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 I am Vegan and transitioning to raw. But, I have 4 dogs that I have committed to share their life with until they die. Two of them I have rescued/re-homed. They eat meat I don't. I don't eat meat for all the same reasons you don't eat meat. What are your thoughts on this? Do I find a way to get them Vegan? Am I a hypocrite? 

My dogs are athletic and compete in agility competitions and run with me when I train for marathons etc.... so they need good food.

Thanks for any help with this. 


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Gotta go with Rawbert, taking in a dog that i would have to feed meat woukd not have worked in my home. We could not justify the killing of one for another. We took this dog into our home because it woukd suffered otherwise, had it been an animal that could not take to a vegan diet it woukd not jave remained with us..

"you are a hypocrite if you claim you're vegan but you still buy butchered animals for pet food."

*shrugs*  Then go dive it from the trash.  No buying it anymore, and the poor animal who died for their flesh sacrifice didn't just get slaughtered and then get thrown in the trash.

As far as the hypocrite comment, ehhh...

I am a very open-minded and open-hearted person. If someone comes to me with wonderful vegan recipes for my dog and insists he will love it, thrive on it and not lack for anything, that sounds so wonderful and you bet I'll be all over that, because I love searching and discovering.

And if someone comes up to me and says "You jerk. You call yourself an animal lover? I'm not even going to make my suggestions to you in a kind way to demonstrate that my ethical veganism extends to human animals as well"....well, guess how eager I am going to be to ask that person more questions and get their insight?

Of course we vegans who have (or have had) animal companions are concerned about this issue. That's why this thread was even started: to talk, share, consider and learn.

I also happen to agree with both sides.

Why do I agree with both sides? Because I live in a multi-faceted, complex, simple, mysterious, profound, beautiful, terrible, kind, harsh, lovely, disturbing, and magnificent universe. Because as a vegan I don't want the meat industry to exist, and as much as I love animal companions I'd just as soon give them up to restore the world to its natural order. But to the best of my ability, working in animal rescue, I have cared for my animal brethren and felt that if meat was to be given, better homemade than support the diabolical pet food industry.

Let's consider a couple scenarios:

Simple scenario: I eat meat and dairy my whole life, then one day I read some vegan literature that resonates with me, and I decide then and there I go vegan. My health improves, so does my outlook and capacity to perceive the world. I am one more vegan voice in the world. Simple. Beautiful.

Complex scenario: I am the afore-described person, and I am 50 years old and I have a spouse, children, grandchildren, cats and dogs. None of whom are vegetarian. But because of their support and love, I am freely encouraged to pursue my new vegan life. One more vegan in the world, where before there wasn't. But I've come into this new life after I'm already well-established in my old one.

Am I cruel and hypocritical because I still "allow" my family to eat meat? Is it not possible that, given time, they will slowly start to see the vegan light? With love, there may be and WILL be many more vegans in the world! 

Is it possible that Gary, who started this thread, would love to learn some great vegan recipes for his dogs? I felt that he indicated that with this question "Do I find a way to get them Vegan?"

I definitely am open to it!

We didn't all decide to acquire animal companions after we were already vegan.

Kinda like, we're not necessarily going to divorce partners who still eat meat.

Better the dog lover conscious vegan even willing to ask these questions than the angry violent dog-kicker meat-eater. 

If someone's a vegan and even on 30bad to begin with, the abrasive tone seems to cause tension and conflict. 

All the same I love my brothers and sisters on the site and here's an embarrassing, smothering *cyber-hug* even if you don't want one!

= )



'As far as the hypocrite comment,'

-it wasn't a comment, it was an answer to a yes or no question:

Gary said : 'Am I a hypocrite?'

I said: 'Yes'


'Kinda like, we're not necessarily going to divorce partners who still eat meat.'

- I wouldn't get involved with a meat eater but if I already had a partner and she wouldn't switch to vegan I'd walk away for sure


'Am I cruel and hypocritical because I still "allow" my family to eat meat?'

- Even worse.. if you're feeding meat to your kids that's outright child abuse.. the adults make their own decisions and it's not your business.


'If someone's a vegan and even on 30bad to begin with, the abrasive tone seems to cause tension and conflict.'

- chillax, it's just tough love..:)


Your arguments don't hold water.

You can twist it and turn it as much as you want it, but once we agreed that something is unethical, yet we keep doing it for various reasons it is HIPPOCRATIC!


'Who's gonna pick the cotton if we end slavery?'

- it doesn't matter, slavery is unethical and needs to be ended!


'What am I going to feed to my pets if not meat?'

- it doesn't matter, killing animals is unethical and needs to be ended!


Hugs to you too Tania, please don't take my comments personally, we're just sharing opinions here..:)

thanks for your honest answer. So far my dogs have not responded well physically to all the vegan food i have tried except veggies of course, so if i don't manage to feed them vegan food without them being ill, should i put them to sleep or is that hypercritical too?
Two of them i have rescued from shelters and another home, they have an amazing life. if they were wild they would be hunting their own food so am i not being kinder by reducing the amount of meat they eat?

It seems you already tried everything? (: And you can't see yourself managing to feed them vegan food? 

What do you want to achieve with this thread? Or do you just want an answer on your two questions?

"What are your thoughts on this?" Great you're vegan and don't eat meat, but think it through and tell me your reasoning.

"Do I find a way to get them Vegan?" Sure, if you really want to...

" Am I a hypocrite?" If you're saying you're a vegan and feeding them meat? Yes! (:

The world's oldest dog was a vegan:


It's natural for dogs to eat meat in the wild, where they would hunt it themselves. But since they are domesticated, being fed meat is not in their instinct, and it directly supports the horrid meat industry. 

If you live somewhere where the dogs can go hunt on their own (but still live with you) that'd be ideal. But if you don't, feed them a vegan diet--it's much better than supporting the industry that murders billions of animals each year. 

They have vegan dog foods, V-Dog brand being very popular. Or make it yourself. 

And you're an ethical vegetarian/vegan for 10+ years? (: And you even cooked the meat? (:

Pet Guard makes a Vegan canned food and a vegetarian dry food -it has organic eggs in it.  My dogs loves it -almost as much as green smoothies.  She is a lean mean running machine.

now sure what this is like but i googled vegan dogs and found this.

also i found this - i know its not your dog type but its something i found.


Oh this looks great!  

Our happy 7 year old golden gets mistaken for a puppy all the time!  He is on his 4th year of vegan, mostly raw, very positive results all the way, softer coat, more energy, less smelly, guilt free owners! 

We use this science based guide along with tracking his food intake with nutridiary to decide how to feed him.  It's quite easy.  http://dels-old.nas.edu/dels/rpt_briefs/dog_nutrition_final.pdf

As Windlord pointed out there are some very long discussions on this topic he linked to that are wonderfully informative.  Vegan dogs and cats have proven to be healthy long term, the information is there for the taking.

Here's a nice little video Harley made for us:

I have 4 rescue dogs... boy are they a handful! lol

I feed them brown rice, greens, herbs from the garden, papaya and their seeds for parasite control, beans, and other fruits and veggies. I have a couple of chickens with a broken leg each that we took in because everyone else wanted to butcher them :(

Anyway, we do feed the dogs their eggs so it works out great. We also supplement with a little nutritional yeast, wormwood and spirilina at times.

So far so good! In fact one dog went from being a good 40 pounds under weight (he is a pitbull that weighed 40 pounds when we got him) and he is now all bulked up on mostly vegan, raw meals. Hope this offers some more insight!

I enjoyed reading what others have to say about the issue.



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