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I've been following durianrider's advice to drink more water each day.  Been drinking at least 4 liters a day.  What I've been finding recently, is that I wake up at 3am thirsty.  Also I already drank about 3 liters today, and got thirsty around 4pm.  I did not have an active day, and it was not hot; sitting in cold A/C in a jacket at the office right now.  It feels like no amount of water can quench my thirst.  Only been doing mostly raw vegan high-carb for about a week now after doing a juice fast for the previous week.  Also my sodium and fat intake have been drastically cut.  Some days I don't eat any salt directly since just eating fruit and veggies.

Is my body trying to detoxify now that it's getting enough water?

Is this a normal healthy reaction?  Any advice?  Any ideas what is going on?  Should I just keep drinking?   How long will this go on?

(I should add that I've had a blood lab done recently and I am not diabetic.)


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I have this same problem. Just commented to draw some attention to the post.

I think sodium might be the answer.

Drinking water without adequate sodium (and potassium - but that won't be a problem for you on this diet) won't hydrate the body.  In short, potassium holds the water in the cells, sodium manages the balance of the water in and around the cells.  Without sodium, the balance is lost, as is hydration.

If you're not sweating or active, you probably shouldn't be drinking that much water buddy.  The mantra of 'drink 2 litres of water a day' came from research that suggested that this was the total amount of fluid required by the body.  Fluid found in food was also included in this total amount, but that part of the recommendation seems to have got lost along the way.   You'll be consuming so much fluid in your fruit and veg already, caning up to 4 litres of water a day will just stress your system and flush out all your lovely electrolytes (hence the more water you drink, the thirstier you get).

Of course - it could well be something else.  But you've been tested for diabetes, the extreme amount of water you're drinking isn't hydrating you and you've gone low sodium...... so I reckon cut way back on the water, try adding some sea salt to your life and see what that does for you!  Then if that works, and you're uncomfortable consuming salt, ease back into lots of greens, but with your reduced water intake.  You could go straight to greens, but veg comes with more fluid and more potassium (which is the last thing you need if already imbalanced) and given it sounds like your body's struggling, I'd hit the salt in the first instance.  

If that doesn't work, then I guess we can have a re-think.

ETA Sorry, forgot to say this.  Waking up between 2am and 4am is generally due to adrenal issues. Waking up between 1am and 3am is generally due to liver issues (according to TCM).  Waking up at 3am is generally attributed to low blood sugar.  With you waking up at 3am and feeling thirsty, I would suspect that's due to your adrenal glands being stressed by your water-to-sodium ratio. Sodium is vital for the adrenals, keeps them soothed.  

Interesting :) Thanks :)

    I can at-least anecdotally concur with Nakd Nutrition here about treating this problem with salt. I knew that adding salt always helped the problem for me, but so many raw till 4 people swear by low sodium, and they often do it with-out siting any research(stereotyping). However even if you look at it from their "appeal to nature mindset"(stereotyping), salt is not exactly an unnaturally acquired food, it's in the oceans, and on the ground in some places. Perhaps it doesn't need to be mined to be part of a diet. 

    To me it all comes down to weather or not salt was ever a part of the human diet naturally.  John McDougall claims that we are "salt seekers" and where made to seek out salt, but from what I've seen of him so far, it's merely on the premise that "we like it". That's just as much of a weak ass argument as the RT4 crew has 'against' it. Time to do some research. 

 Nadk, I like what you said in in paragraphs 1&2; do you have any specific sources for me?        

It's a funny one.  Mineral ratios are often considered to be more important than individual values of minerals, though of course must be considered together.  The sodium/potassium ratio is so important it's called the life/death ratio.  SAD eaters struggle with health issues due to too much of the former and not enough of the latter, us 30BaDders often seem to struggle with health issues due to too much of the latter and not enough of the former. People just think 'low sodium' without considering other crucial factors at play.  Nothing works in isolation in the body.

I think sodium is a non-issue on the Starch Solution because you're eating starches for most of your meals (which are higher in sodium than fruit), you can have a little sprinkle of salt on your grub if you want, the food is mostly cooked so there's less fluid in it and I'm sure I've read John say that you need to drink to thirst - he certainly doesn't advocate chugging loads of water.  The sodium/potassium/fluid is balanced with little thought, which is perhaps why John doesn't talk about sodium much.

I don't I'm afraid.  This is just what's lurking in my brain from years of studying and reading. I don't know if Google will be any good - you might get lucky.

ETA I'm not sure why people drink so much water on this lifestyle.  I've followed Durianrider and Freelee for years, and never got the impression that I should be slamming back litres every day.  Maybe I've missed something!

I've got this same problem too! I've been so hardcore about the 3 litres a day thing because I have this stupid fear of getting dehydrated, but it feels like its too much because I have a hard time falling asleep at night. 



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