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Could somebody give some rough ideas of a simple meal plan for all nutrients?

if i ate
sunflower seeds,
soaked raisins,
and sometimes soymilk to get B12,

would i be missing any nutrients? which food should i add to list to get all nutrients i need?

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maybe i should buy b12 supplements instead, as soymilk is cooked.
As long as you're getting a variety in your diet and enough calories to sustain you, then you'll get plenty of nutrients from all the fresh fruits and veggies. I never plan out what I'm going to eat based on nutrients. You could mono-meal on bananas for a week or more and still be fine. Really, don't give so much of your time to figuring nutrients and vitamins. Eat all the fresh foods you enjoy in the quantities that please you and spend more time doing something fun.
is my list a good enough variety?
i requested the book on interlibrary loan
what's interlibrary loan? I'm looking for the book as well...on loan or a 'pass it forward' effort if anyone has an extra copy I would pass if forward to the next newbie :)
The healthiest and easiest way around this is to get out of that mindset that you are smarter or more logical than your body, which knows how to function. If you eat fresh fruits and veggies, your body is going to take what it needs in perfect amounts and expel the rest. You really can't outsmart your body - human beings eating plant foods have been around so much longer than doctors and scientists who came along deciding what we 'need'. Once you come to trust that your body will take what it needs, things will be a lot easier. If your body really needs a nutrient, you'll see and feel warning signals loud and clear, but meanwhile letting it do what it does best is the wisest thing you can do.

The thing is, you can list as many foods as you like, but it doesnt indicate how much of those foods you will actually consume. Nor does it account for how much you actually need. I mean, how tall are you? How old are you? How much do you weigh (or want to weigh)? how often do you exercise? how long do you exercise for when you do? how would you describe the intensity? Do you consistently increase the intensity, to constantly improve your physical fitness levels?

If you can answer, at least some of these questions, this would be really helpful, so I can help you identify how much foods you will actually need to eat.

The list itself, in terms of variety looks fine. Its the quanitity of each food that would consume each day that is important though. Some of the concerns I would have, would be the raisins (whole foods are infinitely better than refined foods, which have had something removed. I consider dried foods refined foods). They are ok if you are going hiking or are on an airplane, or are somewhere where access to fresh fruit would not be possible in sufficient quantities to meet your caloric needs, but as a regular basis for intake, they can play havoc with your teeth, and over-stress your pancreas and adrenals.

I also have concerns about the soymilk. The b12 thinking is fine, but I would suggest taking a B12 supplement instead. Methylcobalamin sublingual supplements are the easiest form to absorb if you can get it. you could take a 100mcg daily, or a 1000mcg once per week. Just let them sit under the tongue and melt away.

Soy milk has a number of problems. For a starters its not raw. Its been cooked heavily, then pasteurised. Secondly, its often made with GMO beans. Thirdly, its not a whole food. Fourthly, it contains goitregens, which are bad for your thyroid. Fifthly, it contains phytoestrogens which mess with male hormones. Sixthly, it contains a cancer-promoter called IGF-1. Seventhly, its an environmental nightmare.

As Elliot has suggested, Cronometer is a great tool and its so easy to use. If you would like some help to lok at a sample day though, feel free to supply the info requested on here, or in private, and I would be happy to help.

A note on a few nutrients:

Zinc: the RDA on cronometer is 15mg. In reality, on a low phytate diet, such as this one, that has no grains or pulses, and only small amounts of nuts/seeds, the World Health Organisation recommend that males only need 4.2-7mg tops. Women need less.

Selenium: Very controversial. Theres no set agreement yet. Also, depending where you live, the numbers were different. I recently analysed my diet, using Mccance and Widdowsons composition of foods handbook, which is a paper version of pretty much every food, analysed by the UK government. My selenium intake was massively higher, even on imported foods, than shown on cronometer or nutritiondata.com. TheRDA for males that the WHO recommends is about 34mcg. I think the lowest the UK government sugggest is 40mcg. Other numbers vary between 45-55mcg, and anywhere upto 70mcg.the WHO states that some studies show 65kg males may be able to maintain adequate selenium reserves based on as low as 27.3mcg per day.

Calcium:Phosphorus Ratio: Calcium requirements are actually very low on a low sodium low animal protein diet. With sodium intakes below 1150mcg and no animal protein, we only need around 450mg calcium per day. However what is important is that we get calcium in equal proportions to phosphorus. Its vital that we do not consistently overeat on phosphorus, which is an acidic mineral, causing us to leach calcium from the bones to neutralise. If we do it every now and again its not a problem, but if it happens every day, its more of a problem.

Protein: you need between 0.66g-0.8g protein per kg body weight.

amino acids: all the amino acids should be taken care of naturally providing you eat enough calories and eat enough variety. Depending on the specific food choices you make, you may undereat on methionine (MET) though. We actually need alot less methionine than is often thought. There are a number of problems associated with high methionine intakes. However we do need enough, because methionine is a very important aminoacid. It is vital for liver detoxification, and for red blood cell formation and hence oxygenation of the body. Aim to get around 10mg MET per kg body weight.

EFAs: you need around 1600mg omega 3 as a male, and depending on your total caloric intake, based on the stats ive already mentioned, you will need around 1% of your calories coming from omega 6. For most males this is between 2500-5000mg. I generally recommend people aim for around 2000mg from omega 3 and 3000mg from omega 6.

Take care

Adam x
i'm 6 ft. weigh about 140 lb. i jog about 10-20 min each morning a day. that's all exercise i want to do.
Hey John

So heres what a sample day might look like for you:

2 honeydew melons
12 bananas
8 oranges
15 medium stalks celery
800g romaine lettuce
1 medium red bell pepper (capsicum)
5grams sunflower seeds

As far as nutrients go, all of your needs are met perfectly. The phosphorus is about 40mg higher than the calcium, but this is not a big deal really. nuts/seed wouldnt be my preferential choice of fat on a daily basis for this reason, but sa you can see its more than viable, and you really dont need alot of them.

Your methionine intake is fractionally lower than the 10mg/kg, however you can also use the calculation of total methionine+cysteine of 13-15mg/kg, for which you exceed both. Cysteine is non-essential, but is present in foods. Since some of the methionine is used by the body to create cysteine, by ingesting some cysteine in food, you reduce methionine requirements slightly.

As you can see I added in some oranges, so you werent getting all of your calories from melons and bananas, which might get abit boring. The oranges also balance out the calcium:phosphorus abit.

You can play around on cronometer if you want to design days with different foods in. I think this is the most useful way when beginning to get a handle on how much food you need to consume. After a few days, you wont ever need it again.

Take care

Adam x
which would be best for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
I would recommend melons for breakfast, bananas for lunch, with some celery, and optional lettuce, and oranges as a starter for dinner. Eat them before you prep your salad. Serve all the salad ingredients together however you want them. Serve as your evening main meal.

Take care

Adam x
could u give the reasoning behind the choices



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