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What to do about them? I felt really tired yesterday and this morning, then (like usual) about an hour ago I got hit with a migraine. My head is pounding and feeling very heavy. My eyesight is blurry, I feel really nauseated. I have drank 2 litres of water today so far and I've eaten bananas (2x 700g) for the first part of the day followed by dates (200g, soaked overnight.) I went for a 1hr walk this morning which was in the sun. I slept 9 hours last night and woke up naturally.

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Hey :)

It really sounds like you need more water. 2 liters is the minimum I recommend people drink, 3 liters is generally much more appropriate. Around 95% of the time a migraine is directly related to how hydrated we are because our brains need to maintain a water level of roughly 80-85% to remain balanced or else we will get pain as a signal (aka migraine).
Were your bananas totally ripe? Conventional or organic?

I can't tell you how many people I have helped overcome their headache/migraine through 'water therapy'. One being my mum the other day who was Convinced that it wasn't due to a lack of water. I coerced her to drink 2 liters of water while she was on the phone to me and as a result she felt 100% better when she got off.

I suggest you just keep drinking and drinking, keep going past 3 liters. I'm almost positive you will experience relief before long. The origin of all dis-ease is the bodymind is related to how hydrated we are, so I always look there for the answers first :))

Let us know how you go!

btw - how many times are you peeing and is it clear? Even if this is fine your migraine can still be hydration related
Hey Free..oh I get at least 3 litres a day, I just hadn't got to the 3rd when I wrote this :)

I pee A LOT everyday, I lose count how many times I have to go and it is always clear, even first thing in the morning..
keep drinking ;)
will do :) Thanks!
Interesting.  I always thought I drank lots of water, but I've never had 2 liters in one sitting.  I think I'll try it now.  I've been headachey on and off all week.
Do you wear heels, handbag or a bag with one shoulder.

Im assuming your not eating/drinking anything else.

Withdrawals from various things can provide us with short term migraines for sure. Thats normal.

Have any recent blood tests? Iron, b12, homocysteine, hemoglobin etc? They can help paint a better picture too.
I don't wear heels ever, only flats and the type of bag i use is an across the shoulder type which is never heavy.
I used to get migraines weekly, but haven't had one in nearly a month..i'm not sure what I would be withdrawing from :)

No recent blood-work done. I'm so sick of doctors and tests etc, but maybe I should get things checked out. Last time I had iron and b12 checked they were all good..no idea about the homocysteine or haemoglobin.
What was your b12 and iron levels? 'good' in Australia is deficient in many other countries using the exact same testing protocol. Example in Australia its your 'ok' if your above 140 and in Japan your not 'ok' if your under 550.

Get your homocysteine and haemoglobin checked.

Its wondering why our car aint working properly and we dont want to go to the mechanic to get a diagnosis so we have some more direction to go with.

Ive got raw mates that went to raw cos they had real bad digestion issues. They have uber low b12 still and think that living pure will fix that. But they forget they live on a planet where DDT residue is still worldwide and pollution aint going now where. Supping b12 is something I advise to ALL people regardless of their diet and lifestyle. I just smoked probably a packet of cigarettes after this mornings training session. If you drive a car, they say its even more pollution. People work indoors breathing in toxic stuff all day and they wonder why their b12 levels are under 550 (minimum cut off for Japan).

If a young tree gets blown over in the wind, we can let it die or we can put a stick next to it and tie it up for a few months till it gets its roots strong again...people are trying to grow against a gale force wind of society in the name of purity and they wonder why they eventually blow out. Purity is ok, being smart is best.

Wow, DR, great stuff.  I've been trying to figure out what's causing my headaches- I'll have to pull out some of my old blood work and get some new blood work done.


I was really glad to read your post - I was worried about even researching how to get rid of headaches on here because I was expecting a bunch of 'Oh, just rub some peppermint oil on your forehead,' and 'squeeze your pressure point on your hand' headache advice that you usually hear from the natural health community.  But I happen to know my headaches are not caused by a lack of peppermint oil on my forehead!


So this gives me some useful ideas on what may be CAUSING the headaches.  I'll probably post back to ya when I see what my blood work says if I can't figure it out on my own.  


B12 for ALL people - I didn't know that was the recommendation.  I'll have to start taking some!

hey marianna

i used to get headaches all the time too. what i have noticed is that i get headaches whenever i go into polluted cities, areas with a lot of emf pollution or spend too long on the internet. i have also noticed that if i base my diet on bananas and dates i also get headaches. when i stick to juicy fruits and spend more time in natural environments i dont get headaches at all and it has almost nothing to do with how much water i drink.

hey nick!

thanks for the input :) migraines/headaches aren't fun, not at all. i've never had problems in the past with bananas and dates..and the only juicy fruits i have access to right now are mangos..
sometimes I feel worse drinking more water, as it just wants to come right back up from feeling so nauseated.



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