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I am sure this must have been addressed before, but I couldn't find a thread. I have Mangos that just dont seem to ripen. Sometimes they feel slightly soft but when I cut them open they are solid.

Is it possible to ripen a mango once it has been cut off the tree and shipped to the UK?

Is it possible to ripen a mango that's been cut open?

All tips gratefully received.

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they do. i take the harder side and place it on my counter. the idea is the soft, more ripen side will drain through to the bottom via gravity. plus if you put the soft part (if there is one) on a hard surface, it can bruise/ferment more easily. this works best with pineapples (tearing the top off and turning them upside down). idk if they ripen after you cut into em tho lol.

cantalopes and honey dew ripen after being picked? I know watermelon doesn't, I thought it was all melons. Also, I recently cut into a mango a bit too early, so I shoved it back together and wrapped it up, I figured I've had bananas that have been damaged and part of it was exposed but the other part still ripened. It ended up making some progress that was good enough and I ate it. 

Hi Sarah - happy new year (better late than never;-))  Are you getting used to the cold weather yet?  Re the mangoes, don't be tempted to put them in the airing cupboard if you've cut them, I did and it fermented!

Hope you're all keeping well


Hello there Denise how are you!

Am I getting use to the cold of the UK? No it is freezing , even when it is mild! I have taken up cycling to try and warm me up and I am loving it! 

I was just about to put a cut Mango in the airing cupboard just before I read this! 

Thanks for the tips about the pineapple Mathyou, I also have 5 unripe pineapple!

Does anyone know if paper bags ripen mangos like they do for advocado or do they need heat or sunlight?

I'm well thanks, lots of raw food going on - even managed 12 bananas today but then spoilt it with cooked dinner,  Roy saw my latest food shop and said I should plant a banana tree!   I'm back running too - long run of 10 miles but been laid low by a virus the past couple of weeks, must get back in shape as I've a half marathon in 4 weeks time.

No idea about the paper bags and wouldn't have a clue where to find them these days!

A friend of mine is having success ripening fruits by putting them in an empty cooler. I don't know if this is what you call it - the big plastic box you fill with ice & food/drinks to go camping? Anyway, I'm going to try this today and see how it works, too.

Interesting! Keep me posted.



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