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I present for you my venting for your amusement and betterment. Offense intended to those involved. I encourage you to critically think for yourself.

For those that don't know Mark, he is an ex trialthlete turned 'diet guru'. Basically he has just made up a more 'healthy' version of Dr Atkins low carb, high fat diet.

His site is www.marksdailyapple.com and book is the 'primal blueprint'. He believes that you can eat all the cholesterol and saturated fat you want and this helps create a healthy heart and muscular body. (Heck, didnt work for the guy in this photo below.)

Im sure Mark means well, heck, he is rak'n in the cash for sure by all the fatties looking to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and drop weight. Its the same bunch of fatties that didnt learn from the Atkins craze or perhaps its the kids of the Atkin's munch'n parents. Either way, high fat, high protein animal based carb phobic diets...its downright dangerous. Something Mark and Dr Atkins left out of their books..Dr Atkins ended up dying from a head injury after suffering a heart attack and falling over. He had advance heart disease and was considered obese at 258lbs. 

Sisson fans might say 'But Mark looks fit for his age?'. I agree (even though I cant find any recent photos of him and diet book guru's are famous for working out for some cover shots that they dont really look like year round) but lets remember he has over 40 years of competitive sport behind him and obviously doesnt follow his own diet. A bit like Barry Spears author of the zone diet claiming to only eat 1300calories a day and weighing over 220lbs. (Barry finally admitted to Dr McDougall on stage that he doesnt follow his own diet.)

So this thread is dedicated to highlighting the contradictions of the 'primal blueprint' fad diet that is very popular at the moment in the weight loss industry. If you want to sell books, tell people good things about their bad habits and your on a winner! 

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Mark Sisson on hunting. (The dude wears white soled vibrams and irons his shirts..)

I’ll admit – I’m no hunter. I don’t own a gun or a bow and arrow. I buy my (admittedly local, organic, and sustainable) meat. But the question Chuck poses is a fascinating one. Truly, what’s more Primal, more Grok-like, than stalking a wild animal for its meat? Poised over your prey, heart pounding, waiting for the perfect time to strike… the very idea feels raw, visceral, and utterly Primal. Pure. Man versus animal. Wit against brawn.

WTF? Mark Sisson is a sissy boy and doesnt go hunting for the very food he says is 'vital' for humans? Thats like me not picking fruit and not ever wanting too.

Now, I’ve done plenty of fishing. Spear-fishing, freshwater trout, dock fishing – pretty much whatever was available growing up in Maine. But spearing a fish isn’t quite the same as looking a warm-blooded mammal in the eyes and taking its life. That’s something you can’t ignore. If we’re pledging to live as Primally as possible, though, maybe it’s something we ought to try.

Now let me get this straight, we have diet guru boy with his white soled vibrams claiming he doesnt hunt his 'food' EVER yet he talks like its the primal thing to do and 'something we ought to try'. Yeah Mark, Id like to see you tackle a bison or even a catch a chipmunk for that matter.

Fresh, wild, organic meat by the pound? Four days in deep, desolate wilderness without bleeping car horns or smog or cell phones? A potential life and death struggle with your future meal? Plenty of vitamin D and Primal exercise?

Sounds somehow exciting and relaxing at once. Count me in!

Maybe Im being too harsh on poor old Mark, it sounds like he isnt even writing this stuff! 'Im not a hunter...then a few paragraph's later Going hunting? Count me in!'But hey, when your audience is so undercarbed from following your low carb diet, they cant remember much detail and have a 10 second memory anyway. Just keep it a bit funny, use some expressive words and ABM (always be marketing) and your laugh'n all the way to the next pair of white soled vibrams..
Sisson has lots of recent photos. He's been on TV several times this year also. I've seen a bunch of it. There are pictures and videos from the Primalcon event just a few months ago. He also has bodyfat tests etc.. just like you and your blood tests. He looks just as good.

When you compare these diets above to SAD "meat eaters" (like in your photos above) you're not comparing apples to apples. It's a little ridiculous to me. Why don't you throw some pictures from this years Crossfit games in there? Those are the real strict paleo diet/lifestyle people similar to those following 811/lifestyle on this site.

Maybe the paleo community should start posting pictures of gaunt, ADHD, candy eating kids with potbellies, rotten teeth, and start calling them high-carb low-fat dieters?

The positive points to "follow this diet" instead of "that" could be made in much better ways. Threads like this dilute the better content on this site and the other stuff you create. I would've never tried this diet had I seen garb like this my first time around. It's September already... hunting and fishing are going. I'd probably be out killing something first thing in the morning tomorrow in my journey to fill a second chest freezer! By having quality content, you've already helped save quite a few animals in the 5 months I've been a veg head. Isn't saving "our friends" part of your bigger picture?
I think I've seen quotes on this site about mimicking animals in nature? "Animals don't limit their intake at mealtimes. They eat till their full" or somethings along those lines....

So is it being said now that mimicking nature is a bad thing when it comes to the paleo diet? You guys need to eat more fruit or something if you can't see the similarities and/or hypocrisy in in things like these.

If you think this isn't the way this happens in nature you're high on crack (and thats not 811 ;)! Veg heads have been living in fantasy land here. Try living off the grid away from society and the all you can buy for cheap grocery stores for a while and see what happens to your eating habits.
Adrienne you make some brilliant points, thanks
Grok sometimes I wonder if you're in the right community, to succeed on this lifestyle really requires full vegan commitment and you don't seem to have it.... I'm glad you are giving it a go and so far you're doing well and we love having you here...one thing - please give it at least a year before you go back to paleo and yell from the rooftops "811 DIDN"T WORK FOR ME!!" lol like so many others who either didn't do it right or didn't give it long enough ;)
It's working great for me. I'll never say "it didn't work" because it is. Remember... I've already defended myself as a LFRV on a paleo site ;) I did the same thing on their site as I'm doing here. Sue me, I have an open mind ;) Is it the perfect fit for me? Who knows, time will tell.

I honestly see myself here for 2-3 years. I plan to race for at least that much longer. After being here that long, it could easily become permanent.
I think Grok is just disagreeing with the approach of this post. That's obvious to me.

My comment wasn't particularly specific to this post at all but to do with many posts and discussions with Grok (plus visiting his site castlegrok.com), maybe I should have made that clear or put my 2cents elsewhere ;-D

Grok that's great to hear, 2-3years would definitely be a reasonable stint! :) I guess I just sense a fair bit of conflict within you in general (between the paleo & vegan lifestyle), on one hand you think the fruity lifestyle is great and on the other hand you think murdering animals is fine too.... and that's what I was referring to - this whole journey is a heap easier when we are totally congruent.

Keep up the fruity vibes :)
I type about 15 words a minute, so I can't reply to all these huge comments, but here is a few highlights:

I could shoot as many holes through your paleo diet as DR can in most people failing 811 attempts on here.

Fasting: If DR does what he says, he fasts every day. He eats early dinner and small, then sleeps 10-12 hours. I'd be willing to bet thats a 12-16 hour fast every day. He follows it up with a "Huge" break-fast. This is the same thing different mealtime! It's no secret this is a way to stay lean if you navigate away from this site.

He doesn't piss me off at all. I like DR. read my other discussions. I'm just trying to expose some of the hypocrisy. Trust me I'm not the only one seeing it. I'm making these points to make this diet/site more appealing to other people that make decisions not based on roaring emotions.

"long term health goal" I've never said this. I didn't come here for health at all. I came here for performance. I don't feel my goals of fast ultra-distances are healthy at all. I don't do drugs, so endurance punishment on my body is my vice.

Why do I have to be anti-hunting etc.. to be a vegan? This makes zero sense to me? Vegan is an eating style not a religion.
"Why do I have to be anti-hunting etc.. to be a vegan? This makes zero sense to me? Vegan is an eating style not a religion."

Dear Grok,
the word vegan was originally derived from vegetarian in 1944 when Elsie Shrigley and Donald Watson, frustrated that the term "vegetarianism" had come to include the eating of dairy products, founded the UK Vegan Society. "Vegan", which they saw as "the beginning and end of vegetarian", started and ended with the first three and last two letters of vegetarian.
The term vegan was not just about diet, it was about living a life that strived to avoid all animal suffering, so the word 'vegan' encompassed not wearing or using animal products too.

So, I personally feel that being a vegan is not just about diet but more a way of life, so hunting of animals would not be a part of such a life.

If you are on a non-animal product diet for purely health reasons then I do not think this is really a 'vegan' diet in the way the term was originally created.

So I disagree that veganism is only an eating style, I feel it is more a life style ♥

Love and Peaches XX.
I stand corrected.

For the record then: I'm a Low-Fat Raw Vegetarian ;)

or can I say Fruitarian? Almost all my calories (98%?) are from fruit. I don't like the muddy vegetarian word either. All I can associate it with is a bunch of trendy starbucks soybean frankenfood eaters.
So is it being said now that mimicking nature is a bad thing when it comes to the paleo diet? You guys need to eat more fruit or something if you can't see the similarities and/or hypocrisy in in things like these.

If you think this isn't the way this happens in nature you're high on crack (and thats not 811 ;)! Veg heads have been living in fantasy land here. Try living off the grid away from society and the all you can buy for cheap grocery stores for a while and see what happens to your eating habits.

@Grok Take my 'face off' youtube challenge as detailed in this thread. If you can do that and really enjoy it, then thats what humans should do right? But you cant, I cant, nobody can cos eating animals for food is a last resort humans would have done. Just like real omnivores will eat their babies. Nobody has to keep their babies safe from other humans due to fear of being eaten? Flesh is flesh, tigers will eat tigers, chimps will eat chimps and wolves will eat wolves in nature. Humans eating humans? We get CJD disease. We get obesity, heart disease, cancer, stroke etc from eating animal products long term.

Read the China study. Look around. Fat people get fat eating animal fat. Dont look at scammer crew like Sisson, they dont eat like Atkins or they would look like Atkins. All of my mates that eat like Sisson claims have got fat guts and poor health and fitness. Lovely people they are anyways.
Ive gotta head off to a race, talk tommorrow. :)



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