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extra sweet pineapples are my favourite fruit, i get so excited when i chop one open and it's bright orange, even thinking about it makes me beam with happiness :D

i was, up until recently scoffing as many of the things as i wanted.. but for the past two weeks i've been using cron-o-meter (again) and noticed that a single pineapple has above 200% manganese.. so if i ate five then thats a lot of manganese :/

usually it doesn't matter how high a nutrient is because excess will be filtered out of your blood, only supplements or industry cause problems, but still i don't want to hammer my kidneys..

i hate bananas, and trust me in the five+ years i've been doing this thing i've tried to love them (in fact if i mono on em for a day or two i get really ill) medjouls are fine, figs i do like, but pineapple is the winner for me.. and now i feel like its been taken away from me, i'm limiting myself to one a day and getting my calories from dried figs and raisins and medjouls and all the rest.. but i want my pineapples, my lovely golden pineapples :(

can somebody advise me.. i'm really hoping for some professional opinions, like the advise adam gives out.. thanks to everyone.

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it's not a craving, i don't get "cravings" for healthy food, nothing in particular anyway, i feel the need for juicy fruit yes but it's different to a "craving".. i'm hungry, i eat healthy, and the need for nourishment goes away for a bit.. in my experience "cravings" are only ever for unhealthy foods or for the drugs inside them..

.. the problem is i do worry about these things, i want the best diet possible and so i base my food choices on what is perceived to be the best, ie nutrient rich with the least amount of toxins.. a pollutant is anything in excess.. ANYTHING.. even the good in too high an amount is bad; poisonous :/

i want the best diet.. and so can't base my diet on what i want it to be, but what the science and literature and thinking says.

thanks for the reply :)

well this is my question too, i don't particularly want to run an experiment on myself and do any damage.. i think i did enough damage all those years i wasn't eating correctly.. look up manganese madness and see for yourself what the *cough cough* "experts" say.. you can induce manganese madness through high amounts supplementation, but do i have to worry eating natural sources..

.. my flat mates think i'm being ridiculous and i really did expect you guys to laugh at me too, but what i don't want to do is be ignorant and think that just because i feel great that everything is fine, dr doug himself said if something better comes along then he will change to it, but one can only do that if you have an open mind and don't presume that you have all the answers.

yes a good answer thanks.. it's been over five years since i read that book maybe i should dig it out again.. i want to play devils advocate and argue against everything you've said, but i always come across as argumentative so i'll just drop it..

excellent somebody who isn't offended by a debate.. you never can tell.. but i gotta read that book right now so i'll be back tomorrow.. :)

I'm trying to guard myself against being directed or governed by belief.. *yuk* i hate that word.. belief to me is a bad thing.. people let their beliefs: define who they are; make their choices for them :/ 

I've been doing this food thing for a while and seen plenty of people fall by the way side.. and while they were doing it they proclaimed it was the greatest thing ever, and then when they are not it's the new thing that is the greatest thing.. what they have is belief, and not science and they just swop one for another :/

.. i haven't read the book "whole" yet.. thanks for mentioning it :) but i'm guessing he's going to talk about eating whole food very similar to his china study book.. and maybe he will be able to answer a few of my questions, but what i have to keep reminding myself is that there is actually very little scientific fact when it comes to nutrition and eating.. it's all well and good that we go on about how amazing we feel on this diet, but the way we feel is neither scientific nor is it really a good measuring tool.. anybody who has ever taken a class A will attest to how amazing you feel, but i know for a fact it ain't good for ya.. but that's a silly example i know..

.. so lets say i keep eating my pineapples which are whole foods, and i eat a ridiculous amount of one nutrient because of that food choice, i will undoubtedly be stressing my liver or kidney's.. stress is stress no matter how you look at it whether it's whole food or not is irrelevant from where i'm sitting, possible wrong yes but probably not totally wrong.

now maybe i could ask you a question, are you willing to bet your health on your feeling ?? because i don't trust everything i think and feel because i have been proved wrong many times, and what i'm gambling with is my health..

now let me quote yourself  "..then it follows that you didn't set the manganese cronometer target yourself and so the 200% has the potential to be very, very arbitrary or based on poor information in the first place."

.. so are you telling me that you TOTALLY mistrust what the world health organisation says ?? i'm not saying i trust them in any way but i think they must have some credibility and what they say is probably within reason somewhat true, they don't pluck their information out of the air.. are you are basing what you say on belief, belief that everything these people say is not true ?? 

who do we listen to ?? somebody who feels that this is right ?? well that ain't good enough for me.. there are a lot of people on these boards who feel great but how do you know what is going on inside.. i've read a few posts about people dismissing bone density test results saying that it doesn't matter or they don't think is matters as long as they feel good ?!?!?! this is not good science this is just feeling or belief, and i want to be cleverer than that, and so i must guard against what i WANT to be true.. do you want this thing to be true so badly that your willing to dismiss what the world health organisation says ?? :/ shouldn't we keep an open mind and err on the side of caution and pass over that second and third + pineapples.. SULK.. i love pineapples.. i hope you don't think i'm having a go here, i love a good debate, i have a smile on my face :D

yeah i was.. thanks for pointing that out.. a new book to read woohoo

oh hey there buddy, I really think you have nothing to worry about. It seems to be that Manganese can only be harmful when exposed from SMOG and/or nasty water pipes and/or a factory jobs producing Manganese dust!!! Manganese is pretty beneficial for us & i think it's good to consume so much(but what do I know..)! Looked it up on thee interwebs and as long as you aren't hallucinating or having any rage YOU SHOULD BE OK! its the livers job to rid excess manganese and Im going to safely assume you are okay. Okay! Hope all is well.



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