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I present for you my venting for your amusement and betterment. Offense intended to those involved. I encourage you to critically think for yourself.

For those that don't know Mark, he is an ex trialthlete turned 'diet guru'. Basically he has just made up a more 'healthy' version of Dr Atkins low carb, high fat diet.

His site is www.marksdailyapple.com and book is the 'primal blueprint'. He believes that you can eat all the cholesterol and saturated fat you want and this helps create a healthy heart and muscular body. (Heck, didnt work for the guy in this photo below.)

Im sure Mark means well, heck, he is rak'n in the cash for sure by all the fatties looking to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and drop weight. Its the same bunch of fatties that didnt learn from the Atkins craze or perhaps its the kids of the Atkin's munch'n parents. Either way, high fat, high protein animal based carb phobic diets...its downright dangerous. Something Mark and Dr Atkins left out of their books..Dr Atkins ended up dying from a head injury after suffering a heart attack and falling over. He had advance heart disease and was considered obese at 258lbs. 

Sisson fans might say 'But Mark looks fit for his age?'. I agree (even though I cant find any recent photos of him and diet book guru's are famous for working out for some cover shots that they dont really look like year round) but lets remember he has over 40 years of competitive sport behind him and obviously doesnt follow his own diet. A bit like Barry Spears author of the zone diet claiming to only eat 1300calories a day and weighing over 220lbs. (Barry finally admitted to Dr McDougall on stage that he doesnt follow his own diet.)

So this thread is dedicated to highlighting the contradictions of the 'primal blueprint' fad diet that is very popular at the moment in the weight loss industry. If you want to sell books, tell people good things about their bad habits and your on a winner! 

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I'm actually really enjoying this thread...

It's one of the best that I've read in awhile on 30bad and it's the type that keeps me coming back to the forum, a lively debate by two well educated passionate fit people. Ofcourse DR is amazing and so is this lifestyle, I wouldn't be here otherwise-

Anywho, I find Grok's posts pretty great as well, he seems very educated on the paleo diet; It seems that we should not be as anti-paleo. I'm not an expert but it seems from what I've read that like 811 if paleo is done incorrectly that's when the problems arise. Like so many who fall off the 30bad bandwagon and are used as examples in other forums- dude they either weren't doing it correctly or didn't give it enough time.

Oh and the whole love of animals deal- I believe that paleo is a far more animal friendly diet(what Grok/Jakko described) than the typical SAD diet. Just imagine if all SAD fooders converted to Paleo and no longer purchased mass quantities of hormone/etc cheap mass produced meat. Hopefully we would see the mass slaughterhouses/feedlots/chickenhouses etc... go out of business(you know the places where the pure torture of animals takes place!)

Animals who are allowed to live free out in the open and their natural environment and who are then shot and killed clean by a hunter, how is that so different than living their natural lives out in the wild and killed by another animal(lion, tiger, bear, o my!) Wouldn't our world be a better place? Wouldn't a huge battle have been won for the vegan side and the animals who are in the system etc en route to a mcDonalds or Walmart--and subjected to an inhumane life(it makes me so mad/sad/indescribable knowing this is going on at this very second)???

I know the ideal would be 30badders world wide but I think that if correctly followed the paleo diet does seem like it would provide the average american with a tremendously more healthy diet, and our animal friends with a better life by far.

Eeek my post is a novel; Just wanted to commend everyone on their passionate posts- Grok, DR, Jakko, Tarah Shannon

PS- @Rob I do believe he's an animal lover if he chooses not to consume dairy, mass quantities of meat, meat that isn't commercially raised/farmed(is wild and has lived naturally- died naturally- clean kill) advocates for animals and generally loves animals

I've met many SADders who believe that they truly LOVE animals and are eating...well you name it; I think GROK is doing far better than these, and any humanitarian efforts should be rewarded.

PS- 30badder/vegan 4 lifer, so I hope that no one takes this the wrong way :) cheers!
idk really know how to take this, or what your point is, exactly.. we should be OK with paleo because it's better than SAD, yet is still supports the needless murder and confinement of animals and goes against our human physiology/biology? "killed clean", by fat hunter in a perch with a shotgun? even so, you mean to tell me that all paleo ppl are living off of self-hunted meat, foraged eggs, hand-milked dairy, etc.? you really think the "free range" animals "live free out in the open"? to me this comes off naive and not very well thought-out
I do believe that Jes's post was well thought out, and does not seem "naive" at all. Her point is that if everyone who ate meat was more mindful about the life and death of the animals the world would be a better place. No one really knows if all the Paleo dieters are eating happy, hormone free animals or not. Many people in this life style do advocate that all meat comes from nature, is not farmed, and is hormone free.

It also seems like Paleo could be a decent transition from SAD to 30bad. Many people on SAD diet could not imagine giving up meat, it would be great if these people became more mindful about the meat they consume, then eventually transition off meat.

I think it may be naive to think that everyone would be willing to switch to 30BAD, though it would be ideal for us, the planet, and the animals. What Jes is really saying is that if everyone decided to hunt their meat, instead of not caring and buying the shinny package at the grocery store, we could eventually get rid of all factory farms. Animals that are allow to live in the wild are much better off than the animals that are tortured and live in the concentration camp setting of factory farms. It is also kind of naive to think that as 30badders are hands are blood free. What about buying large amounts of bananas? If you research this at all you see that buying organic or non-organic bananas from Dole is supporting the huge american corporations Dole and the giant chemical company Dow. The large amount of chemicals being used are making farmers impotent, and destroying natural balance. These companies take over so much land, ruin natural habitat for wild animals, and do quite a lot of other terrible things to these places. Just google it.
Do you believe animals deserve only to suffer "less," or do you believe animals, as sentient beings, have a right to continue to exist?

Gary Francione has a multi-part discussion of this on Youtube that is well worth viewing.
I feel like she means that we can't stop all suffering- we can't tell a lion not to go after the gazelle
"Excuse me Mr. Lion that's not very nice of you to eat the gazelle could you please umm munch on some mangos?"

What she's saying is if everyone switched to wild meat they would eat less meat and the animals would suffer much less b/c they wouldn't be raised in concentration camps- people are still killed on the streets every day and have suffering in their lives but its not the same as the Jews in Nazi concentration camps!

Everyone has the right to continue to exist but there is such a thing as natural selection in the wild and a hunter (paleo not the fatty perched in the tree deal who's chow'n on Mckey D's) would be just as humane if not more so than a lion or other type of predator.

Personally if I had the choice between a clean bullet to the heart/head etc and a lions jaws wrapping around my middle and ripping me to pieces before I lost consciousness I'm kinda leaning towards the hunter- Just sayn.
This still misses the point. People are not the same as wild animals, and a comparison between a human killing to eat, and a lion killing to eat are not in anyway the same, nor do they belong in the same debate.

Humans killing to eat when its a choice of either starve to death OR kill an animal and eat it could then be the same as comparing a lion to a human. This is not a situation anyone here or on the paleo forums has to face. Killing animals when it's not necessary is both cruel and detrimental to your physical and mental health.

No we cannot stop all suffering in nature, but we sure as hell don't have to contribute. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to divulge in some spiritual development or read some buddhist literature.
I havent looked over most posts on this thread, but this argument seems to be a recurring theme.
Mangosister +1
Mangosister, Ryan, Tarah, Rob +2
I don't think Jes's comment was naive at all. There are going to be people in this world that have different views/lifestyles than you, and we all just gotta learn to except that. As much as we'd like everyone to be like ourselves, it just isn't necessarily the most realistic thing. Life is about having an open mind and excepting the things around you - as they are! I love that she put a positive spin on the paleo thing even though she doesn't agree with it. More than diet I think this world is about connecting with people and loving one another, despite our differences. No one even knows what the true and natural diet is, we are all wired differently...so what is right for me may be wrong for you, and vice versa.



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