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I've decided to stop showering and washing my hair. I haven't used any kind of soap on my body for about a month and a half, no shampoo or face soap for a week, and the only water I've come in contact with was a dip in a river yesterday (I'll continue to swim in the river just not shower!). I used shea butter as a sunscreen.

Before I stopped using shampoo I had a small, albeit super itchy rash on my collar bone that showed no signs of clearing up. It's only been a week and the rash is already healing.

My hair is really really greasy, but that's to be expected switching from shampoo (no sulfates) to no washing of any kind, not even water. I'm trying out some advice I read on the long hair community, which consists of "preening, scritching, and massaging" the hair and scalp. I like being involved in my hair routine so I find this really fun. I'll post the link here http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/showthread.php?t=51396

My face is never dry, but has a really comfortable layer of natural oils and sebum on it. I'm trying not to put any water on it, but it's really hot here in Cambodia!! I think I look healthier though now that I've stopped with the soap and water.

I plan to continue this experiment and I will keep you all updated :) I just think it's so exciting, coming from the uber-consumerism mindset of "buy this new product, it's totally different from the last zillion you tried" to not spending any money and getting the skin and hair that nature intended for us!

What is your beauty routine, minimal or otherwise? Do you bathe? Are you into switching it up and experimenting, or have you perfected your beauty ritual? Long haired ladies (and gents), do you no poo or does the idea terrify you? How has HCV changed your perspective on your own hygiene and the beauty industry? What do people think when they find out you don't wash (or not as often/the way they do)?

Would love to hear any thoughts on the subject :) Peace and Love

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This is a very bad idea for health reasons, because your body excretes some waste/poisons through sweat glands.  If you do not regularly rinse your entire body off by bathing or showering, these poisons the body wants to be rid of will partially absorb back into your body, as your skin both excretes and absorbs.

I'll have to look into this, read up a bit and such. So far I haven't noticed anything negative, but it has been very long, also I haven't really been looking for signs...I just find my skin isn't dry anymore. Maybe I was just over washing and I should simply cut down instead of not wash altogether.

Intuitively, sebum buildup doesn't seem like a good thing.  It prevents your pores from breathing as well as they should.  Also it hardens over time and builds up in the pores, causing the pores to enlarge, which is not aesthetically pleasing.  You will notice this on old people who probably didn't have the best skin care habits over their lifetimes...very large pores on the face and nose, many filled with blackheads...

Save your money on soap and spend it on what is in my opinion a very good product...biore nose and face pore cleaning strips.  Cleans pores and pulls off dead dry skin...my nose always feels so soft and smooth after I use them!

hmm I tried those once in high school but they were really harsh on my skin! I have a feeling those old people you're referring to did not eat HCRV. I'll update in a week or two, but so far so no clogged pores...in fact less clogged pores :)

Oh! Also I've heard from several people that your skin self regulates with healthy sebum production. I really don't know much about this but I'll try to find out more

I enjoy using the dry brush technique for the body, and food grade diatamaceous earth as a body and face scrub, or bath powder.  One bath a week for medicinal detox with essential oils as required for emotional and physical nurturing.  I do use a wash cloth which is soaked in heated aromatic water -  in divine flower essence and essential oils. So uplifting to the 'flower bodies'.  I think of bathing not as a physical experience but a Spiritual experience of cleansing.

Much love

Yeah I understand using no products... but at least splash on some water once in a while! I use dr bronners like once a week to feel extra clean. The rest of the time I just take a quick rinse in the shower, water only.

Haha I have been swimming in a river here so I get a bit of splashing action lol!

I'm just now getting really interested in unconventional ways of grooming, so I'm trying to keep an open mind and listen to people talk about their experiences instead of immediately applying my preconceived notions to whatever they're doing. That said, I do think rinsing in water is important, though, especially after your body has been sweating out toxins during a killer workout (like John said).  Soap is the thing that really dries out your skin, not the water.  I actually had a regular doctor tell me to only use soap on areas like my armpits when I showered, and just rinse off everything else (unless I had gotten REALLY dirty or sweaty) to keep my skin from getting too dry.

I was actually listening to someone talk about chimps and their grooming habits a few weeks ago... while they don't typically like to "bathe" by just sitting in water, they DO get rinsed off by rain quite often.  Especially when it is hot and humid aka the rainy season.  Since humans don't typically hang out naked in the rain, showers are a decent substitute.  Plus we obviously have a lot more sweat glands than chimps do!

But, like I said, my mind is way open right now, so keep us posted!

i haven't used body soap or deodorant in about 5 months now. i do use water though to rinse my body about every other day. i do not smell bad, my skin feels amazing, i am saving money and water and a lot of hassle! i do still use a vegan, all-natural oil face wash about once a day and a vegan toothpaste. i wash my hair about 1-2 times per week with a vegan, sulfate-free shampoo because i exercise almost every day for long periods of time. but, i no longer use conditioner or any other products on my hair. i haven't washed my hands after using the bathroom in months either. i haven't gotten sick, i don't feel gross, and i actually feel awesome doing this. i tell people that i don't use soap or deo anymore and they think its gross but then i tell them "i'm vegan, i don't smell" then sort of brush it off. because its true! i feel awesome and think its wonderful that since what we put into our bodies is so clean, that what comes out is clean too :)

I stopped using shampoo 2 years ago, still shower every day though. Only haircare is a tea tree oil rinse every month. My hair/scalp is much more balanced & consistent now - no dandruff, no itchiness, and no excessive greasiness. I can run my fingers through my hair in the morning before my shower and they come away pretty much dry & oil-free. My hair was noticeably greasier for ~6 months after I stopped shampooing (dealt with it by just shaving all my hair off) and I reckon it took ~18 months before I stopped seeing improvements. My hair is also not so limp now but does have more of a tendency to clump so needs combing. If you've got long hair then the initial greasy phase might be a pain but the long-term results should still be good. My results haven't been everything I'd hoped for but having done it I definitely think shampoo is a scam & it's worth giving no-poo a try.

I also struggle with acne on my face and used to use all sorts of products to control it (benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, topical antibiotics, hydroxy acids, alcohol-based cleansers etc) although they were never completely effective. Gave all that up a year or so ago and now I just use jojoba & rosehip oils. I still have acne but it's no worse than when I was using all the chemical creams and cleansers, and my skin is less dry, less oily, and less irritated. 

For skin I would really give just water and occasional scrubbing like baking soda/dry brushing a go....I used to use oils and noticed 100% better improvement :) --> of course if following a raw diet 90% of the week with one cooked day if really desired( rarely!)



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