30 Bananas a Day!

I present for you my venting for your amusement and betterment. Offense intended to those involved. I encourage you to critically think for yourself.

For those that don't know Mark, he is an ex trialthlete turned 'diet guru'. Basically he has just made up a more 'healthy' version of Dr Atkins low carb, high fat diet.

His site is www.marksdailyapple.com and book is the 'primal blueprint'. He believes that you can eat all the cholesterol and saturated fat you want and this helps create a healthy heart and muscular body. (Heck, didnt work for the guy in this photo below.)

Im sure Mark means well, heck, he is rak'n in the cash for sure by all the fatties looking to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and drop weight. Its the same bunch of fatties that didnt learn from the Atkins craze or perhaps its the kids of the Atkin's munch'n parents. Either way, high fat, high protein animal based carb phobic diets...its downright dangerous. Something Mark and Dr Atkins left out of their books..Dr Atkins ended up dying from a head injury after suffering a heart attack and falling over. He had advance heart disease and was considered obese at 258lbs. 

Sisson fans might say 'But Mark looks fit for his age?'. I agree (even though I cant find any recent photos of him and diet book guru's are famous for working out for some cover shots that they dont really look like year round) but lets remember he has over 40 years of competitive sport behind him and obviously doesnt follow his own diet. A bit like Barry Spears author of the zone diet claiming to only eat 1300calories a day and weighing over 220lbs. (Barry finally admitted to Dr McDougall on stage that he doesnt follow his own diet.)

So this thread is dedicated to highlighting the contradictions of the 'primal blueprint' fad diet that is very popular at the moment in the weight loss industry. If you want to sell books, tell people good things about their bad habits and your on a winner! 

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But read Sisson's forum and 'what did you eat today'..its all death burgers without the buns and green apples fried in pork fat and pancakes made out of almond meal.

Ive heard that Mark Sisson's kids are vegetarian but cant find a link quoting Mark. Interesting that one.

But hey, he is an entrepenuer that has a background in making supplement lines for companies and Mark knows what sells books to mainstream folk -Tell em good things about their bad habits.

There’s only one issue I have with your approach, and I was hoping you’d give me some context. Your “Responsibly Slim” shake strikes me as the exact opposite of what you’re teaching, particularly as a meal replacement vehicle as a way to lose weight. I can understand a guy like me, who travels a great deal for work, using it as a meal replacement when I’m in a pinch. But as a substitute for real food on a regular basis?

It nags at me because it makes me question your motives. I mean absolutely no offense by this comment — as I said, I think your research is outstanding, and I suspect you’ve helped an awful lot of people. I would just like to understand your motives and intentions behind this product. It makes me question your other supplements as well. Using it once a day, once in a while I would completely understand, but three or four times in a day doesn’t make sense to me.

Thank you Mark.

Sisson says 'Eating soy and artifical sweetners like aspartimine are not Primal!' But then what does Mark sell in his protein powders?

Dear Mark,
Do you plan on getting rid of the SOY protein and the artificial sweetener in your protein powders anytime soon? Soy is DEFINITELY not primal, as you said yourself on the “Underground Wellness” radio show so why use it in your formula?

Hey, it doesnt make sense but it sure makes a lot of dollars! Mercola/Sisson/Atkins LTD and co makes millions selling industrial waste products (fish oil-whey-minerals etc) to people that are not yet health educated.

When I refer to paleo I refer to the mainstream fad diets that limit carb intake and focus on fat and or animal protein intake.

The original primal/paleo diet is raw fruigivore for sure. And many studies support this, both past and present. Go out into nature and grab a a mango, peel it and chew. If humans had been eating their diet by design we would be living in a fruit paradise vs a world of deforestation to crow grops/grass to feed livestock with the ultimate goal of fattening societies ass with carcass.

Left in the Dark is the book to read.

Lierre Keith wrote the 'vegetarian myth' after her qi qong practioner guessed that she needed to start eating animal flesh.
But what if ...what if...someone came along and took over your paradise? And the only way to survive was to go North?

You would find fruits in the North too...
ok I somehow sense this conversation has went off track lol!
Too funny though.
"Can everyone just go eat a banana?" or six ;)

I really just don't understand the whole weapons and tools thing. Many animals in nature uses tools in the collection of food. Can someone please get them on the phone so we can tell them that's against the rules.

The problem is, bananas as you know them wouldn't exist because they have been cultivated by man, like pretty much every other fruit known to us ;)
And what does that have to do with anything?

Man is a genius..to be able to cultivate..it's art, nature and god all wrapped in one.

Killing something that can look you in the eye and then eating it is...demonic..
Yes...and I was pointing that out. Your opionion of my opinion and ect...is demonic also.

The act of sex is found everywhere too...but with my complex brain..I can make a choice...

i think you are missing the point of what arrow is saying.
in the context of not having to kill, doing so is demonic.

in friendship,
it actually is not correct. Wiki says "A cultivar is a cultivated variety of a plant that has been deliberately selected for specific desirable characteristics (such as the colour and form of the flower, yield of the crop, disease resistance, etc.). When propagated correctly, the plants of a particular cultivar retain their special characteristics." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultivar
Bananas as we know them ever existed and were chosen for their specific characteristics to propagate further, not to breed. There are plenty of other wild fruits that are perfectly edible.
I really just don't understand the whole weapons and tools thing.

the idea grok is that humans don't have the tools with which to kill. they don't have fangs or claws. in fact, they spent most of their time running not hunting:

yes humans do have that thing which is sometimes 'mistakenly' referred to as a canine tooth, but that's only good for ripping open the cellophane on the bargain steak you've hunted down in the supermarket.

in friendship,



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