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Hello all, hope your holidays are great! My Christmas present to myself is... HEALTH!

I have been a member of this forum for several years, and the longest I have been 100% is about 2 weeks. Since becoming a member of this forum I have increased my fruit intake A LOT!
But to be honest, I end up eating things like fries, vegan ice cream, and gluten free vegan cookies by the end of the night. I know I have been under carbed. When I first tried to go HCRV I was maybe able to eat 1000 calories a day, recently I was able to work up to 2000 calories a day, but I still felt like I needed more, but I felt like I could not eat any more fruit. I have stocked up on dates and bananas. This whole time I mostly wanted to lose weight, but it has gotten to be more about my health.

A typical day for me now:

20 - 30 deglet noor dates blended with water
20 -30 deglet noor dates blended with water
Tempeh tacos (organic corn tortillas, tempeh, vegan cole slaw, 1/4 avocado)
gluten free vegan cookies on occasion
2 liters of water total

extremely bloated, I look pregnant, I swear I'm not
extremely gassy... :(
adult acne
frequent infections
and now as of the last few months all of my joints are in pain. my knees and elbows pop after Ive been sitting for awhile, they also feel stiff.
VERY tired

I know I need to cut the fat, but I feel like I can't get enough calories from fruit.
Datorade is the easiest thing for me drink a lot of, but then I feel like I have frequent urination (maybe like every hour or more) and the dates are fresh and gooey

Im going to try to get 2,500 calories tomorrow and going forward.
Basically I want to know, has anyone experienced these symptoms, does it get better, and will I be okay if I rely heavily on dates? How can I increase my calories? (I tried a 1000 cal datorade and I wanted to throw up after)

This is hard to post pictures, I feel embarrassed of my body as I used to be very athletic, but I want to be as descriptive as possible.

Trying to loose weight didn't push me enough, but now I'm really concerned for my health. I'm 23 and should be at my fittest! Thanks for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any advice!

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2 things I notice is that you have VERY weak abdominal muscles and you are out of shape. You're also storing a BATH TUB load of sodium retention. You look like Freelee a few years  back. But you are a bit slimmer.

Thats cool. Now you know what to work on. Time to focus more on fitness and sleep than diet IMHO.

Its a bit like a noob coming into something you have been doing for over a decade and saying 'OMG!! IM FREAKING OUT! I just cant handle this! WTF SHOULD I DO!!!??'.

You're gonna say 'dude RELAX and keep cruz'n! time is what is important.'

Thank you Durianrider! I have been lying to myself for years, but taking those pictures really lit the fire under me. I guess I would be out of shape seeing as the last time I had a continuos workout routine was in 2006 haha. Well my concern is I can barely run, since all my joints are in soo much pain. I felt like the tin man the last time I tried to run haha, would walking and core exercises do the trick? Thanks again!

Hi Peter, Thank you! Yeah, I tap out on bananas at around 4 - 5, lol, would it be bad if I had 4- 5 smaller meals until I get the hang of it? I do have an addictive personality for sure and I will have to check those books out! I'm so ready to go raw and cut cooked foods for good! Since I've been eating more and more fruit everything else makes me feel sick, gluten, then alcohol (I maybe drank 3x a year, but now I get like an allergic reaction) and white sugar (cookies and the like) all make me feel sick!

I wanted to update : I just got called from my doctor about my lab results and I am low in Vitamin D, she wants me on 5,000 IU daily... Maybe this is causing my joint pain? Can a HCRV diet provide this if I go 100% or would it be best to start supplementing it? If so anyone know of any good vegan vitamin D out there? Thanks!

Nice to read you again, Cherry B!


Dito what Senor Pete says-- this is the best one I've found in my research. 


in the UK


Same stuff available under a different name here:



Thanks guys! It's good to be back :) The sad part is that I am in southern california, I just don't get out of the house much anymore >_< Im going to get some vegan D3s today I think and make my goal to get outside for at least 30 minutes a day!

I recently had my Vitamin D tested and it was normal.  The doctor was surprised given that I live in Manhattan.  But I go for long walks almost every day and that has been enough sun exposure for me.  And it's good exercise for me as I often walk briskly.  So if you get outside more and exercise that will take care of two issues at once - vitamin D and exercise.

Thanks Diane! Sounds like an excellent plan to me :) I've been feeling a bit tired (its only a been a few days HCRV, maybe detox?) so I haven't worked out, so I have just bee sitting in the sun while I drink my liter of water first thing in the morning :) Today was a much better day so I hope work out tomorrow!..... and is it crazy that I have lost 6lbs since ditching the salt and going high carb since 3 or 4 days ago? Either way, I like it! :)

It's common to lose that much weight - I think often a lot of it is water weight - but it's still nice to see results so quickly, eh? While getting started with more exercise is very important, it's also important to get enough rest. If you are tired from what is probably detox I'd try to get more sleep and rest as well.

What's also great for me about a brisk walk is that I can often do it even when my energy is on the lower side. Even 15 minutes would be better than nothing.



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