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I present for you my venting for your amusement and betterment. Offense intended to those involved. I encourage you to critically think for yourself.

For those that don't know Mark, he is an ex trialthlete turned 'diet guru'. Basically he has just made up a more 'healthy' version of Dr Atkins low carb, high fat diet.

His site is www.marksdailyapple.com and book is the 'primal blueprint'. He believes that you can eat all the cholesterol and saturated fat you want and this helps create a healthy heart and muscular body. (Heck, didnt work for the guy in this photo below.)

Im sure Mark means well, heck, he is rak'n in the cash for sure by all the fatties looking to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and drop weight. Its the same bunch of fatties that didnt learn from the Atkins craze or perhaps its the kids of the Atkin's munch'n parents. Either way, high fat, high protein animal based carb phobic diets...its downright dangerous. Something Mark and Dr Atkins left out of their books..Dr Atkins ended up dying from a head injury after suffering a heart attack and falling over. He had advance heart disease and was considered obese at 258lbs. 

Sisson fans might say 'But Mark looks fit for his age?'. I agree (even though I cant find any recent photos of him and diet book guru's are famous for working out for some cover shots that they dont really look like year round) but lets remember he has over 40 years of competitive sport behind him and obviously doesnt follow his own diet. A bit like Barry Spears author of the zone diet claiming to only eat 1300calories a day and weighing over 220lbs. (Barry finally admitted to Dr McDougall on stage that he doesnt follow his own diet.)

So this thread is dedicated to highlighting the contradictions of the 'primal blueprint' fad diet that is very popular at the moment in the weight loss industry. If you want to sell books, tell people good things about their bad habits and your on a winner! 

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Sisson fact: Chronic Cardio is largely a dead-end pursuit that increases your risk of inflammation and injury, increases your appetite (so most people never actually lose weight just from the training), suppresses your immune system and decreases bone density!

Real fact: How come the Kenyans eat more carbs per capita (even refined sugar) than any nation on earth and have one the lowest rates of obesity? How come Kenyan runners main diet is based around 'ugali' (a high carb, low fat corn soup) and they are not fat from eating high carb and having big appetites from training. How come Dr Barnard has published a medical study and a book on reversing type 2 diabeties on a High Carb, Low Fat vegan diet?

How come Im not fat, diabetic or out of shape from my high carb simple sugar diet and lifestyle?

Bone density? Dont drink caffiene and eat animal protein..again, Mark, read the China Study. Or here is a quick link. http://www.pcrm.org/health/prevmed/osteoporosis.html

(I agree, too many athletes use stimulants and drugs and when they get injured, it makes exercise look bad but they just overtrained and thats were the problem lies..overtraining not cardio.)
Grok, I wanna see you rip out a cow's tongue and eat it or buy it already plastic wrapped and eat the whole thing. On youtube. Have a 'cheat' day on mangoes and banana and have a feed of cow tongue.. :)

I think Homer Simpsons favourite 'cut' of animal was cow's tongue..or maybe it was hog's anus in Apu's hotdogs.? I guess hotdogs are primal if you have them wrapped in a tongue vs a bread bun?

Mark Sisson vs Frederic Patenaude is coming up on Gianni's Great Health Debate. Fred was a last minute ring in after LOTS of people asking why there jack all pro plant lifestylists in the debate.



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