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Victoria Boutenko claimed in her book that all her families don't get mosquito bites after a couple of years on raw.  

Just curious, is this happening on any of you or just puffing?

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cloudyknight, how long have you been raw, or how long have you been 100%? are you strict 811 or other?

Obviously I'm yum for gugs.  The mosquito is taking her second shot of "bloody mary" on me.

(Sorry the pic shot by blackberry isn't very clear but you could see her tummy full of my blood.  Yuck, hah~~)


There are other factors, such as depth and effectiveness of cleanses, and cleanliness of body, as bugs can be attracted by smells of food, even (especially) raw food.  Scented shampoos, soaps and lotions will attract.


Keep in mind the oral mosquito repellent is a B vitamin, (B 1, Thiamin?) taken in excess, so ample B intake in food or supplement may be a huge factor.


I have heard the same thing, but vegetarian horses still attract mosquitos, it is a survival thing for them to get their drop of blood needed for reproduction.  It also stands to reason that if they do not go for RAW dieters, then human is the ONLY source for the blood of their needs, and that does not make sense.


However, anytime "common sense" kicks in in the arena of health and diet, "we" as humans, raw or not are usually wrong, as there are usually a thousand factors that we are not aware of to supplement the dozen we are aware of.  For instance (I'm making this up. I'll be horrified if this becomes another "everyone knows this fact" on the internet in 10 years)--what if, cooking our food interferes with an innate ability for one of our organs to secrete a mosquito repellant that is up to now undiscovered as our "entire" population are not RAW eaters...

Mosquitos find the target primarily by CO2 (Carbon DiOxide) respired in our breath.  Some accomplished Raw eaters are also well versed in Yoga, meditation and other practices that slow metabolism and reduce breathing and therefore CO2--maybe another factor?

Wow, a high dose of science!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
I always have been and always will be a target for mosquitoes, simply because of my blood type, supposedly. :) Plus I always had reallllly really sweet blood, yummy. xP ;P But on 811, the healing happens within the DAY, like really. ;) You won't notice the bumps in 8 hours, at all, and they definitely won't either itch or hurt, but before I had bad reactions to mosquitoes' bites. :)
r u an AB?  i am.

Tribal peoples rarely get bit.

If you eat the local fruit, you smell local, and the local bugs recognize the smell and will not bite.

Peace, PK

Is this a result from internet soundbites, or actual research?

Which tribal people, where?  For most of the world, tribal people in mosquito regions are having horrific problems as the mosquito borne diseases that they have been genetically resistant to (by way of natural selection) are mutating into super-strains, and the temperature changes are bringing in new types of mosquitos with new diseases, or totally differing strains than the tribal people have adapted to.

This is an extremely active area of extensive and exhaustive research that is reported on weekly or more often on educational channels and NPR, PRI, and international news sections of papers.

It is possible that they eat something in particular to cause a repellant hormone, or that they rub a local plant juice on themselves to cause this effect.

Also possible they rub a concoction on themselves for an unrelated reason for instance mystical rites or superstition--or for perceived sexual attraction, and it is really for bug repellant, therefore not reported as having an applied repellant.

I was surprised to learn that the Masai rub a concoction into their hair that repels lion.  Truth of the matter is that lions avoid people except in times of draught, famine or their own old age--and in those cases, even the Masai are not immune.  (I learned this first hand from one to one conversations over a week from Masai that were not "westernized".)  They, in return were incredulous that I did not eat any meat--or animal product--of which they consumed as 100% of their diet.

PS:  I hate giving this type of response, it grates on me, I'd rather be giving information to support a statement, especially a marijuana fantasy--positive--good feeling thought such as the one above that I am responding to.

I will be delighted to be proven wrong or to be convinced that I took the statement from the above poster out-of-context.

Most people are not eating a natural diet anymore. In Africa, they drink blood, and wonder why the flies come and bite them. 

You might be right about the concoctions. 

I cannot find the link, but there is a vegan community living in Hawaii called Gaia, and I believe some of our members are living there as well.  They were interviewed by the Weather Channel's  Jim Cantore. 

He asked them the similar question in regards to moquitoes and bug bites.  They claimed they never get bitten and attribute that their local raw vegan diet. 

I am not going to claim that one will never get bitten.  And if a 811er travels to a different location, but smells like his local food, he might get bitten. 

But chances are less and if one is healthy, less spread of disease. 

In my personal experience, I hardly get bitten anymore and I have been  pretty sweaty outside at times.  I even come face to face with bees and hornets, and if I ignore them, they ignore me.  No stings. 

My personal observation is that humans have spent most of their evolution living outside.  If bugs and mosquitoes were such a bane, we would have gone extinct by now.  In the past, humans lived outside, and pretty much subsisted on locally grown foods. 

Peace, PK

Do not see these guys riddled with bite marks. 

I do admit there might be mud on parts of their skin, but neither do I see bite marks, neither do I see bugs hovering around.


Peace, PK

A few things attract mosquitos.


I have lived most my life as someone, who if around a mosquito, will get bit- and often. I found an amazing trick is tea tree oil. I used to use harsh chemicals to kill the itching, but tea tree oil works so fast and is natural. Did the trick! Just an fyi :)

Thanks for the tips!  I normally apply Aveeno anti-itchy but it doesn't do the trick. 



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