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I was really shocked today to discover that Marilyn Diamond who has been a strong proponent of the vegetarian diet now is eating meat.  I looked online and this is what I found as her response to someone questioning her about the change...  I would love to hear your thoughts on this because I'm thrown by this.  Reading her book 20 years ago convinced me to become a vegetarian.  I didn't stay a vegetarian for that length of time but recently I got back on track, gave up the meat, gave up the dairy and eating a diet of 70-80% fruit.

thanks for your support!


  1. i was wondering about marilyn diamond saying she practices ahimsa-than how come she now eats meat? do you know? this don’t seem right to me. thank you.

  2. Phil Bolsta Says: 

    I don’t have any idea if Marilyn eats meat now, Ramonia. I will forward this comment to her and ask if she’d like to respond.

  3. Marilyn Diamond Says: 

    Ah, my dear Ramonia,

    Ahimsa is a practice that we must apply to the gift of life itself. If the vegetarian diet were the healthiest then in South India, we would not see not only the largest numbers of diabetics in the world, far larger than those in the meat eating north of India, but also the shortest lifespan, with poverty factored out of this equation.

    I was a strict vegetarian for 18 years and continued for nearly another ten years with few exceptions. However, my research showed me that the choice to eat animal products IS ahimsa: COMPASSION FOR ONE’S OWN LIFE AND THE VERY REAL NUTRITIONAL NEEDS OF THE HUMAN BODY. The longer you abstain, the greater will be the damage. I lived this truth and live now to warn others against what I experienced. I wish only to see a strong and vital population in this country, so that we can regain our stability, prosperity and stature. And OUR HEALTH!

    Science has shown that even plants experience pain, so where do you draw the line? If you inhale air, you kill living forms of bacteria, so then, you must stop breathing to practice what you preach of ahimsa.

    Peace and planetary health is not on our plates. It’s in our hearts. So let’s end the aggression that has overtaken diet and respect people’s choices for their health. I respect whatever choice you wish to make. Let freedom ring, even in diet.

    Thank you for you interest, and please accept my sincere and heartfelt love,
    Marilyn Diamond


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Its really disturbing that people refuse to draw the line(s) and instead choose to split things in to a distorted black and white reality. There are OBVIOUSLY DIFFERENCES between plants and animals. Plants can't even move and live shorter lives mostly, except trees and eating fruit doesn't kill the tree. 

LIKE. most ridiculous argument EVER and i even get it from academics...i mean ok, maybe plants do feel pain in some way, but they dont have nerves and their pain isnt as obvious and immediate to us in the way that animal pain is.  evolution hasnt seen fit to give them mobility, so....   plus, if she wanted to she could choose to eat fruits, nuts and greens and not kill plants.  i dont understand how people can refuse to draw a hard line between plants and animals.  and im sick of the stupidity of it :(  along with the "i see the world more clearly than you do/im more enlightened" blah blah  attitude that its usually accompanied by in people claiming it. 


The fact that somebody mentions that even plants feel pain as a reason, it says something about them...

Some boy tried to argue this with me for 20 minutes the other day, and refused to take any of my logic for an answer. At one point, I just asked, "Are you actually being serious right now?" as I have a lot of friends that would do that to kid with me. When he responded with "yes" I walked the hell away.

Nah! It could be a clever marketing stunt! I mean, think about it... Long-term vegetarian guru turns to meat only to realise that the vegetarian way of life WAS better and so she returns! Then a new book will come out listing the awful experiences she had whilst being a meat eater... blah.. blah...blah... and she will have those experiences, I know, I'm talking from experience! I was a die hard vegetarian for 10 years and after much pressure etc. I started to eat meat again, which is where my troubles started. Then I decided to switch back to being a veggie again because it IS better than being a meat eater! And now here I am on 30bananasaday following 811!

lol...shes losst

I need to read that, sounds amazing!

Has science really shown that plants feel pain (at least in the same way that animals do - which is the implication here it seems)?

I get what you are saying. I hear " I just can't stop eating meat" I don't even like hearing that. Its honest, but what they are staying really saying to me is " I wont stop eating meat"which is just bull.

Where do you draw the line?  Seriously.  Oh, I draw the line at EATING ROTTING FLESH.  




"If the vegetarian diet were the healthiest then in South India, we would not see not only the largest numbers of  in the world, far larger than those in the meat eating north of India, but also the shortest lifespan, with poverty factored out of this equation."

those indian vegetarians/vegans  who  can afford three meals a day and a bed enjoy RELATIVELY healthier than meateaters in later years......anyway, diabetis is just one form of paying consequences........ if u eat cooked vegetarian diet but don't move, u hv massive pot belly :-)

Seriously.  There are varying degrees of healthfulness within the cooked vegetarian diet. 



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