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Where did Mikey Quark's youtube channel go to?

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Looks like he took it down. Pretty stupid considering he could literally be the next big hitter on youtube. If I had that sort of talent, Id be using it on youtube for sure!

But why did he take his 30bad account down too? He pretty much disappeared for no good reason.

He's an enigma. What'll he think of next?!

he probably got issued some type of legal action the way that people have tried to sue harley

these corporate schmucks know theres big numbers involved in this community and i bet it just starts to get even uglier then it is now

u wait..

this is prob just the beginning

Yeah, I was disappointed to see it gone :( Hopefully he'll be back.

would u keep making videos if u were getting sued? probably not

His last video before he disappeared was called :

Finally.. an Interview with Fully Wrawng Kristina

I'm pretty sure it was "lests celebrate arctic apple". Kristina's was right before

Apple is called The Arctic apple, it's a Canadian "creation".


Damn, I missed that one.


Just because it's not brown doesn't mean it's not shit.



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