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 I am Vegan and transitioning to raw. But, I have 4 dogs that I have committed to share their life with until they die. Two of them I have rescued/re-homed. They eat meat I don't. I don't eat meat for all the same reasons you don't eat meat. What are your thoughts on this? Do I find a way to get them Vegan? Am I a hypocrite? 

My dogs are athletic and compete in agility competitions and run with me when I train for marathons etc.... so they need good food.

Thanks for any help with this. 


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hey nice comment! i was just wondering, because i heard that all dogs came from wolves too ... what about dogs like the dingo and hyenas? 

those seem pretty wild and natural. its wierd how animals kill in nature .... 

That's a good question.  I think they were saying that all domesticated dog breeds are descendants of wolves.  I don't know, but I think that dingos and hyenas are wild breeds.  plus many species on Australia are separate from the species on other continents.  aren't dingos only in Oz?

Yeah, it is weird how animals kill in nature.  after witnessing it though, it's clear to me that it's not in my nature.  But it does keep things in balance. It seems to me to be designed well, and works well when we leave it alone.  can you imagine how many rats there would be, if cats didn't eat them?  I heard that in a year and a half, two rats can have a million descendants.  crap!

The exploitation thing really hits home here on the Big Island of Hawaii. MANY people keep dogs in tiny cages that they can't even walk three steps either way, and they're stuck there for their whole lives. Others starve their dogs in order to make them "hunting" dogs that go after wild boar here, and other still keep their dogs on leads in the yard and are never let off.

It's such a hurtful experience to live on a daily basis, but it also helps me to appreciate the relationship I have with all of my recuse animals. If I don't give them a home, who will???

Although, this is what gets me in trouble because I could see myself with 30, 40, 50 animals that are in need of a place to be safe, happy, and alive. I'm totally conflicted in reality, because like you Erik I find that "owning" an animal is so unfair and unbalanced with nature... what to do?! :)

I have a dog who has been eating a raw meat based diet since she was pup. She also eats tomato's, dates, spinach, carrot juice and just about any fruit or veg she cares for. I agree that kibble is just about the worst thing you can give a dog. I fostered a dog that ate wet food and kibble and man oh man did he smell funky.

Raw food for your dog also makes their elimination smell way better. It doesn't have such a horrible stench, it really is a lot more mild.

However if you have three dogs, ordering a really specialized raw dog food may get expensive. Because I am on a budget I go to the pet food store and a raw blend from the frozen section. It has bones, livers and also some veggies in there as well.

Another note I should add.. I recently adopted a cat and switched her to a raw diet. She used to drink soooo much water it was concerning. Now she hardly laps up as much. Way better. Good luck!

PS your dogs are verrry cute. 

My dogs do love eating raw veggies too especially broccoli. Thanks for sharing your experience. 

HI Gary firstly you have some beautiful dogs... I have a rescue dog he is a yellow lab. My experience is when i transitioned him to a 100% vegan i have seen nothing but positive results.  He had severe food dominate issues and was a little nasty to other dogs and cats. Within a couple months he adjusted fully and the vet is happy with his health and progress.


your dog made me smile. beautiful and I bet he has an amazing personality. thanks for sharing your experience. 

Plenty of folks who love the animals for whom they care have discussed this issue before here. 

The good news is that dogs are actually omnivorous, and have the ability to thrive on a properly constructed vegan diet.  The info in this thread spells it out well. 


For additional info, Prad is a good contact.

thanks for the link mate. 

Hey Gary,

I have a book recommendation! It's Foods Pets Die For by Ann Martin. The first half of the book exposes the pet food industry. An insightful read (even if you know all about that) since she really did some investigating! The other half is a great recipe book! She has recipes for all sorts of things: for animals recovering from surgeries, those with sensitive stomachs, etc and a large variety of recipes for both cats and dogs, using simple every day ingredients. There are all sorts of creative things (3 bean salads for dogs!) and I've tried many of them. When I lived in the Utah I worked at a large animal sanctuary in the desert, I had a beautiful animal family: my dog, cat and 3 rats. The ratties passed on before I moved to Costa RIca, so I packed up my dog and cat and we took off. In Utah I had the luxury of ordering expensive organic whole food kibble for both, but in Costa Rica the animal food there was so shoddy that they both went on a food strike. I couldn't blame them. So I put them on a homemade diet ever since. The food I made for my dog was sometimes cooked, sometimes raw, sometimes vegetarian, sometimes vegan. In the wild animals eat variety, so that's what they got. And they loved it!! I had calm, patient eaters who used to come into the kitchen and flop down as I was preparing their food and just hang out with me, enjoying the aromas and what was to come. Shiny coats, healthy bowels, white teeth with no stains, clean breath, no smells. We had many guests over all the time, plenty with "severe" cat allergies. Then my cat would come out a few hours later and they'd be amazed, reporting that they could tell they were in a "cat home" by their sneezes within 15 minutes of entering a home. But my cat's sleek coat and healthy skin never produced a singly allergic reaction from anyone!

Here's my dog's most popular dish:

*Brown rice (base)

*cut up and lightly steamed green beans

*chicken liver

*1 egg

* (1 or 2) tbsp ground flax

*Oil (olive, sunflower, cod liver..whatever was around)

Here's another:

*cooked spiral pasta (base)





Here's another:




We'd give him all our scraps. He had soups, stews, fruit, fish, veggies, etc. Like anybody he has his tastes. I always had a big bag of bones for him. He's still in CR with my mom, wild and free in the mountains with no leash and coyote cousins all around.

People always tell me that my animals eat better than they do. I always say to them "If my animals eat better than you, I don't want to know what you eat!"

I don't adhere to the line of thinking that says having an animal companion is cruel; I worked too long in the profession of animal rescue and adoptions to feel that way, and I have a quite different idea of cruelty. Plenty of homeless animals to go around. The day there aren't is the day I'm ok with no animal companions.

I fed all my ratties a mostly vegan diet--and mostly scaps-- since rats are foragers and don't discriminate as much from a wide buffet of options in the world. They loved their fresh fruits and veggies. But if my cat and dog didn't salivate and get excited when I would serve them smelly meat, I'd serve them more vegetarian stuff. But really, buying select meat and finding the right sources to get it from isn't as devastating as keeping Burger King and Arby's in business. I'm vegan; they're not, and it worked out harmoiously.

Just my experience!

= )


Yes Gary, you are a hypocrite if you claim you're vegan but you still buy butchered animals for pet food.

There's just no way around it.

Vegans don't buy meat for ANY reason. Period.

There's no point of killing an animal just to feed it to the other one.



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