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I was really shocked today to discover that Marilyn Diamond who has been a strong proponent of the vegetarian diet now is eating meat.  I looked online and this is what I found as her response to someone questioning her about the change...  I would love to hear your thoughts on this because I'm thrown by this.  Reading her book 20 years ago convinced me to become a vegetarian.  I didn't stay a vegetarian for that length of time but recently I got back on track, gave up the meat, gave up the dairy and eating a diet of 70-80% fruit.

thanks for your support!


  1. i was wondering about marilyn diamond saying she practices ahimsa-than how come she now eats meat? do you know? this don’t seem right to me. thank you.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says: 

    I don’t have any idea if Marilyn eats meat now, Ramonia. I will forward this comment to her and ask if she’d like to respond.

  3. Marilyn Diamond Says: 

    Ah, my dear Ramonia,

    Ahimsa is a practice that we must apply to the gift of life itself. If the vegetarian diet were the healthiest then in South India, we would not see not only the largest numbers of diabetics in the world, far larger than those in the meat eating north of India, but also the shortest lifespan, with poverty factored out of this equation.

    I was a strict vegetarian for 18 years and continued for nearly another ten years with few exceptions. However, my research showed me that the choice to eat animal products IS ahimsa: COMPASSION FOR ONE’S OWN LIFE AND THE VERY REAL NUTRITIONAL NEEDS OF THE HUMAN BODY. The longer you abstain, the greater will be the damage. I lived this truth and live now to warn others against what I experienced. I wish only to see a strong and vital population in this country, so that we can regain our stability, prosperity and stature. And OUR HEALTH!

    Science has shown that even plants experience pain, so where do you draw the line? If you inhale air, you kill living forms of bacteria, so then, you must stop breathing to practice what you preach of ahimsa.

    Peace and planetary health is not on our plates. It’s in our hearts. So let’s end the aggression that has overtaken diet and respect people’s choices for their health. I respect whatever choice you wish to make. Let freedom ring, even in diet.

    Thank you for you interest, and please accept my sincere and heartfelt love,
    Marilyn Diamond


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It all seems like a way to make money if you ask me.  She's taking her acclaim from Fit for Life and now has a book Sexy for Life.


Book looks like it geared for the baby boomers with is the largest niche market in the US, saying that they can be hot and sexy at any age.  Here's also the right up on her FB that threw me for a loop.


As an international pioneer of health and fitness, Marilyn Diamond learned how overdoing “healthy” can be dangerous! Spinning, green juice, veganism for most of the last 25 years led her to an aged, pained, skinny-flabby body in her early sixties. In this book, readers learn how Diamond made the transition to a curvy rejuvenated hot girl on a nutrient-rich diet of steak and eggs.

A friend took me to a seminar a few years back and it was her (Marilyn Diamond) and her now husband (Donald Schnell, author of the Initiation).  They spent the first hour or two on the importance of being a vegetarian and how you'll practically be cursed by the high heavens if you eat meat.  Now they're both taking about the importance of eating red meat and so on.  that's why i was surprised to see such a turn around.  thanks everyone for your posts

Focus on being fit = Being able to create fully healthy produced offspring.

Focus on being sexy = Unhealthy practices and diminishes the possibility to be able to produce fully healthy offspring.


Even the most intelligent and educated people within the bodybuilding theme agrees that, what they do, isn't healthy.


Too bad we lost an inspiring person though. 

I hate slippery slope arguments.  We can always draw a line. 

a great example of being human. CHOICE.


CHOICE can lead us down the right path, or the wrong path. CHOICE can lead to great confusion, soul searching, and the ability to lose oneself....


Let us not be cruel towards her apparent hypocritical lifestyle choices, but rather understand that she is merely lost. Lost in the world and searching for herself. It happens to the best of us. After all, how is one expected to grow if one does not learn ? How do we learn ? Through mistakes, trial and error, personal experimentation.


Give her a break. Don't concern yourself with the way someone else lives their life... instead, focus on yours and what you can do to help others thrive. Shift your focus. Live your own life.


"Know the world in yourself, never look for yourself in the world"

i totally with you agree.  my reason for posting wasn't to demean her in anyway.  Who am I?  She was the first one that educated me about the horrors of eating meat and dairy 20 yrs ago, so when i saw this it threw me for a loop.  I'm new at being a vegan and I just wanted to understand it better.  People change all the time as i myself have done.  Great post!

:) Gotta spread the love!


Exactly! I do understand your initial shock. It's hard and confusing, sometimes, to see those we once deemed as heroes.. falter and give in to "the ways of the world". We just have to keep reminding ourselves... no one is a hero. We are all human.... and everybody is lead through a different journey.


A good example of this: Gandhi gave in to flesh on several occasions throughout his life. Literally sneaking out of his home, so his parents would not find out, to eat meat in town.


However, it was because of this "slip up" that further spurred his quest for vegetarianism and  kind-living.


Who knows... maybe one day she will go back to kind-living and write the most inspiring book of her lifetime. Perhaps through her meat-eating experience, she will be more sympathetic to those "stuck" eating a SAD diet... she may come out of this with a much better understanding of the goings-on in the minds of those who consume flesh.


Anything is possible! :)

Spread the love?


Deemed as hero?


Your comparing (so called) slip ups (what is that oppps someone put that in my mouth?) to a lunatic trying to sell health confusion in a book?


Who know's maybe she will come to realize that some of us souls are not for sale.


Take Care,

Spread the love was in response to Pankaj stating "Great post!"


You are entitled to your own opinion.


Take Care. :)

Yeah Harvey does too..clearly she needs to get her butt onto this website and whip her back into shape...she needs more guidance..I also heard she kind of lost her way for a while mentally and left her beloved Harvey and ran off with many men and practiced some hedonism..not that I think it is that bad, but it is clearly not that accepted in today's society as a whole. She is all into experimenting..this could also be an experiment...who knows? People change in their diets all of the time. They start out excited and move on..clearly she was not motivated anymore by the changes she had undergone and forgot how great it feels to be clean of meat. I know it took me over ten years to go vegan but now I know too much and I am convinced it is the only way for me. I still don't negate that she may just be trying it out till she gets some parasite or something bad makes her change..she won't be feeling as good eating meat, no way..even with the right food combining it plays with our colons and digestion for sure..And the salt alone will destroy her health..If she does not come to that conclusion, then that is what she chose, but it still does not void out the wonderful message she had spread 20 years ago in Fit For Life...even Dr. Joel Fuhrman is changing his raw vegan ways..Some people just sell out and like to go mainstream bc they think it is too hard to sell books staying true to the facts. They don't think the world is ready...what a shame though for not taking the world on that seriously.
in her book fit for life it was not all vegan and harvey eats animal products too...they were right on and wrote a book on it bc they felt and knew it was great..they are not really gonna get far writing about how to eat meat again after being a vegetarian for years..they lose credibility that way..follow their old standards when they still had their minds..looks like they have lost it along the way from the way she answers Ramonia...lol...la la la la land is what I am getting out of it..wishy washy..she needs a wake up call asap

Basically, what we see here is another confirmation that 811rv is the ONLY way to succeed on a raw vegan diet. Raw leaders, vegan leaders, and even vegetarian leaders have shown us, time after time after time, that eating the high fat style so common in the "v" worlds simply cannot and will not succeed. Without exception, it seems that almost every "v" leader that refutes 811 ends up going back to eating cooked foods, and eventually to eating meat. After more than 20 years on 811, my track record of healthy success, and that of those who joined me early on, such as my wife, Rozalind, and my dear friend Tim Trader, more than proves the efficacy of 811 for long term success.

does anybody know if John Robbins started to eat fish. i remember hearing that but not sure if its a rumor...



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