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Hi guys , 

I am trying to convince others to become vegan for a couple of weeks now. I feel after all this info I have to do something to change the world. And especially with the people close to me. 

Now my mother and father in law hate what I'm doing.

And that I wanna rub their faces to the facts.They don't wanna know SHIT . They tell me they don't want to see anything of this or what is going on in the agriculture business . So they could keep on doing what they always do. Eating meat , dairy and eggs. ( And I am the difficult one who has to adjust ) 

I got in a fight with her yesterday and it makes me soooo pissed that she is so ignorant. 

I care too much and I want people to care too . Is this so wrong ? 

She says im in a cult and stuff. What the hell ? ? 

Anyone any ideas or simular situations ? 

thanks a lot . I'm so frustrated all the time because of this. :(

love kathleen

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I had a similar experience with my dad two years ago when i first went vegan. I tried to explain to him that these animals were being tortured and killed against their will, and he didn't want to hear it. I even broke down crying in front of him. At the time I thought, if I can see it, then why can't they? Like Gary Yourofsky said in his 2012 interview on veggie channel, people are either ready to listen to the message of veganism or they are not. I stopped constantly trying to tell him and other people to go vegan since I felt like it really wasn't doing anything as people have to be willing to listen. I still do promote it, but in a less frantic way, since reality has impacted my expectations of people to behave like ethical human beings. Now my mom is vegan (from vegetarian) and my dad eats more and more vegan meals especially after reading the latest WHO report on how red and processed meat is as carcinogenic as cigarettes. And we never argue about veganism nowadays, we just accept each others positions. I think for your situation, although it is important to spread the vegan message, if they don't want to hear it and it only leads to a fight... I would say don't bang your head against the wall with them and move onto someone else who is thirsting for knowledge. Unfortunately friends and family can be the worst when it comes to understanding veganism so I would say just show them that vegans can be as happy, healthy, and strong as anyone else, and hopefully they will come around in time. You just gotta be that shining light.  I hope this helped.


Hi Vegan Hops , 

yes thanks it helped a lot . But they always want us to come eat at their place. I was thinking of suggesting ( thesame as gary did ) That if they want to dine with me and their son they don't eat meat. 

Or is this too radical ? 

I just can't sit there watching them eat those animals now... 

Or how do you do this  ? 

Thanks again 

x kathleen

I completely understand what you mean. I also cant stand eating with people who are eating dead animals. However i also think there is a time and place for the "vegan or we dont eat together" policy. If they are inviting you to come eat at their house and are taking the time to make you vegan food, then maybe that would not be the best idea and they would think that you are trying to control them, since they do not understand whats wrong with eating animals. Maybe you could also tell them, thank you for the offer, but it is upsetting for me te sit down and eat at a table with someone who is eating animals, and i would rather eat alone, that way they do not feel that you are trying to force them to do something, and they can either take it or leave it.

Stop wasting your time trying to convince morons on why they should be more moral and healthy haha.

Better off using that time to make  youtube videos like Freelee does and earn a few hundred thousand $$$ a year pocket money.

I would put BIG money on it that you spend more time and energy each day thinking about those idiots and other idiots than Freelee puts into making some basic easy to make videos about youtube celebs.



Hey Kathleen - I have had a similar experience though it didn't lead to fighting - it has taken about ten years for family to begin to adopt plant-based eating! Lead by example - be ethical and healthful - they will see you thrive and hopefully they apologize but if not - don't get hung up on them changing. You are the one who lives with your decisions. Feel good about making the right one by choosing to be with supportive people who aren't going to guilt you into backsliding on your life choices. 



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