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I got into a discussion today and this person said that eating meat has caused our brains to develop to the intelligence that we now possess. I also have heard this on the radio. Has anyone else heard this argument for meat eating? He also said that veg animals eyes face out to the side and that hunters have eyes that face forward. 

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I too have heard both arguments for meat eating.

The book Left in the Dark suggests that our brain development has largely ceased and even reversed due to a disconnect from ancestral foods of the forest. But I would like to hear more about the science behind the argument that meat is responsible for our intelligence, if anyone else has more info on the subject.

Also, I've heard the argument that we have forward-facing eyes because we are extremely social creatures. Monkeys also have eyes that face forward and they are not hunters, but they are extremely social; eye-gazing, kissing, recognizing others' faces, etc.
Heard it, and I wrote a big blog post on it here: -

Its not complete yet as ive been introduced to a load more stuff that requires mentioning, but its a good intro at least as it currently is.
Would be great to have your blog on the main forum under "off topic" Ste, looks really interesting, it would get much more attention there.

Increased calories is my view.
I'll update it and put it in there later this week

I missed that eye position sentence. Thats pretty funny - and ridiculous to clarify.
I say 'but einstein was a vego and said that eating animals is holding society back..'


I say 'ok then, lets go have lunch at the hospital and eat the first dead person we can find..save a lot of money!' or 'lets just go to the pet shop and eat any dead goldfish we can find if your concerned about ethics'.

had that discussion whilst at a petting zoo on the weekend at a pet expo. I was handing out peta 'go vegan' brochures and a got into a discussion with a lady. After I got the whole, 'but we evolved to eat meat'..I said 'So does that mean I can go eat that chicken in front of everyone then? Or does it mean I will get arrested and when I tell the judge the same thing you told me, the judge will say 'Oh sorry Harley, our mistake!'.. She said 'But well, I mean, you know, its sort of like you need to eat for protein dont you?'..

People love to hear good things about their bad habits. Judge by results, never by theory. :)

When we think of sick people, we think of meat eaters. Cancer, heart disease, obesity, environmental destruction, violence etc.

My raw meat eater friends, lovely people but none of em in as good shape as they could be. Their diet is holding them back like a ball and chain.

If we evolved to eat meat, people that didnt eat meat would be very sick instead of a lot healthier. Put a cat on bananas for a month and its dead. Put a human on bananas for a month and it thrives. Put a human on meat for a month and you go downhill or die.

Whaa? Will a cat really die if you feed it bananas for a month? I've heard of people giving their animals a raw diet though...they probably include meat for the animals or something then, huh?
yes, people who feed their cats or dogs a raw diet are including lots of raw meat. at least i hope so - they aren't frugivores!

Dogs don't need meat - they've evolved to eat whatever humans eat - not sure why that's not true for cats as well because they've both been domesticated about the same amount of time, I think.  But my mom's dog was cooked vegetarian for years and was radically healthier and noticeably HAPPIER.

dogs have been domesticated for 20 000 years and cats only 5 000. cats have many years to go before they can survive without meat

I have two wolf-hybrids, high percentage wolf, that I raised from pups.  They got frozen carrots wen they were teething, and still love their veggies as treats.  I still do give them chewies/rawhides because they need those things. They do need meat products since that's what they eat in the wild, so I'm not going to force them to go all vegan.  They get diarrhea from too much veggies. The reason I think carnivores need veg in their diet though is because when they kill an animal they eat the stomach content=vegetation. That's why our dogs/cats will ingest grass. Cats require Taurine which is in most commercial cat kibble. It's also in nutritional yeast but reality is - by nature's design dogs/cats are carnivores. Period. You can feed a dog vegan as per Durianblossom's post however you really need to know nutritional requirements and be prepared to measure out correct amounts of protein/fats/carbs.  I use a high quality commercial kibble and supplement with dog-safe veg and brown rice.

As for cats eating bananas, my cat would never touch fruit. Cats need Taurine found in animal products. It's also in nutritional yeast but again, most owners are too busy/lazy to ration out and study what's needed to make their own home made pet food.  Know what happens if I put my wolves on a vegan diet? They start killing all the birds in my yard...gross.   Supplementing veggies/fruits is fine for that reason but forcing a carnivore to eat only vegan? I say no. My 14 year old rescue mutt is still running around like a pup, my cat lived to be over 20 years old, they were fed meat/veggies which was a great balance. Just speaking from my personal experience.  Regarding the real topic of this thread....my brain does WAY better on vegan :)  My pets can have the meat.

I don't think our brains are all that advanced! LoL We hardly use it to the capacity that it's capable of...so yes...I would say the radio was right - Meat eating has caused our brains to develop to the intelligence we now possess.
lol very scientific. Come on Ashley!
Our brain is the most incredible thing in the known universe by a long long long way; infinitely complex, arguably infinitely powerful and all round truly magnificent. I literally marvel in awe at just how truly incredible that small mass between our ears really is and I have a real love for the field of psychology and our overall biochemistry. It's still the most complex thing known to man.



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