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Hi everyone!


I was originally inspired to try yoga through the yoga charts and yoga videos that I saw on-line, so I decided to make a YouTube video in hopes of inspiring some more people to get into yoga :)


I perform 100 different postures in this video and I also provide the names of all 100 poses so it will hopefully be educational as well as inspirational ;)

I want to say that I strongly believe that promoting yoga is an overlooked way of promoting veganism!  Show me the person who has been doing yoga on a regular basis for years who still eats Big Macs and hotdogs, or who's an alcoholic, or who feels that they have "enemies" in this world.


When you get into yoga you become aware of a certain concept which is usually referred to as, "What goes around comes around." and you quikly realize that if it is your desire to have peace and happiness in your life you should never intentionally prevent others from having peace and happiness in theirs. Sure, not all yogi's are vegan or eating 30 bananas a day, but they certainly tend to gravitate towards more of a plant based diet than the average person, and more importantly would probably be far more likely to consider becoming a vegetarian or a vegan if they are presented with the the information and inspiration that we have than the average person.



In so many other forms of fitness (especially bodybuilding and virtually any form of "competitive" sport" out there) there is such a strong belief by many who are involved in them that, "I'm an athelete and I work-out so I need to eat meat in order to get enough protein¨, but again, show me the person who says "I do yoga so I have to eat meat."  I just don´t see that happening.


I also want to say that almost half of these poses are poses that I just came up with when filming this project. I've been doing yoga for years and have never really thought of new poses before, but for some reason once I started this project I was thiking of new yoga poses without even trying to and I was happening so often that I kept waking up in the middle of the night and turning the light on so I could draw poses that were just popping up in my mind. I hope that some of these new poses will find their way into yoga charts, yoga classes, and individual person's routines.


For anyone curious, the yoga poses in this video that I came up with were...


* King Lotus Pose
* Medievel Pose
* Frozen Lotus
* Walrus Pose
* Baby Dragon In Egg Pose
* Flower Blooming Pose
* Seashell Pose
* Yin Yang Pose 1
* Yin Yang Pose 2
* God Pose
* Devil Pose
* Upsidedown Goddess Pose
* Balance Pose
* Tangled Roots Pose
* Tangled Roots Leaning Towards The Sun Pose
* Tangled Tip Toe Pose
* Intense Stretch On Tip Toes
* Wheel Pose On Fingers And Toes
* Bow And Arrow Pose 2
* Warrior Pose 4
* Lightning Headstand
* Temple Pose
* Straightjacket Pose
* Corpse Pose In Rigor Mortis
* Head To Knee Pose Intense Stretch
* Master Of Puppets Pose
* Standing On Your Hands While Doing A Backbend
* Headstand In Hell Pose
* Fight Or Flight Pose
* Caught In A Web Pose
* Severed Limbs Pose
* Space Travel Pose
* Infinity And Beyond Pose
* Unicorn Pose
* Sun Worship Pose
* One Hand Pose
* Energy Circulation Pose
* Mosquito Pose
* Standing Hands To The Floor With Arms Crossed
* X Handstand
* Balancing Diamond Pose
* Castle Drawbridge Pose
* Once Continuous One Pose
* Court Jester Headstand

I almost don´t feel right saying that I ¨thought¨ of these poses, because there was absolutely no thinking involved.  They just showed up in my mind and since I performed them the best that I could.


I want to thank my friend and fellow 30BAD member Carine Martine for hooking me up with a place to stay and to film this video in Costa Rica. Thank you Carine! The inspiration for new yoga poses was no doubt highly influenced by being able to spend time in nature.


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You, Sir, are awarded the Gumby Seal of Approval!

How many years have you practiced?

That is nice of dear Carine.  How's her place shaping up after that fire?


I started doing yoga 5 years ago.  

The rebuilding is going well... I´m really looking forward to being able to grow my own greens here.  Costa Rica is wonderful for fruit, but organic greens can be hard to find.

Good for you guys.  I'm sure Carine appreciates your help.  

That's  remarkable progress in a short time in your yoga.  We're always reasonably limber, or did you start from scratch?  How often and long do you practice?  

Given your creative poses, sounds like you enjoy making your own style, rather following any set forms, am I right?

I was not very flexible at all before I started doing yoga and I certainly don´t have flexible genetics (If that´s even possible)  (Heck, a lot of my family members are probably going to be suprised just to find out that I even do yoga because I don´t really talk about it much and as far as I know nobody else in my family does yoga.)

Of course we are all born flexible and tend to lose that flexibility as we age.  (The most flexible people that I have ever seen are teenagers who´s parents probably got them into contortion classes when they were very young.)  

Recently we planted 15 papaya seeds here and they are all growing and growing fast, but they are still young and flexible enough that I could probably tie them into knots if I wanted to... As they get bigger they will of course lose that flexibility and break if someone tried to bend them too much and we humans are similar, but we do have the potential to regain our flexibility and to keep it if we are willing to do all of the stretching and exercising to do so.

I have never been to a yoga class in my life.  I would like to go to one, but as far as I know there aren´t any yoga studios in my area, and even if there was a yoga studio here the teacher would almost definitely be speaking Spanish which I´m still not that fluent in.   I have done all of my yoga at home (or recently at the beach :)  I´m sure that yoga classes are wonderful and extremely helpful, but there is no reason that someone can´t do yoga at home by themself.

Thank you!

Putting a video on the internet where anyone could see it is still a VERY big deal to me.  My God, it´s my chance to help make a difference in the world.   I will treat each video that I make as if it could be my last chance to get the message out there.

Your amazing and you look awesome!!  I can't believe that you made those poses up!!  One of the most incredible things that I have seen on this site!!  God....I wish I had a teacher like you.  Thank you.

Yes those were some incredible poses.  They looked so good that I didn't think of them being made up.  Incredible poses. Way to go Jared.

Hello Zesty,

My routine has changed a lot over the years.  For about 1 year in a row I did yoga every morning for 3 hours before I ate breakfast and I would drink close to a galon of water during it.  Now I do probably more like 2 hours a day because I do not need to warm up as much as I used to.  (Please believe me when I say that I used to be very UNflexible when I first started doing yoga.)

Being in a warm tropical area I feel has helped me get more flexible and the ultimate for me is doing yoga at the beach... Any time I have done yoga at the beach I felt a lot more flexible than usual and even stronger too!  (I was doing pull-ups at the beach recently and they felt so easy that I was in disbelief.)  

The only teachers I have had are people on YouTube who make good videos on how to perform yoga postures correctly and all of the yoga charts that I found on-line.  

Well, I have been a yogi and a vegan for at least 5 years now, but the thing is that I don´t really remember now which one I started first, yoga or veganism... It´s kind of like the chicken or the egg question.  They both go hand in hand in my experience, and if you become a yogi you are very likely to become interested in eating less animal foods and if you become a vegan you are likely to be far more open and interested in something like yoga. 

Corpse Pose In Rigor Mortis.. that's hilarious. I loved the creepy ones. Awesome.. I seriously enjoyed watching you do yoga. :P

Thanks :)  

If anyone is going to be in Costa Rica this year and would like to do some yoga with me on the beach let me know ;)  



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