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melatonin is a powerful free-radical scavenger and wide-spectrum antioxidant as discovered in 1993.

Melatonin is an antioxidant that can easily cross cell membranes and the blood–brain barrier.

This antioxidant is a direct scavenger of radical oxygen and nitrogen species including OH•, O•2−, and NO•.

Melatonin works with other antioxidants to improve the overall effectiveness of each antioxidant.

Melatonin has been proven to be twice as active as vitamin E, believed to be the most effective lipophilic antioxidant.

An important characteristic of melatonin that distinguishes it from other classic radical scavengers is that its metabolites are also scavengers in what is referred to as the cascade reaction.

Also different from other classic antioxidants, such as vitamin C and vitamin E, melatonin has amphiphilic properties (it mixes both with water & lipid soluble substances such as vitamins).

When compared to synthetic, mitochondrial-targeted antioxidants (MitoQ and MitoE), organic melatonin proved to be a comparable protector against mitochondrial oxidative stress.

Studies also suggest that melatonin is useful fighting infectious disease including viral, such as HIV, and bacterial infections, and potentially in the treatment of cancer.

It is known that melatonin interacts with the immune system. Antiinflammatory effect seems to be the most relevant and most documented in literature.

Melatonin presence in the gallbladder has many protective properties, such as converting cholesterol to bile, preventing oxidative stress, and increasing the mobility of gallstones from the gallbladder.

Melatonin benefit exists for treating tinnitus (ringing in the ear).

When humans consume foods rich in melatonin such as BANANA, pineapple and orange the blood levels of melatonin increase significantly.

In humans, 90% of orally administered exogenous melatonin is cleared in a single passage through the liver, a small amount is excreted in urine, and a small amount is found in saliva.

Blue light, principally around 460 to 480 nm, suppresses melatonin, proportional to the light intensity and length of exposure.

Until recent history, humans in temperate climates were exposed to few hours of (blue) daylight in the winter; their fires gave predominantly yellow light.

The incandescent light bulb widely used in the 20th century produced relatively little blue light. Light containing only wavelengths greater than 530 nm does not suppress melatonin in bright-light conditions.

Wearing glasses that block blue light in the hours before bedtime may decrease melatonin loss.

Use of blue-blocking goggles the last hours before bedtime has also been advised for people who need to adjust to an earlier bedtime, as melatonin promotes sleepiness.

Human melatonin production decreases as a person ages. EAT MORE BANANAS

Also, as children become teenagers, the nightly schedule of melatonin release is delayed, leading to later sleeping and waking times.

i hope you found this interesting

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Bananas for the win!!! :D  And go to bed early, get up early! ;)

I think Durian is very high in Melatonin too...

Meditation also increases Melatonin production.

not sure about melatonin, but I have been informed that it has high levels of tryptophan, which also makes you sleepy :)

I agree with you friend.


Peace, PK

Bananas don't contain much melatonin, they contain Tryptophan, an amino acid that is converted to melatonin when body is utilizing that pathway. Not all is converted.


Green bananas have ~30 nanograms.
Eating 500 green bananas before bed, at minimum, would be rough, lol. And in the morning, trying to poop, haha.

aaah bananas :)

That'z pretty cool!

lol, i am having insomnia issues (as well as some other health issues) and i refused to take melatonin due to the fact that i thought that bananas and melatonin isn't a good combination. thanks for *opening my eyes*.



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