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I bought a box of bananas from a Saturday market (which is where I normally go).

Usually I buy them green and let them ripen over the week.

This week they didn't have any green ones, just yellow ones that are quite close to ripening. BUT - they've gone mouldy at the tip? I know when they're super ripe the tip gets a bit white, but this is actual mould. I peeled one of them and the banana itself smells a bit like mould... there's no sweet pleasant scent of banana.

What to do?

I'm considering just dealing with it and using them mixed in smoothies, but I obviously don't want to get sick. The banana on the inside looks fine - no bruises/spots. It's literally just its smell and slight off taste.

What do you guys think? Such a waste to throw them all out :(

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*mind blown*
what¿? i don't believe fungi makes flowers fruit. does it?

one word. Aliens. lol

Sorry my english is not that good, i mean flower become fruits , have you ever see mold

inside the pit of apple, that is fungi that was deposit on flower.

oh, lol. Your english is fine :^P

This has happened to me before and depending on how much mold determines whether I save the banana or not.  If the mold is at all on the actual banana I toss it but if it is just on the tip I peel it and freeze it.  I've never gotten sick or anything from doing this.  




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