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A little background info: I'm 23 and living with my mom, sister, and brother. All 3 are junk food, SAD eaters and I'm the only vegan in the family. 

Lately my mom has noticed that I have been eating so many potatoes and bananas and keeps questioning if its even healthy and is starting to get worried. I kept eating potatoes daily because of the limited funds and until I could go to the Super Walmart since the store I work at sells minimal fruit and lots of veg which is pricier than the Super Walmart. Yesterday I bought 5 bunches of bananas and they're ripening FAST. My sister told me mom noticed I have been eating so many bananas as well lately and questions if its unhealthy. I asked my sister: "Let me ask you this, how unhealthy is it to be eating fast food every day with lots of fat, oil, grease, etc or eating fruit every day?" She couldn't answer. I don't understand how eating fruit and vegetables in vast quantities is unhealthy besides the whole pesticide thing with the potatoes..and only being able to afford conventional produce since there are barely any organic options here. I'm trying the best I can with this lifestyle and I love it, just not being able to buy organic as much as I would like with my limited funds I actually get to keep for myself. I might have to look into finding organic potatoes somewhere and just not get the Simply Perfect Russet potatoes I've been getting. So far Walmart and Winco in my area 

I don't know what to do to put her mind at ease about my eating. She knows I'm vegan, low salt, low fat, but not that I'm a hclfv. If I told her, my sister would immediately tell her that "Oh, she's been watching stuff on this "FREELEE" person and her crazy diet of 30+ bananas a day." They have an issue with me looking into any info online and if it makes sense to me, but not them, then its "bad" or unhealthy", like when I looked into barefoot walking/running and it made sense to me, same with going vegan. Mom also thinks that so many carbs and sugars are bad. Any advice other than getting her to see documentaries to "go vegan"? She refuses to change her diet and see them due to a past trauma of my father's death (is not related to farming, just how he died was very bloody dealing with Burkett's Lymphoma).

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She doesn't track what she eats, and doesn't want to. I have shown her my nutrient intake to show her not to worry cause what I'm eating is healthy, but since typical doctors don't think eating mono meals are "healthy", mom is still worried

:( sadly hugs are an issue, since she has fibromyalgia, I can't hug her much at all, even very gently because usually her skin, muscles are so tender. Also gets severe burning sensations often. 

HCRV gives the body the right conditions to heal from fibromyalgia! :D

I have already healed Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and the ICS

I healed from fibromyalgia with raw and I've helped many others do ...

typically takes around 2 weeks for a full recovery on fibromyalgia ...

 you can track what she eats and type it in for her and print it out and tape it up next to yours on the fridge so it's handy for anytime she questions your mono meals.  simplicity at meal times, variety through the month equals good nutrition.  a simple mono meal allows for the best digestion and optimal nutrient absorption, variety within a 6 month period gives the body varying nutrients.  the body stores nutrients for long periods so it is not necessary to eat a variety every meal or every day or even every week.

I'm not home most of the time because of work, same with my brother and sister. When I'm on my day off, she eats grapes (yay), home popped popcorn with butter, Oreida french fries, chinese food or other fast foods, cheese and crackers, depends really. Dinners are usually either fast food or home cooked, like porkchops, ribs, frozen lasagna, etc. Funny thing, I already told her about how she can heal her fibro by being on a high carb raw vegan diet and she goes on and on about how diet will not help her. I even showed her stories of people curing up to 70% of their fibro symptoms and mom still won't listen. She just keeps using pain meds to help manage her pain and I dislike her doctors for having her on so many different meds over the years :(

I dislike her doctors for having her on so many different meds over the years

Me too!

You could try vit. C therapy with her if she's open, it could get her on to a healthier path in the long run but to start all she needs to do is take the vit. C and she can still eat what she wants. It heals lots of stuff.  Dr. Levy has some great talks on it and a nice article by Dr. Suzanne here.

She actually takes vit c vitamins on a daily basis and her vit c levels are supposedly excellent based on what her doc said. 

excellent vit. C levels in the realm of mainstream doesn't mean much.  eating HCRV will give us 2000% plus of what the USDA recommends.  I would look into vit. C therapy which is a whole other realm of vit. C intake, see above links to learn more.

Ah..that makes sense. The recommendations don't mean shhhhhh...carrot anymore ^^; hehe. Will look into it. I'm actually glad I get plenty of vit c each day. Even though I don't have any fruit right now besides some red grapes (left them at work in the break room after a supposed "emergency"), veggies definitely help. 

Now I'm a tad mad..found out the doctors figured out that mom has hyperthyroidism. For awhile, they kept telling her her thyroid was fine with "good numbers" -.- 

She won't listen to the logic.....because of her emotions.  You made the mistake of saying the emotional hot-button words:  "RAW"   and  "VEGAN".  What she hears is RESTRICTION and all the food she can't have.

Say "high carb, FRUIT, RICE, CEREAL, POTATO, CORN based, low-fat  FEAST."

I actually didn't say high carb raw vegan xD I said "you can heal your fibro if you eat more fresh fruits and veg, nuts, seed, legumes instead of oil drenched fast food." Didn't even say to give up meat or dairy completely, just cut back a tad. I just said HCRV diet just to make it easier in the chat, sorry >.< She won't listen to logic because she is stuck in the way she was raised. Fried chicken, southern food, even though she wasn't born in the south. Doesn't want to give up the things she loves to eat.

Collette cook them a vegan dinner with great vegan desserts and have a movie night or showing vegan documentaries. You Mr family are scared that you might not do family stuff etc. The "Food for thought" Podcast by Collen -Patrick Godreau addresses these questions
Hope that make sense your family are scared you"ll change and abandon them !

For now, I'm just going to not bring up anything about eating healthy and whatnot. If I tried doing a movie night of vegan documentaries, they'd all refuse and feel threatened that I would be "trying to make them go vegan" x.x



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