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Perhaps I'm too impatient with my Vibrams. I know that you're supposed to build up to running what you normally run, but I've had mine for 3+ months and can still run nowhere near what I'm used to without getting shin pain and sporadic foot pain.  This is probably because I push myself too hard every time I run. I'm not running everyday (because of the pain), but would like to be able to run to my full capability and I feel like these shoes hinder my performance. I think they are perfect for HIIT training and weight training, but not for endurance running. I'm sure that if I were to take the time to build up endurance with them than it would be different, but who knows how long that will take. I need to be active everyday, and the injuries I'm receiving from attempting to do so with the Vibrams just aren't worth it.  

I'm looking to find another pair of minimalist running shoes with a bit more cushioning than the Virbams. If anyone would care to share their experiences with minimal footwear or recommend a pair I would greatly appreciate it! 

Also I've been running on concrete/stadium tracks. Maybe switching to trails will make a difference. 

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I'm intrigued by these invisible shoes, but my feet are very blister-prone.  Is there a way to tie them that will help me avoid blisters?

Read my post at www.invisibleshoe.com/blister.

Let me know if that's helpful.

Also, there are a number of ways of tying (see the "Tying" page...link at the top). Suffice it to say, with the correct tension, and proper form, blisters don't happen.

Thanks-- I'm more worried about the top of my feet, though.  My soles are pretty tough, since I spend as much time barefoot as possible-- which is why the skin on top of my feet is so sensitive!

There's typically not any rubbing on the top unless you've laced them oddly or move in some strange way. You might be different, but we haven't gotten a complaint from a customer about this yet (unless they tied them in some weird way or moved in some equally odd way ;-) )

Hmmm-- I'll have to give them a try. My friends can tell you that I can blister just from being looked at!  LOL.  It would be AWESOME if these worked for me!

I use the Newton Distance S as they are a very minimalistic shoe. Much light than the Nike Air Max i used to run in. Cery little cushioning and promotes a fore foot natural running style. I run high mileage in them without problems and they are light enough for short racing as well.

Vibrams for full time running? NO WAY! Even my friends that have been running for decades and can run a marathon in vibrams could go WAY faster in a racing flat.

Vibrams are injury shoes 1000% if you run hard in em. They are for walking or shuffling, NOT running fast on tarmac etc.

TVO got a stone bruise so bad he still feels it 3 years later. 

There isnt a single person in the world that can run a 10 000m faster in vibrams than other proper running shoes. If you want to wear vibrams then expect to become a lot slower. Thats fine, not everyone has to be a rabbit. When I want to run like a tortoise, I put on the vibrams and just shuffle along and massage my feet on the ground with em. Thats what they are, massage tools that create more postural awareness.

I can't speak for Vibram, but we have hundreds of emails from people who bettered their personal best times in 5k, 10k, half- and full marathons wearing Invisible Shoes.

Now, that doesn't mean there aren't others that run better in racing flats.

And, as a sprinter, I need spikes for my best times.

My point: the minimalist question may not be resolved with something as simple as, "THIS is the answer!"

What running shoes do you use on a regular basis? And do you find it difficult to switch between VFF and your other running shoes? I have to jog in my Vibrams or else I get shin pain. So I'm still thinking about finding another shoe until I've work up to running fast/longer distances in my Vibrams.

My advice as a user/lover of vibram fivefingers, WALK BEFORE YOU RUN. Do not run if you have shin pain and foot pain. 

Walk as much as possible using the fivefingers, (ie your daily commute to work, then change if necessary). Then walk the distance you would run every day. Eventually you will be able to walk longer and longer, until your feet have gotten used to them. Then start jogging a little every time you do your walk. You will naturally feel how long you can jog without feeling any type of pain. Then over a long ass period of time you will be able to go for a proper run. You WILL feel results just from walking with vibrams (first time probably with proper form in our lives since barefoot as children) as your feet and calves specifically will become super strong. Dont forget to stretch every once and a while.

Then you will be all good to run even on concrete (albeit not as much as you can with running shoes, but will be 10x more satisfying). 

Stick to that and I promise you will be iight!!

I too did the run before I can walk thing with vibrams and felt the wrath of proper barefoot shoes, but now I squat/deadlift 225 in them and can run 5 miles no probs=). Feels great anywhere, and the looks you get are priceless lol.

Hi again Nicole

This has been an interesting thread! Was at work all day yesterday so can only get back to it now. One other thing i wanted to mention is that it may be worth getting an assessment of your pelvis/low back. If you have a functional asymmetry due to abnormal pelvic rotation it may be something that can be lessened via chiropractor/osteopath etc.

A few self checks for you to look for are - Do you out-toe more on one foot than the other? If you walk barefoot through water and then look at the footprints on dry ground is one foot print wider than the other? (may also be a way of checking the out-toe too, but dont look down at your feet while you walk as this will change the pattern. Try to walk naturally.). 

If you have a one or both of these issues then this instability may be contributing to your symptoms.

I would also second the comment about ONLY wearing VFF's when putting your body under some of its most challenging activity ie running. What do you wear at other times? If you are going from stilletos to VFF's (and I doubt that you are but you get my point!) then that is a huge adjustment for the body to make...and then to run. 

I wear VFF- Trek as my everyday shoe (have done so for the last 2-3 years). They are all black and have a thicker outsole than some of the models. I also spray them with waterproofer. I get some funny looks and they often draw comment. I forget I am wearing them till someone else comments. The funniest reaction I have ever had was an older lady on the train station in the Italian Swiss region (where you 'dress to the nines' to go to the corner store) - she just stared in a horrified struck dumb kind of way lol. 

Function is more important to me than fashion. I am also a podiatrist (and as of 4 weeks ago a student chiropractor!) so people tend to make allowances for my choice to wear 'gorilla feet' :)

Now...back to study for my first mid-semester test....Principles of Human Biology anyone? :s

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that I really appreciate your feedback and have put it to practice. I've altered my gait (I think I was over striding before), have slowed down to a nice jog, and have ran twice now symptom free! I'm also giving myself time to recover. And keeping active other days that I'm not running. :-) 



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