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I try to convince my Dad so desperately that eating meat, cheese, eggs, french fries etc, so basically a typical American diet in central europe he does so much harm to himself.

But here is the thing. He is super sportive, runs marathons, cycling, tennis... And this is what he always comes up with: I go running I can eat anything... But no, he can't. And actually, as time goes on, I see him performing worse and I know he gets sore more often than I do, recovery takes more time for him and he doesn't believe that he could run marathons at age 65 if he changed his diet (he is not even 50) A bit like 'carpe diem' soul...

Any ideas? He doesn't speak English and I live in a different continent, but I keep translating him some articles, but it's not the same. I will surely show him more as I get home, videos and stuff (durianrider, tim van orden etc) but I would really appreciate some more advice! :)

Thank you

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Hey. Maybe find some information about marathon athletes who are vegan and show it to him. I seen several things out there about how even just a simple vegetarian diet will help improve. I run marathons too and worried about not getting enough nutrition as a vegan and thought it would hurt my performance. I found out as you probably know already, it is the exact opposite.  I used to have same attitude as him about being a runner and eating whatever I wanted. That is why I never got to my full potential. I am not there yet, but I am feeling the results already.  Show him how bad dairy is for you and even meat.  You know him best so see how you can hook him in.  My dad is like him but not active at all. He just feels like a SAD diet is the way to go and life is too short. He doesn't even try anything that is vegetarian. If I say it is, he doesn't eat it. he is really stubborn! So I feel like with my dad, it is a lost cause. I hope yours is not that way!

What language does he speak? Perhaps you want to start writing articles of your own to your dad :) 

Run a marathon to show him that fruits and veggies are awesome for sports. Then stop training and let him know that even when you are not running you can eat all the fruits and veggies you care for and still be in shape.

Here is one awesome video you wanna show him as well:

Here is an article of how eating meat and dairy causes osteoporosis. You might wanna let him know :)

The best way though, is to live by example. Start inspiring him with your life :) You're such a sweet daughter :)

We are Hungarian.

I did 3 half marathons as cooked vegan. I will do more half marathons and marathons for sure as 811 but my working doesn't make it easy to train... (i shouldn't get "too muscular" )

There was also this famous runner named Jim Fixx who wrote a best-selling book on running.  He thought he was invincible because he ran long distances, and so he thought he could keep eating donuts, burgers, fries, and milkshakes with no ill-effects.

While out jogging one day, he died of a massive heart attack at the age of 52, not to be found until the following day on the side of the road by a passer-by.  It was revealed that he had atherosclerosis and major blockages in the arteries around his heart.  Junk food diet killed him.  Exercise didn't save him.

Thank you so much for this info!!!

oh my gooooood... in hungarian, there are only 5 articles about him and nothing about the complete story... actually they claim that it was the RUNNING and SPORT that caused him heart attack and running can be harmful WTF??? i will translate english articles for sure...

Check out Michael Arnstein's running vids too.  He ran with reasonable success eating SAD too, but nothing compared to now on LFRV.

What language does your pa speak? You may find some athletes here of that nationality who could communicate well. 

We are Hungarian.

Yeah, I know all the good examples, I cam't wait to show him all

This is so cool that you work hard at helping your dad. I don't have much experience in changing ppl's mind in this condition but I would get him to some observation tasks while granting him all the rightness you can (despite he eats meat now) as that will help him to see he was wrong. For ex. what about if you would get him to tell you and remember who he has seen that was loosing weight while eating meat. It's probably just a very few. Then what about having him locate marathoners meat eaters and ask them if they have any health issues, for how long, have them talk about it in details if possible. And literally have him log the results so you would have him build up a stack of data to look at in some time. Or you could locate them yourself and record the interview (on skype for ex.) if they are ok with this. It could be done in the Hungarian marathoners public. This way it would be more real for him.

Then have the same done on non-meat eaters for ex. those coming at the Fruit festival. That would be quite a help if he could come there and have the possibility to see first hand marathoners of his age, non meat eaters. But if this is not possible, then still interview them and translate what they say. Also have him get his body tested for different health issues, incl. B12, D, iodine, etc. And if possible use these same tests from marathoners who are willing to share their tests results so that he can compare on groups as big as possible.

In general I would be careful to not show him how wrong he is since he seems possibly a bit stuck in his viewpoint. The way to undo that is to find ways to make him right that are true for you. And that will help him to open his mind and increase his judgement and freedom from the false data he got from media etc..

You know, my big weak point is that I can't be too patient with people and I want them to change as fast as possible, specially when it's my parents... But I told him a story the other day, as he likes cycling, I let him imagine ride next to a cow, eating peacefully etc. I asked if he would stop, jump on the back of the cow tear it apart with his nails and teeth, suck the blood etc. Or if he saw some raspberries (he loves raspberries but rarely eats them) and start munching on them and not caring with the cow. :) He knew I was right. And actually he said: I would never ever eat a duck or a rabbit or a goose (yeah, there are ppl in our country who eat those) and I asked: why is a goose different from a chicken?? And he said (this is so funny): well, it has long neck and it falls of my plate :D  I think he is getting the thing... I see some lightbulbs popping in his head but changes take time... I'll try not to judge him as much as I can. I would love to hear some advice how to actually support people, not pinpoint their faults... Thank you!! :)

me too I def. lack patience for sure. But I'm good at surveying ppl. in some future I will take the time to interview ppl and video that to show more evidence incl. with their medical tests what foods creates what situations. If you want to do that one day you could check with me if I have the time to do it.


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