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hey ya'll! just got thinking the other day about my experience so far with eating a high carb diet and began comparing it with smoking weed. I notice now that if i skip a meal or don't reach my required calories that i get REALLY grumpy and irritated REALLY fast, similar to a stoner going a day without weed. I suppose i have only made this observation because i'm paying more attention, but has anyone else noticed this? 

On a slightly different topic...

My ex boyfriend was always very adamant that smoking weed regularly has no health risks. I have also seen so many articles on facey claiming that marijuana, if used correctly, can cure cancer. What are peoples' opinion's on this? Can anyone share their verified research? i would like to have some solid info to back myself up when people try to tell me this is true. 

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Hi, so im clean now for almost 2 years.. by the 12 step program. weed will kill me before i can get cancer so yeah, it works but it's not a good idea to use drugs, i got depressed, suicidal, paranoia from smoking weed all day, and i was close to jump of a building, now my life on sugar is nothing like that. happy active fitness fun.

i would never recommend using drugs. i do recommend eating low fat high carb and raw till 4

I'm also almost 2 years clean now (end of march) i can remember on the ride back from the coffeeshop when i bought my last bag of weed which i didn't completely smoke (gave the last joint away cause i quit) i was talking with a friend about how every single person that we knew that smoked weed had issues not necessarily from the weed, but just issues, but when you think about it, that's not exclusive to weed smokers, every single person that smokes tobacco, drinks alcohol etc. has issues, if you don't have issues you don't get addicted to crap. those addictions are used to ignore the problems / bury your head in the sand.

About the cancer thing, as far as i know that's never by smoking it, usually it's oil they talk about.

Yep, common sense tells us that inhaling the smoke of anything is going to be detrimental to health. I have found that weed smokers love to jump on the health aspects of the plant and turn a blind eye to the effects of smoke in the lungs. I don't understand why more of them don't utilise it in cookies and stuff and put it through the digestive tract rather than the lungs...gotta be better surely??

The marijuana plant however is a gem and I would def use the oil as an alternate treatment for cancer if I ever had to... 

One could argue that the requirement for an outside chemical, which does not nurish or help sustain the body, is pathetic. If someone needs to bring a body/mind altering chemical into their body in order to enjoy their time, they need to reconsider what it is they are spending their time doing. You don't need marijuana for running,cycling,sports, snowboarding,skateboarding, painting, music playing, kissing, sex....on and on and on. And if someone does, it's likely because they are not ok with themselves and how they feel.

 How does tar coating the lungs on a regular basis have no health risk? How does hot smoke passing in and out of the mouth and airway have no health risk? I think logic works fine without the need for scientific validation here.

Also, the best tool in the prevention and treatment of cancer is a whole foods low fat raw vegan diet. Second to that would be the high-raw RT4 style diet. Marinjuana is used to help chemotherapy patients retain their appetite. Chemotherapy is poison. So yeah, marijuana provides a drugged effect to cancer patients who are being poisoned. wow.


An FYI on site policy, folks:

While the questionable benefits/risks of marijuana usage are a source of much debate, the site creators have determined that this is not the place for them.


Simply put, we're a drug-free zone.  Anyone's welcome to discuss and practice what they will on their own, but no pro-MJ topics will be allowed here, including how to do it "right" or employ it in the "treatment" of illness.

Your consideration is appreciated. 

Smoking any combusted material is BAD for your lungs and liver not to mention other things. There is no doubt about that. And the anti-cancer properties of cannabis don't work when smoked. You have to eat it, or take the oil, or whatever - things like that. But smoking does not prevent it. I do think it has many positive aspects, but not smoked. I think it can be a legitimate medicine and our body is wired with cannabis receptor sites. I mean it's personal choice. But I do think if you are using it to treat something it should be used only as a medicine, not a solution - so in other words, always look to diet, sunshine exercise, sleep water FIRST then for a short term as an aid to symptoms consider it. Recreationally, honestly if you are carbed up and hitting the sweet spot with all the main lifestyle factors I doubt it's going to make you feel better, but will probably bring you down. And again, not smoking - tea, cookies, etc. As for cancer treatment that's a serious illness again, check all the main lifestyle factors - vegan, high carb, water sleep sunshine exercise, THEN research cannabis and take it in a controlled as possible way specifically for that purpose - I've read the oil is the most effective.

I personally don't use it and can't be bothered. That said I'm not afraid of it either like it's devil weed and will make you start going to orgies lol.

The only people getting high from drugs and alcohol ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT ENJOYING A DAILY NATURAL AMAZING HIGH from being alive. 

When you are in your natural and best state...drugs and alcohol will only do one thing...BRING DOWN YOUR NATURAL HIGH.

No one gets higher than me. And I do it with natural organic passionate and energized living. I can stare at a flower for three hours smiling at its divine intricate complex beauty. NO DRUGS NECESSARY.

Food and healthy living are the world's most powerful drug. If you have never experienced a powerful and intense natural high, I feel sorry for you.

Amen to this right here!!!! People always notice how naturally high energy I am and sometimes friends will make comments how they can only imagine what I'd be like at a party. I always tell them, "I'd have just as much energy I do now throughout the night and I'll wake up feeling the same way since I don't require any drinks to get me going then bringing me down later."

Reminds me of a beautiful quote..."For lack of attention, a thousand forms of loveliness elude us every day." 

"With that thought in mind, we also will not tolerate any discussions that center around the use of drugs, recreational or otherwise. We are here to assist community members to be the best they can be, and believe that drugs such as chemo, vaccines and marijuana do not provide optimum fuel or nutrition for the human body but are just another stimulant that the body would need to detoxify which drains the body’s precious energy. The low-fat raw vegan lifestyle provides the best high anybody could ever experience, and we are here to help you achieve that."

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