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Peace and Blessings,

I have been experiencing some almost ineffable happenings that I would definitely attribute to my practice. The core of my practice is breathing meditation (watching the breath).

Just wanted to know if any one practices meditation on a consistent basis and if so what form or tradition? Please share your experiences.


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Hello Joseph :-) It sounds like you are receiving some amazing benefits there, meditation is incredible isn't it? I used to think the only form of meditation was only sitting still & focusing on the breath now I feel like Im meditating during the day a lot of the time, even when running! It must sound strange but whenever the 'gaps' between my thoughts open up I fall into such a blissful zone....
Can u relate?
Give thanks Freelea.

Yes, I can relate.
When those "gaps" open up between the thoughts I'm left with the breath and I
realize how thoughts, not all the time but in most instances, can be inhibiting especially when
dwelling in the "now". When walking and just interacting with people on a daily when I'm aware
of my breath and providing oxygen to my body (organs) I feel like I'm able to give more of myself
to others,

Peace and Love,

That's a great reminder to practice a form of meditation in our daily lives, not just during meditation time at home. I've been meditating for a number of years and it's easy to forget this important point.

The 811 diet has been very beneficial for me in terms of deepening my meditations.

Om, Peace
Yes I aim to practice 'still' meditation more....I went for a jog tonight & i really felt at peace and one with my surroundings....it was beautiful, meditative for sure. There was some brilliant brushstrokes across the sky tonight....
Hey Joseph,

I've read this post 3 times and each time I almost participated, but I didn't because I think you know more than me about this, and I figured I didn't really have much to offer. So now that I've overcome my fit of insecurity, have you seen my post on mass conscious meditation? I thought we'd get loads of people jumping on it, but so far there isn't much interest.

Please check it out and let me know what you think. Maybe you could be our guide. And I bet if we got it going, you'd get some additional feedback on the different techniques people use!

Hope to hear back...
Oh sorry Crabby I haven't posted on there yet i've been so busy it is such a great idea! I think everyone is still probably in that 'getting to know eachother a bit better' stage and maybe not quite ready for it....lots are still just working on their pages....people will be in im sure, just need a lil' more time :-))
Give thanks for the message C.C.!
I will definitely check your post out.

i do it every day mostly sitting in stillness o pranayama techniques.. the most amazing was meditating under the sound of a Gong Bath (thats where someone bashes a gong repeatedly )

If i dont meditate for a few days i start to feel really on edge ...If i meditate and do Yoga i feel like everything is great ..

.I agree Freelea, meditation can be anything where you give your conscious attention to the moment and not random thoughts
Thanks Fi, i love hearing your thoughts, I remember seeing you on Byron Beach meditating a bit over a year ago, you were so peaceful and still, the sun was just coming up infront of you, it was a really beautiful scene i remember thinking....
Give thanks for the replies Fi and Freelea!

I have been practicing the blissful art of power walking.
Growing up I used to see older ladies and men in my neighborhood
power walk real fast and I used to say, "what in the world are they doing?" :)

My days are very active and I travel to many location throughout the city.
I remember hearing and/or reading that you have to work for your fruit.
In addition to doing body weight exercises these power walks are so blissful.

I walk as fast as I can to my destinations while carrying my bags. Another meditative element that I have incorporated is focusing on the breath while doing these walks. I have been able
to breath at a considerable slow rate while walking fast. Breathing in the "fresh air" (i live in brooklyn)
while doing this exercise has taken me to another place.

What exercises do you Fi and Freelea like to do?
Cool yep Im a fan of 'earning my food', its what we would've done in nature & I think its a big part of the obesity epidemic apart from the obvious SAD diet a lot of people are eating. Thats great Joseph, i love to powerwalk, but my preference is a jog and at the moment im doing some 'base-building' and just going really easy and keeping my heart rate low....its brilliant, i have sooo many powerful insights during it... the clarity is beautiful, its definitely meditation with so many benefits....
hey hope u don't mind me moving this subject to high vibes? Just wanting to spread the love....
Give thanks Freelea.

High Vibes is where it's at!
Nutrition is ultimately a means/journey to
a greater understanding.

Give thanks,



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