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Perhaps I'm too impatient with my Vibrams. I know that you're supposed to build up to running what you normally run, but I've had mine for 3+ months and can still run nowhere near what I'm used to without getting shin pain and sporadic foot pain.  This is probably because I push myself too hard every time I run. I'm not running everyday (because of the pain), but would like to be able to run to my full capability and I feel like these shoes hinder my performance. I think they are perfect for HIIT training and weight training, but not for endurance running. I'm sure that if I were to take the time to build up endurance with them than it would be different, but who knows how long that will take. I need to be active everyday, and the injuries I'm receiving from attempting to do so with the Vibrams just aren't worth it.  

I'm looking to find another pair of minimalist running shoes with a bit more cushioning than the Virbams. If anyone would care to share their experiences with minimal footwear or recommend a pair I would greatly appreciate it! 

Also I've been running on concrete/stadium tracks. Maybe switching to trails will make a difference. 

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I'm thinking of getting a pair of either Merrells or Skoras...

How long did it take you to be able to run what you normally ran before switching to Vibrams?  

Kelly, would you care to share your experience with Vibrams/ other minimalist running shoes? I recognize my impatience but it's tough when you want to be active and are limited because of your footwear. I hate normal running shoes though. I'm trying to find a happy medium.

Michael and Stephanie, I'm glad that I am not the only one who feels this way. Have you switched running shoes Michael? 

Hi Niclole

Your shin pain would tend to indicate a tendency to be over pronating at 'toe-off'. The muscles (both lower leg and foot) are working over time trying to stabilise the little joints in your foot. With the Vibrams, personally, I dont think they are ideal for full speed running on concrete. A controlled jog is ok for many people or running faster on dirt track tends to be easier. 

One test to see what is happening is to go to your local grass oval/park and run truly barefoot and see if you still get the same problems. It might help you to distinguish between a biomechanical issue vs impact stress.

Bottom line is that I would agree that it sounds like a good idea to investigate alternatives. 

Well said and so true.

My feet KILL when I try to run on the treadmill with my Vibrams... but I can literally run like the wind on dirt paths like it's NO BODY'S business, without pain. 

Interesting... I'll definitely hit the trails when my shins feel better. I wonder how people do barefoot running marathons on concrete...

Has anyone else got shin splints from wearing Vibrams? It's strange because my forefoot strike is supposed to reduce the impact with the ground. I wonder how long it will take for my shins to feel better. :-(

I remember running my first 3 miles in Vibrams, my calves were sore as could F*ing be for at least a week. But it was so totally worth it to run again after that week and not be sore. 

I've been wearing vibrams almost exclusively for the last 5 years or more. When I occasionally wear other shoes, even only if for a day, it takes my feet at least another day to get used to the Vibrams again. We've put so much stress on our feet by Keeping them in boxes our whole lives and have consequentially shaped them into a sub optimal shape. Typically the older you are, the longer it takes for you to get comfortable in the vibrams. I recommend wearing Vibrams exclusively, on and off the trail to avoid injury

Raini, how often do you run in your Vibrams? Do you run on concrete? I definitely agree that regular running shoes are terrible for our feet. I have been wearing my Vibrams exclusively for running but am still getting shin pain. I would wear them on a regular basis except they aren't the most stylish, lol.  

Recently I was in a bit of a depression induced by limited foods ( roasted nuts) on vacation where I wasn't running at all. Anyways. I used to run multiple times a day every day, on and (preferably) off concrete. Those first 3 miles I mentioned were on concrete. What style of Vibram do you have? The older styles have a different tread that have much less protection as say the bikila or many of the newer 5fingers. If you ask me, being fashionable is a terrible thing... be the future. After all, isn't "being fashion able" just being able to be fashioned? ;)
 These in pink are pretty bad ass, I'de rock these all over the place if i was a lady. 
How much do you run?  

I wear the Bikilas. After reading everyone's posts about wearing them exclusively to strengthen my feet and calves, I think I'm going to give it a go. Even if they may look a bit silly with my sun dress. It's definitely worth it if it will benefit my running. I run every other day. I've only had my Vibrams for a little over three months, and the website said not to run everyday when you're just starting out.  More recently however, I've only been running three or four times a week due to the shin pain. I'm really hoping that by following a few tips I've read on here (being more aware of my form, running slower...) the pain will start to go away. I would like to be able to run everyday though. So I'm kind of in a position where I might have to look for a different pair of shoes, while building up with my Vibrams in my spare time...



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