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What's the most advanced meditation you have done and what results did you get? I did a chakra meditation for 41+ days (few extra just to be sure) by listening to a chakra chant CD and laying down and focusing on bringing energy into each chakra, It was an hour a day, intense stuff. Got a lot of different unusual sensations of warmth and movement, the most interesting one being my heart center "strobing" which kind of felt like pulsing sand, very unusual. Also had some major white light flickering at the end of the meditation a few times, behind closed eyes with no external cause (was dark and I pulled the covers over my head.) I also do "energy work" by moving along my energy channels, this always produces some interesting sensations of warm, movement, tingly feelings and a feeling of blockages being undone. Also it seems to have a very positive impact on dream vividness and recall and makes it more likely to have lucid dreams. Right now I'm memorizing all the steps to the merkaba meditation and will be starting that at some point today.


So what about you? Any interesting meditative experiences?

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I once turned my body into white light, all of it, and my consciousness wouldn't fit in the house I was staying in. I rather prefer being light over being flesh & blood...

I urge you to check out zen master Dolano.

Yes, seek outside yourself! What a joke. Way to indulge your ego.

I think that losing the self-importance is the very first step to really make progress in spiritual path, and I'd say in others. So to feel oneself special for any kind of results from meditation is counterproductive. A parasitic emotion.

Thank you. I think its important to EARN things and work for them and not just expect things to happen. I see a lot of new age philosophy that is filled with spiritual half truths, over simplifications, and fatal flaws that will undoubtably keep people from obtaining true spiritual progress (like seeking outside yourself). The spirit is always capable of having new experiences and learning more about itself and its possibilities. While I do realize and accept (and have experienced) the truth that we are all one, I also admit that it is more true on much MUCH higher levels and we are not there yet. For now we are fractions of a whole and will not be allowed to re-integrate with our higher-selves until we prove we are ready, and willing to live harmoniously with ourselves. If we can't find harmony and peace internally as individuals, how can we as a society? I think the new age simplifications are for lazy people who don't want to work on themselves and expect enlightenment to just be given to them, and a lot of these people live unspiritual lives and say one thing but do another. 


I see these experience as proof of my progress, a reward for my efforts. I find productive actions tend to be rewarded, like eating healthy. Its an inverse relationship for me, I want the progress for the reward and the reward for the progress that it represents. I take responsibility for myself as this fractional unit of consciousness, and that means earning the right to integrate on higher dimensions. You have to pass the tests of each level before you get to the next one, its like that for a reason- its functional.


note: I made this topic because I'm interested to see where others are at with their progress, I am interested in others...

I don't seek miracles or highs or extraordinary experiencies through meditation, in any case those things could secondary phenomenons. It is simply a search of totally health, wich includes feeding the spirit. Without a complete nutrition, we can not have complete health. A mean to do this is meditation, sitting and walking, at some hours or all the day.

It is the same as when you want to know about a subject, what do you do? you read and study through books and thinking, the means in this case. When you want to know about the real self in some moment you need to seriously meditate, and then some things simply can happen. Pure objectivity.

It is difficult to imagine what equals advance over elementary, however during my yoga teacher training we did some form of the merkaba meditation pretty regularly... some years later I was given some books by Drunvalo Melchizedek about the flower of life, sacred geometry and the merkaba...there was a certified merkaba instructor who lead a workshop at a friends house and my husband went to it...he brought back the manual that goes a long with it.  I think I worked on that technique for the merkaba meditation for awhile, then it became very automatic...I would sometimes just end up in the grip of that meditation without thinking about it or realizing it...it happens every few months for me...now if i want to do it on my own, I do it the simplified way, which is what I learned during my yoga teacher training.  I mention it because I thought it was difficult when I first began to do it.

Kundalini yoga in general is full of meditations that are or seem difficult at first and they are greatly rewarding experiences...so i could include that.

The other meditation I really love is rebirthing or transformational breathwork therapy...this is another thing I learned during my yoga teacher training and I consider it to be very powerful.  I love it and do it often.  I even found that there was more power in it when merging it with dance. 

I really like these types of meditation and I suppose I think of them as advanced because they do something differently for me than my regular, daily meditation.  I like moving meditations, but my daily meditations are also very important to me and very rewarding.  I have had experiences in meditation that involved other entities, energy, dissolving into colors, patterns etc.  but most of those experiences I would not consider advanced since they usually came up doing a very normal meditation.

I do it the simplified way

There's a simple way? 'Cause this way is really hard. Yeah what I meant by advanced I guess could maybe more accurately be described as "complex and producing more profound effects" because while I've had some pretty interesting things happen during good old fashioned meditation, the more unique and interesting stuff seems to come through the more complex technique based stuff which is usually more difficult. 

Impressive. Could you give some details of the meditative technic you used,please?

Personally I find quite difficult all kind of meditations based on elaborated visualizations, don't you?.

Don't they require many energy for the concentration?

Yes, but growth requires energy. Did someone tell you meditation was easy? 

I agree with you, I said that because it seems for me that certain states of mind require much less energy in a given moment. For example, Plato described four levels of consciousness (eikasia, pistis, dianoia and nous),the last one and superior is described as the most efficient in terms of energy used per knowledge acquired (the less energy for the most knowledge when the nous is active). As zen meditation, wich is the opposite in elaboration to tibetan meditation, for example.

Don't you practice sometimes "staying the mind cleared"?

I think they are differents path equally valid, but maybe with differents results in the meantime.

Maybe each one (visualization above all) has their own indications.

Don't you practice sometimes "staying the mind cleared"?

I do. I have come to see two main categories of meditation, active and passive, and think it wise to practice both and find a good balance between the two. 



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