!!!!

and ON TOP OF THAT! i'm SURE that the meat/dairy/monsanto industry LOVES the idea of "orthorexia" and will probably try to get it out there at all costs... in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if they literally funded that show... 


+1 some dude just had an idea about people who ate differently than he did and coined a fancy-sounding word to it so he could write a book about it... no need to worry 'am i orthorexic?' because it's not in the medical literature. 

granted, the idea of obsessing over only eating pure foods deserves thought. you can't control everything, and trying to do so can make you mental. but eating the way you know will make you feel good is totally sane.

I find it extremely insensitive that you are belittling Orthorexia and making a joke out of it. It is a legitimate disorder that affects so many individuals. I work at the NEDA Helpline and we have quite a few callers who are sufferers of Orthorexia. Orthorexics have such an intense fear of putting any "unhealthy" (which is subject to interpretation) food in their body thar it disrupts their way of living and functioning. It literally consumes their life, ironically to the point where they compromise their health and nutrition. This is vastly different from the way HCRVs and people who enjoy eating "healthy" food live. Orthorexics don't necessarily like living this way and as HCRVs, we eat the way we do because we love how it makes us feel and because we truly feel it is the best for our bodies. Orthorexia, however, is a serious disorder - it can develop from Anorexia or Bulimia or lead right to them. and before you judge you should read the literature and listen to the stories of people who had to seek treatment for it. Be a little more open minded and sensitive. So many people look down and make light of the disorder that individuals are afraid to come forward and seek help for it.

Thanks for writing this, Emily. I do find many responses here insensitive too but I can sort of understand the overly defensive reaction from many people, because having such a (what most people think of as) restricted diet, we can be prone to attack from many different camps. 

I remember watching a news show about the topic, in which Victoras Kulvinskas was talking about a woman Kate who had actually died from orthorexia (read the story here http://www.orthorexia.com/fatal-orthorexia/ ). He was justifying her actions, saying something like, well at least she died purifying herself. That was one of the most messed up things I think I've ever heard anyone say.

haha true I made it a point to watch it, fascinated with orthorexia especially since they tend to have alot of vegans and raw foodists featured I like to see how it's depicted in the media because that's what my friends and family are exposed to so it helps know where others are coming from in forming their opinion :)

I gave up t.v. and now I spend too much time here.  LOL!

I have no TV, but use Internet a lot because it's almost constantly available at work. But I find the two to be very differnet. Here, we are connecting with others. We are engaging. We are thinking more, using more creativity when reading and making responses, discussing, debating, etc. Watching TV requires a lot less effort--just sitting there and doing virtually nothing. We aren't engaging with anything, nor connecting with others. It is isolating.

I choose Internet over TV any day. I've made many friends through Internet, who are now friends in person. TV can't make that happen.

Me too.  Sitting at a couch staring just doesn't cut it for me.  But yes I can sit in a chair for 20 minutes and listen to the folks here!



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