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Hi guys,


So this is off topic for a reason, but I guess a lot of people who care about their bodies and their environment would naturally progress to this style of living.


I would quite like to "minimalise" my life...well, not my life (I want to MAXIMISE that!) but my "stuff" and my need for "stuff". I'm not a particularly materialistic person, but we do live in a consumerist age and I think most people would admit to being swayed by that.


Anyways, I was wondering if anyone here ascribed to minimalist living?


I've already started by decluttering my wardrobe (I managed to get rid of 75% of my clothes, how disgusting is that?) and I've promised myself that the "luxury" toiletries and cosmetics I have right now are my last...I've already started experimenting with all natural home made beauty treats. But I don't find it easy...I live in the city and I enjoy being stylish and having a kitsch and kooky apartment, but ever since I came back from Uganda its all felt like a noosae around my neck.


So does anyone have any tips, hint, personal stories or inspiration?


Maybe we can have a challenge to minimalise a little something each week!




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Any apartment dwellers here will dig this:

all i own is a backpack of clothes, a bike and my vitamix :)  just the way i like it
how many clothes do you actually own ,if u dont mind explaining ie, i dont have a job ,but i still find it hard to minimise on clothes btw i am loosing weight and keeping some "skinny"clothes,mmmmh

i agree i am living in a caravan(and as u know uk ones are small)but it costs way less to live in one ,and very comftable and more spacious than pple think,

me and my hb used to live in a house which cost us £750 on rent alone ,but due to illness,we are not able to pay for that stupidity, now we live in a caravan and pay abt £280 for rent and water +some for food and gas, not bad at all,


try these websites missminimalist.com zenhabits.net mnmlist.com
once i became raw the first time i just naturally wanted less stuff, i gave everything away no bed, no phone, no clothes nothing this was by far the happiest time in my life. also a point about clothes that miss minimalist told me about is if you wouldn't feel comfortable running into an ex with it on chuck it, this may be superficial but it damn sure works :-)
well minimalism is about what YOU need so if u feel you need a laptop and a cell phone for your business then have them (although google voice is a great service that turns your laptop into a cell phone, I use it and love it, you can make and recieve calls and texts and access your voicemail anywhere you can get an internet connection, all for free, i believe everyone should take advantage of it)
Minimalism about cutting out excess not depriving yourself. With that being said it is VERY easy to lie to ourselves and rationalise excess (this may come in handy someday excuses) but if you really feel you need it (and only you know this) so be brutally honest, then you should have it.

Living minimally is a lifestyle so don't feel so pressured into getting rid of everything today, there will always be things to pare down in our lives. A couple of things I learned from those websites I mentioned are these things don't even have to be physical, like relationships, getting rid of all the perceived responsibility for other people in our life can be extremely liberating. Things like email and youtube subscriptions may be cluttering our lives unecessarily with the false pressure of having to be "in the know"

p.s. as for what i do with no bed, i sleep on the floor of course :-)
there is a carpet and i sleep ontop of a comforter folded in half (sometimes two) this really helped my lower back when i strained it, I have thought about a futon but do i really NEED it lol, probably not
I love this thread it is so inspiring. I have a lot of work to do. It would make hubby happy too. I've been know as keeper of all things cutie.  Cat stuff, cupie dolls, stuffed animals, etc. I used to be owned by my stuff, but not so much anymore, but still have more than most.

I love that Star, we are preparing to live that way.  We've got a motorhome, and just trying to get everything else together before we start trying to move.


When we first got into lfrv we simplified everything.  We got rid of almost everything we had, went on the road and camped out in nature in a tent, sometimes not in a tent.  It was great.  We also had a 1.5 year old at the time, and she was our main inspiration, as well as really needing to prioritize and experience life more.  No more paying rent, utilities, there was so little to clean at that point too!  Our daughter learned to use the potty with those 6 months perfectly, as well as flourishing in so many other ways, as did we.  We played music on the streets for donations, camped, hiked, drank freshly caught spring water, picked berries, and slept beneath the skies.  We had no cellphone and barely talked to anyone in our families during that time.  Honestly, that was one of the most profound things for me.  I loved not being surrounded by air conditioning, artificial lights, appliances and cell phones!


We didn't know at the time that we could've afforded a motorhome and as the weather got cold we left that lifestyle and went back to indoor living, accumulating stuff, fast!  Still, we don't have much more than we want/need to be comfortable.  We definitely need to get rid of some things, but mostly because the kids have outgrown their clothes, chairs or toys, or we got something better to replace what we had before.  We don't buy soaps, technologies, toiletries, toilet paper, and lots of other things people feel attached to.  Some of those things people consider necessities but are easily not necessary to us. 


I would love to not need to buy water(the water that runs into our home is yucky, metallic) and I need to get a printer/scanner, eventually.  As writers, my husband and I have soooo many notebooks going around and not nearly enough time to type everything onto the computer.  I'm pretty excited to get things back down to a simple and sustainable style of living.  People have been giving us things left and right, and a lot of it is not needed or wanted, so I'm definitely remembering with fondness the times I've had next to nothing!


A year ago I downsized to one suitcase and a big part of that suitcase was my trekking backpack. I had to carry my suit and shirts to wear them at a wedding (not mine), hence the suitcase. Right now I am thinking about getting rid of the suit and the suitcase and downsizing to the backpack only (55 litres).

That would leave me with: an old laptop, a DSLR camera, a heart rate monitor, pair of running shoes, pair of 5fingers, pair of flip-flops and some basic clothes for tropics. I left a small bag of winter clothes in England in case I have to visit Europe when it is cold.

Two weeks ago my cell phone died of salt poisoning when I was kayaking and I feel good without it. I did not really use it much last year. If not the need to earn money I would go phone free as well.

Years ago I had jobs where I was on the phone almost non-stop. Never again!


How did I do it?


I left home when I was 18 and moved from place to place and from country to country every now and then. My motto was to travel light. It helped so much to be able to quickly relocate. And that was a great preparation for a simple life. Back then I did not know about the idea of minimalist living.


I have to say that 5 years in England caused accumulation of some junk although not much because my attic apartment was quite small. When I decided to move to tropics I gave away and sold on eBay all that stuff.


So my advice for someone who wants to live a simple and clutter free life is to move somewhere for at least half a year or a year. Pack your backpack or suitcase and give away or sell all the stuff that did not fit your luggage. You do not need it!

If you can not or do not want to move to another country then maybe get a smaller apartment. A very small one.


Right now I am at the point in my life where I could leave EVERYTHING behind without regret. The only thing that has any value is LIFE.


Simplicity is the key to everything!

Right now I am at the point in my life where I could leave EVERYTHING behind without regret. The only thing that has any value is LIFE.

Need a like button. 

Peace, PK

Awww, why thank you for your assistance Mr. Fruitman.  Peace, PK



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