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the mediterranean diet nonsense is debunked by howard jacobson on vegsource:


The Mediterranean Diet Study: Bad Science, Worse Journalism

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Besides, the term "Mediterranean diet" is more of a buzz word which doesn't necessarily describe the actual dietary habits of the Mediterranean people. Those are often strongly idealised and embellished.

Whenever they come out with one of these "breakthrough" studies, one must ALWAYS look at the actual study. These kind of things happen all the time. I'd bet that the dairy and egg industries have set some up for their own use, as well as many brand-names of "healthier" options. Most of the time, they just compare it to something worse. And the sad part is that most people don't even question it. 

the corpse industries occasionally do studies to legitimize their existence. quite often despite their best efforts, these studies show how damaging their products are. then it's time to finance a spin. :D

every now and then you see desperation like this in their own journals:

Red meat and colon cancer: Should we become vegetarians, or can we ...

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That's not what people do who live around my part of the Mediterranean - at all ;)
Fruit = "dessert"
Veggies = "garnish"

greetings anastasia! and welcome to 30bad!

you write:
It's very healthy actually. It can be vegan too. It's 50% carbs,35% fats,15% protein.

the med diet incorporates various amounts of animal products as well as oils.

therefore it is neither vegan nor healthy.

a 50-35-15 isn't a desirable ratio which is why we don't tolerate it here.

the only thing that can be said about it is that it is some sort of improvement over the usual SAD stuff. if you looked at the video, you'll see that the only improvement the study showed with the med diet was with the stroke rate. the 'strawman' rationale for hyping the med diet is also explained in the video.

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olive oil ,when used in moderation, can be very healthy. Same with meat.

not correct. you can go here:


and you'll see the studies show otherwise for the corpse parts - and that includes studies done on a 'little' bit too. here's one for instance in this video dealing with fibromyalgia:

Fibromyalgia vs. Mostly Raw & Mostly Vegetarian Diets

the case against corpse eating is overwhelming and involves major cohort studies done over years (decades sometimes). to say eating corpse (and other animal products) "can be healthy" in light of the present body of evidence is not only irresponsible (not accusing you btw, since you've likely not looked into the research), but also against 30bad guidelines (you may want to look them up since you agreed to abide by them).

as far as olive oil goes, it is supposedly 'healthier' than certain other oils and fats, however, both www.pcrm.org and mcdougall recommend not consuming it and especially not using it to cook with. we eliminated it from our diet about a decade ago and it was interesting how much cleaner food (even salads) tasted.

I'm saying it can be vegan because I've been doing these numbers (50/35/15) on a vegetarian and vegan diet.

50-35-15 can certainly be vegan, but then it is not the med diet by current definitions.

But the med diet is definitely a balanced diet that someone can follow and be 100% healthy.

again, if you look at the jacobson video (op), you'll see the study shows that the med diet is not healthy at all.

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There is no such thing as Mediterranean diet. People eat diffrent foods from place to place.

Well said! I agree with you....there are vegans that just eat salads and vegans that only eat fried veg foods.

There are at least two instances in which Howard Jacobson misinterpret the data from the study....It is sad!!!!!

LOL-- i lived around the medterranean- its big- real big- greece sure dont represent the whole. Thre is a lot of fruit, true- but thats about it- lots of bread, cooked food, baked- everything wich is not really healthy.

 meat, diary , oils- come on now- only red meat twice a month?  Moderate oil? I dont think so. 100% healthy?

Yeah sure.

Total BS!!! My soon to be ex husband is Mediterranean. Lebanese to be exact. They eat olive oil on everything! All severely obese, heart disease, high BP at age 20 avg, very sick people.  Most are vegan too lol  Tried to warn them about the dangers of high fat. Keep eating your oil fatties! lol

the oil issue comes up from time to time and this post by mary thomas addresses some of the issues:


(text copied below)

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Here's Why You May Want to Think Twice About Olive Oil

  • From Dr. Dean Ornish:  It's 100% fat and 14% of it is saturated. At 120 calories a tablespoon it's very easy to eat too much of "a bad thing". It won't raise your LDL as much as butter or other saturated fats will,  so it might look like it's reducing your cholesterol, but it's still raising it.  It's just not raising it as much other fats would!  It's the omega-3's that reduce inflammation and are "heart healthy", and olive oil has very little omega-3, maybe 1%. It's mostly omega-9, which has been shown to impair blood vessel function.  Canola and flax seed oil are much higher in omega-3's--and are much healthier oils to use.  Just go easy on them!.
  • From Dr. Robert Vogel of the University of Maryland: This is the study that convinced me!  Back in 2000 Vogel based his study on the Lyon Heart Study, which is the big-time study that got us all to eat the Mediterranean Diet.  He wanted to see how olive oil, salmon (fish oil) and canola oil actually affect the  blood vessels.  Using the brachial artery tourniquet test he had 10 healthy volunteers with normal cholesterol ingest 50 grams of fat, in the form of olive oil & bread, canola oil & bread, and salmon.  Measuring their arterial blood flow before & after each meal Vogel could tell whether or not a meal was causing damage to the endothelial lining of the brachial artery, based on how the blood was flowing through the artery after the meal was eaten.  The results really surprised him.  The olive oil constricted blood flow by a whopping 31% after the meal; the canola oil constricted it by 10%; and the salmon reduced it by only 2%.  Why should we care?  Because when the arteries constrict, the endothelium (the vessel's lining) is injured,  triggering plaque build-up, or atherosclerosis. Vogel RA. Corretti MC. Plotnick GD. The postprandial effect of components of the Mediterranean diet on endothelial function. Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 36(5):1455-60, 2000 Nov 1.  Similar results have been found it later studies.  This isn't just a one-hit wonder. Interestingly, walnuts, which have Omega-3's have also been shown to improve blood flow by 24% using the brachial artery tourniquet test.  Go omega 3's!
  • How does olive oil constrict blood vessels?Dr. Vogel discovered back in 1999 that a high fat meal blocks the endothelium's ability to produce that all important NITRIC OXIDE, which is a vasodilator and critical to  preserving the tone  & health of our blood vessels.  When olive oil constricts the blood vessels it's because it's blocking the production of nitric oxide.  Not a good thing!
  • From Dr. Lawrence Rudel of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center:  Rudel ran a five year study feeding monounsaturated fat (similar to....  The monkeys metabolize fat in the same way as humans, so they're good stand-ins.. At the end of five years, their autopsies showed that the monkeys who were fed the high-oleic monounsaturated olive oil surrogate had higher HDLs (the good cholesterol) and lower LDLs (the bad cholesterol) than the ones fed the saturated fat diet.  The big surprise here:  Both groups had exactly the same amount of coronary artery disease.  The higher HDLs & lower LDLs of the high-oleic monounsaturated oil (similar properties to olive oil) group were meaningless.  Rudel later repeated the study on rodents, and got the same results. 
  • From Dr. Caldwell EsseltsynDr. E tells a story in his book about Rev. William Valentine of North Carolina who had a quintuple bypass in 1990.  Since his surgery he followed a strict plant-based diet, dropping from 210 pounds to 156 pounds.  For 14 years he maintained his weight & his diet.  But by 2004 he started to experience a recurrence of angina, especially when he exercised.  He promptly contacted Dr. Esselstyn after reading about his success in reversing heart disease in a health newsletter.  Valentine wanted no part of a repeat bypass or other intervention.  He assured Dr. E that he only ate whole grains, legumes, vegetable & fruit.  A baffled Dr. E  prompted him to repeat once again everything he was eating, leaving nothing out.  

"He had forgotten to mention that he was consuming "heart healthy" olive oil at every lunch and dinner and in salads.  It was what they call a Eureka moment.  Immediately, I advised him to give up the olive oil.  He did--and within seven weeks, his angina had completely disappeared."    Dr. Esselstyn



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