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there are several reasons we continue to boycott amazon.

the promotion of dog and cock fighting on amazon was bad enough:





then jeff bezos et al got into selling whale meat:


anything for a buck, eh?


we've boycotted amazon for years now - terminated our associate account (even received an apology from the customer service individual who was clearly against amazon's irresponsible and illegal stance).


they need some serious boycotting where it counts!

well how about foie gras?

way back on may 23, 2009 we reported that amazon got its foie gras from elevages perigord. these days they get it from Hudson Valley Foie Gras.

copied below is www.mercyforanimals.org investigation of this factory.

for some, who continue to frequent amazon, it is a convenience.

for others, it is brutal cruelty and death.

in friendship,





Animal torture is just a click away at Amazon.com.

Hidden-camera footage secretly recorded by a Mercy For Animals investigator at Hudson Valley Foie Gras—the country’s largest foie gras producer—reveals the systematic abuse of animals whose diseased livers are sold on Amazon.

French for “fatty liver,” foie gras is produced by shoving a metal pipe down the throats of ducks and force-feeding them three times a day for nearly three weeks. This painful process causes the birds’ livers to swell up to ten times the normal size. These diseased, fatty livers are marketed as foie gras.

Wired with a hidden camera, MFA’s investigator worked at Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York and documented:

  • Workers violently grabbing ducks by their wings and necks and then shoving a metal pipe down their throats to force-feed them
  • Countless ducks hyperventilating as their unnaturally large livers pressed against their lungs making it difficult for them to breathe
  • Dead ducks—killed by the cruel force-feeding process—callously thrown away into garbage bins
  • Workers carelessly grabbing and tossing ducks by their fragile wings into transport cages
  • Birds with open, bleeding wounds left to suffer in tiny wire cages without proper veterinary care
  • Fully conscious ducks being shackled upside down and having their throats cut open, causing them to slowly bleed to death

Workers at this foie gras facility admit that the force-feeding process is so abusive that ducks routinely die from it. Some of the ducks simply choke to death, while others succumb to slow and painful suffocation as their unnaturally enlarged livers press against their lungs and make it impossible for them to breathe.

Force-feeding ducks to produce foie gras is so cruel it has been banned in California and more than a dozen countries. Costco, Safeway, Giant Eagle, Wolfgang Puck, and other leading retailers refuse to sell foie gras due to its inherent cruelty. Simply put, it’s blatant animal abuse that no socially conscious business should support.

Yet Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, continues to sell over 300 foie gras products to consumers worldwide.

Please join MFA in calling on Amazon to take a stand against this egregious cruelty to animals by prohibiting the sale of foie gras on its website. In the past, Amazon has ended the sale of other products due to their cruel production practices. It’s time for Amazon to implement an ethical and humane policy banning the sale of foie gras too.

Visit AmazonCruelty.com to watch the video, sign the petition, and learn more.


Nathan Runkle
Executive Director

PS. After you've asked Amazon to end the sale of foie gras, consider taking further action to help animals by exploring a vegan diet. Find tips here.

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thanks for sharing about this very sad and horrible stuff. Hope everyone else sign the petition and close their amazon account. 

 I have spent many summers in the south of France as a child, in a region where people produce and eat a lot of foie gras.  I remember people getting ecstatic knowing there would be foie gras in a restaurant or at a dinner.  The french have a long way to go, specially in the deep countryside in the south.

my uncle used to own ducks.  I knew it was duck liver but I didnt know it was taken to that extreme of force feeding by pipes.  holy moly. some prep cook used to get all drooling over thoughts of foie gras but i'm sure he'll get his karma if he continues to eat it.  i never liked that old man.



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