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Missing Article - Extreme stomach/chest pain after eating fruit - Why does it happen?

So I was reading an article on 30bad about chest pain from fruit...which really interested me because my wife was complaining about the same thing! 


So one day I at the airport looking at 30bad on my iPhone and I saw a post by Don Bennett (sp?) on like page one saying he talked about it on page 20! Well navigating through the replies on an iPhone is like pulling teeth (because it has much less replies per page than a standard internet browser).


But, when I finally got around to looking for that info, the thread has dissappeared

i did a google search using "site:30bananasaday.com" an only came up with a cache page..


Google Cache page


It was posted by Jillian (who doesn't come up in a member search anymore)


Any help would be appreciated!

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The same issue is discussud in my thread On The Edge - Taking a deep breath in the steam room, there you get all the answears you need :)
Seems a rather harsh thing to allow. Lots of potentially great and useful info lost to the void. Can understand with a personal blog, but for standard discussions and not even limited to their own posts. Seems a selfish thing to do out of frustration with the site if that is in fact what she chose to do.
Actually, if you leave on your own, you don't have a choice, all your posts will be deleted, I'm not sure people realize that when they leave.  The other option if someone wants to leave is to contact a mod to suspend them and keep their posts.

Awesome! Thanks for the update and clarifications...


here is page one of the "On the edge - Taking a deep breath" discussion

Here is one of his large posts that was in that thread:


Hi all,
I've just read the entire thread. There was some good reasoned thinking going on, and few of you came real close to the answer. Here are my comments...
"No one knows what causes this"Not true; I seem to have a pretty good handle on it. I'm going to suggest something to try, and it has worked many times for my clients (and myself).
First, Evan and Mango-Man hit the nail on the head. Pain after eating sweet fruit can be caused by a malfunctioning sugar metabolism system. I had "melon-belly" after going high-fruit, and I asked a well-known raw food educator about it, hoping I'd get the answer, but I didn't. Being that this condition interfered with my enjoyment of some of my favorite fruits, I was not content to just let it go. I am a researcher, and a very independent thinker. I discovered the tenets of truly healthy living on my own because when I began my quest, there was no internet yet, I didn't know about people like T.C Fry, or that there were any books on the subject. So I figured things out for myself (including our LFRV diet) by using logic, common sense, and by not letting any of my personal biases or philosophies get in the way of recognizing the reality of the situation. (Hang on Jillian, I'm getting there).
Hotmail gave you guys a link to another thread where I addressed this issue. And someone who tried it told me it worked for them. When it doesn't, it is diagnostically significant because it eliminates it as a possible cause.
The reason you find that greens just before the sweet fruit can lessen or eliminate the problem is this: The added fiber in the greens slows down the uptake of sugar into the blood. It's not that the sugar is going into the blood abnormally fast, it is because the blood sugar regulatory system isn't able to respond fast enough. This "leafy green appetizer" is a trick I use with people who are getting rid of diabetes. Until their pancreas can heal, they may need to make use of the extra fiber greens offer when eating a meal of sweet fruit (and the thing I'm about to mention is also something that diabetics often need to be able to totally resolve the diabetes... meaning no meds, no insulin, and no abnormal blood sugar levels, even when eating sweet fruit).
I'm going to paste the pertinent part from the other discussion of this issue that Hotmail shared with you on page 17 of this discussion...
Some people have found that when they add chromium to their diet, they don't get these symptoms from eating a sweet fruit meal. Insufficient chromium in the diet can be a cause of "melon belly" to various degrees. Chromium is a trace mineral that is taken up by a plant's roots more slowly compared to the "bigger" nutrients (like calcium), and if that food is picked early (so that it doesn't spoil before it can get to your kitchen), it is probable that not enough chromium made its way into that fruit (assuming enough was in the soil in the first place). Chromium is a key player in blood sugar metabolism. I've had a few clients who couldn't lick type 2 diabetes completely until they included some chromium in their diet.
Those who are philosophically opposed to taking a supplement may find fault with this as a thing to try, and I'd love to believe that we don't have to consume anything except food to get adequate nutrition, but I've seen on a number of occasions that the adding of chromium to the diet allows "melon belly" to stop. To be clear, I'm not an advocate of taking individual supplements (multiple bottles of everything from A to Zinc), but if the addition of chromium does stops a condition, then maybe the taking of a high quality multi that includes chromium might be a prudent thing to do. But this is, of course, a personal decision. Taking the chromium supplement I recommend as an experiment for two weeks to see if it helps won't hurt you.
And know that it may take up to five days of taking this supplement before this condition is resolved. It could be theorized that the longer it takes, the greater your chromium deficiency. I've also experimented on myself (numerous times) to see what happens when I stop taking the chromium to see when the melon-belly returns. It does not come back immediately; it can take several days of no chromium supplementation. This may vary with the individual.
If it were me, and a lack of sufficient chromium was the culprit, I'd want to know about it. As I said above, if it turns out that this was it, I'd hope that you would consider taking a high-quality multi (like the one I take) and/or a product like Just Barley (which helps sometimes but not as consistently as the chromium supplement). Again, if you are philosophically opposed to taking a pill supplement but can maybe justify a green powder product, think of it this way: Try the chromium pill first, as a diagnostic tool.
And also keep in mind, we're not, and haven't been, living in our biological "eco-niche" where the foods we eat would have come from the wild, with all the nutrients they're supposed to have. Our food (for the most part) comes from an agri-based system, and it will not be as nutritious as it should be for the reasons mentioned in this short video.
I hope this helps. I'm also going to post a note in the very beginning of this discussion that mentions this post here on page 25.

I can post some of his others if you want. 

She may not have received a 'definitive' and clear cut 'this is what it is' solution, but there were lots of suggested possibilities and some things she could do to improve her situation. I think with the info in the thread she may have been able to solve her problem even if not immediately so as she may have had to do some testing. 

I think she left independent of whether the above worked for her or not.  So maybe it worked, maybe it didn't, don't know.
Extreme chest pain can have various causes. The thread Super Human started 

"On the edge - Taking a deep breath" goes through many of those.  Super Human may have had an underlying condition which Don Bennett helped him with on that thread, which is far from completely resolved.  In general, if you've tried the basic remedies for chest pain, like eating mono meals, making sure you're well hydrated, making sure your prior meal was completely digested, you're not allergic to a particular fruit- and you still have the pain, then you too may have an underlying condition and it's best to consult privately with an experienced raw food practitioner who can help you out.
The chromium hasnt solved my issue yet, it got a litle better but still not good
i havent had the chromium pills for that long its been 8 days now i think so give me some more ;)

Hey Don, if you are deficient in a nutrient and you take a supplement, is it possible that the symptoms you are experiencing (which you suspect are caused by an insufficient amount of the nutrient you are supplementing with)could become heightened in intensity and frequency before getting better?


Maybe an adapation period or time is required for the body to begin utlilising the nutrient and repair any damage that may have been caused (i.e start healing) and this can cause pain? Honestly, to me,it makes no sense that the pains should get worse if you supplement with a nutrient that you were deficient in.


The reason I ask is that I recently tried taking a B12 supplement and the stomach pains were even worse and then I stopped the supplement and within a day the pains returned to "normal"(which is still highly painful at the best of times and agonizing most of the time :-))



I'll add that with the many people who've taken sublingual methyl B12 because of information I've shared (with dose based on the result of uMMA testing), there has never been any adverse reactions reported.

Same experience I've had. I've asked numerous people and they said sometimes within hours there B12 symptoms got better. They did not bother testing uMMA because they were sure it was B12 from their extremely low serum B12 level or non-existent "intrinsic factor". Since I'm using the pubically funded healthcare system here in the U.K, my doc only did a serum B12 test 2 months ago which showed a B12 level in range, albeit at the lower end. (value of 165). It's not unusual really, given that most people consume B12 fortified foods at every sitting.


They agreed to test again in August, this time for many other things (including serum B12 again): intrinsic factor, folate, autoimmune screen, gastric parietal cell antibody. full blood count and ferritin. I think they are using the gastric parietla cell antibody test along with the intrinsic factor test to try and see if B12 is the cause of my problems. As I say, since I'm short for funds, I have to kind of go along with the tests they do, since they are reluctant to put me forward for tests that I request. After all, they think they are the "experts" and I'm just a clueless consumer :-).


I used a liquid sublingual, from what the nutritionists and health professionals regard as one of the best supplements avaialble in the U.K, though one can never be fully sure :-). It was hyrdoxy, no cynano. The dose was 50 micrograms daily, divided into two equal applications.




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