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I have a mouth ulcer, it's been hanging around for about 5 days and doesn't seem to be getting better. Itshurts to talk or eat or smile or kiss and it stings when I eat fruit :( making life a little more difficult than necessary! What's going on? Is it a transition/detox type thing? Is there anything I could or should be doing or eating/not eating to help heal it? Or do I need to just wait it out?

Thanks! x

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Can you give a sample of your daily food item intake?

Many of us are allergic to pineapple.  

Mouth ulcers and or canker like sores can also come from eating high oxalate foods like kale and spinach.  We recommend focusing on lettuce greens.

30BaD FADs: Oxalate Health Impact - 30 Bananas a Day!

Hope it gets better soon.   Peace, PK

Thanks PK. I'm pretty much living on bananas and dates in the day, then romaine, celery, cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucumber in the evening, and brown rice to fill in the gaps as I'm broke. Sometimes cooked vegan dinners but not often and try to keep the fat down. Sometimes a bit salty though, still working on that.
Tomatoes hurt, that makes sense, but my banana and date smoothies are painful and I'm considering buying some straws if it doesn't heal soon, it really feels like the sugar is eating it.

I haven't had pineapple for a while, they never ripen properly.which makes me sad as I love them.


Some of our members cannot eat celery, carrots and or cucumbers either possibly in part because of their high oxalate content too.  Celery has a lot of indigestible fibers too.

Cucumbers also tend to be very low calorie for both the volume they take up in our systems and or for the price.  A slightly better economical option might be to go for oranges.   

See if you can trade out brown and wild rices that might still have their shell casings for white rice like basmati rice which you might be able to find and Indian/Pakistani/Asian ethnic shops for less money.  Contrary to pop culture belief, there may be more anti nutrients that outweigh the good nutrients in the shells of grains and or the shells can act like shards of sand in our digestive tracts.

What I might recommend is to add some mega vitamin C to your diet and eat at least one mono meal of oranges a day.  Many animals in nature either produce or consume upwards of 1000-3000 mg of vitamin C a day.  Subclinical signs of vitamin C deficiency sometimes manifest themselves in the form of skin sores and or oral problems.  

Oranges are very affordable for some of us too depending on where we live.  

Dates have no vitamin C, can cause digestive upsets and or allergic reactions in some members.  I personally can only eat them as a snack and only a few times a week.  

Now I know a lot of high vitamin C fruits like oranges might burn a sore/ulcer the first few days, but I guess I might think of it as a medicine.  In a few days, the V C will start promoting healthy collagen formation and skin and tissue repairs and rebuild.  V C is also great for immunity.  Occasionally mouth ulcerations and or canker sores are a sign of a lowered immune system too.  

Is that baby in your pic yours?

Very cute and naughty that one looks like.  

If you are looking after a little one and or breastfeeding, you may need to increase calories as well.  We recommend 2500 for couch potato females.   However, with children and a family and any other activities like working out or a job, one needs more calories.  Skin sores can be a sign of malnutrition.  Try to aim for anywhere from 3000-5000 calories a day if possible.  

In  winter I too might struggle both with budget issues and or availability of fruit.  So I try to start my day with water, about 2-4 cups, wait about 20 minutes, and then load up on the Vitamin C rich oranges.  Lunch might be bananas, a 4 pm snack of nuts as I cannot digest them well with other foods, I start dinner around 7 pm with a green lettuce salad, and then more fruit, or if nothing is available, white basmati rice or steamed potatoes.  

Not sure if you like to read or not, but there is a free ebook that might be of interest to you in your journey and especially regarding your baby.  It is called Every Second Child by Kalokerinos and can be downloaded from this link at the free e library Soil and Health:


Sorry if this is long and or some of the ideas presumptious, rather, trying to think of and share everything I can think of that might help.  Peace, PK

No way! Cucumbers and oxalates?!

LOL Ruby.

Yes, some people are sensitive to them.  There are differing opinions on whether they are high oxalate or not.  Even if the oxalate content looks like it is on the lower side, there may be an oxalate to calorie or nutrient ratio that comes into play.  Because they are low calorie and or low nutrient, some people may still be sensitive to them.  

Peace, PK

@PK - Oranges, figs, kiwis, and most berries all have more oxalates by mass than cucumbers.

@Chloe - Everyone gets an ulcer or two from time to time. More likely to be from an injury than detox. Make sure you use a toothpaste with no SLS in. Rinsing with a baking soda and peppermint oil solution can help. Also chewing parsley and basil. 

I might have bitten my mouth, I'm not sure. I use an ionic toothbrush so no toothpaste, but I'm now thinking that the head needs replacing as my teeth aren't getting as clean as easily now, and the gum right next to the ulcer is starting to hurt... I've started brushing my teeth with baking soda and that seems to help for a while.

I've had plenty of ulcers before and they've never lasted this long, it's been over a week now!

Thanks for this! Vitamin C is a big possibility, I was juicing (including all the pulp) a LOT of oranges for breakfast most days for a while, then stopped because to get enough calories it does get a bit expensive compared to bananas and dates (totally broke - for now!). And I wasn't feeling quite so great, so I've gone back to at least some oranges. We'll see how that goes. I guess i could justify the oranges better if I skipped the cucumbers... But I'm struggling a bit to make my salads tasty! My little boy loves cucumbers too...

I wondered about the rice, I'll look into that, thank you. I bought a 5k bag so I'll use that first!

Yep the baby's mine, though that's an old pic taken just before his first birthday.. He's 2 and a half now! He's certainly fairly cheeky :D And yes, breastfeeding and chasing him around... I struggled to get up to 2500! Just about made that today! Will keep pushing my limit.

Thank you for the ebook recomendation, I'll have a look. I don't have a lot of time to read, still making my way through 80 10 10! I do know the importance and magic of vitamin C though, I grew up taking vit c tablets every morning!

Thanks again! Chloe x

canker sores? i used to get these on and off for a couple years. being on this diet has pretty much cleared it up except for one episode a few months ago when i was stressed out with school. have you been stressed lately? that can certainly do it as anxiety can be acid-forming.

if you'd like to take the edge off the pain you can treat it with some baking soda.

A bit stressed occasionally, this is a big lifestyle change and my partner loves his meat and dairy, so I'm kinda on my own.. But I'm coming to terms with that.

Baking soda helps for a little while, thank you!

If i eat mature(brown) coconut meat i get that reaction. 

Haven't had coconut for ages.. Interesting though, any idea why?



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