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The above website shows an interview of a guy who fell off the hclf vegan diet. My sister sent this to me trying to persuade me not to enter this lifestyle fully. I have no idea what to say back to her and honestly, I feel it's not worth my time to.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or facts you guys have on this, I really am stuck here!

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Hey again, I replied earlier but realized I referred to the wrong blog post from a different ex-vegan (the interviewer).

I find this fellow to be bitter, angry, and moody.

At the beginning of his interview he says vegans are just mindless, spineless people who lack their own ideals so they have to uphold the values of society. He says society tells us that killing is bad, so vegans want to rush to magnify this idea.

But then further down in his interview he says meat actually is murder, but we just have the luxury at the moment not to have to give a f*ck.

So if society tells us killing is bad, but then meat is murder and it is totally ok and we don't have to care about it--which ideals are vegans holding up? That meat is murder but society accepts it? Or that society does not care about killing and vegans are trying to combat this?

He is rife with contradictions.

I would like to know what happened to him on his low fat raw vegan journey, for sure--as he seems to have a lot of bitterness towards 30 BAD and the people here who allegedly censored him as soon as he fell of the wagon.

But then again--he is only, what, 23 now? He is very young. Not that what he experienced is not valid, but he could be working a way to find out who he truly is by, as he said, giving the middle finger to every ideology out there, including veganism.

He doesn't sound like a positive role model for any lifestyle, meat-eater or vegan.



I am still getting through the article but my first thought is: He describes every health and emotional issue me and every friend I've ever known has had between the ages of 14 and 19 years old. Our parents and teachers blamed it on growth spurts and hormones. 

I do agree with him in that some vegans are vegan almost solely because they believe that killing other animals is completely wrong. Of course it's not "wrong"! It's just a part of life. But not all vegans believe this, including myself, and these individuals are vegan for other reasons--health and happiness being the main one, I'm assuming. We're not all in it to feel morally superior. I certainly don't feel like being vegan makes me better morally or rebellious against society; I just like how it makes me feel. His argument is flawed: he argues that veganism is absolutely a move in the more "logical" and less "natural" direction, but it's often not. (It seems reasonable to me, anyway, but I follow my emotions and intuition, as an animal.) Everything we do is natural, anyway, so who is he to say what's emotionally driven and what's not? 

Just because some people don't find happiness and success in this lifestyle doesn't mean that others can't.

And, honestly, he does just seem very angry and bitter and snooty. He's clearly just been through some bad experiences, and this mindset is how he's dealing with it. He'll soon (hopefully) understand that nihilism is stupid. He has his own set of ideologies--everyone does, it's how our brain works, whether the ideology is to "not have an ideology" or whatever--and he's criticizing others for theirs. And we're ALREADY wild. Everything we do is "wild," because we're part of nature. If he truly abided by this system of beliefs he's spewing out, he would understand this and wouldn't be trashing others for their own beliefs about life.

first off in every "lifesyle" or way of eating there is always someone who is going to move on and change. for your sister to say you shouldnt do it because this one man did and got sick is ridiculous. i do not understand though after doing it for 3 years his health didnt improve one bit.

First of all, excellent interview.  Good responses & good questions.  Erim is obviously a very intelligent individual & appears to have given LCRV a solid shot; I can appreciate giving something a proper try & then switching to something else.  Second of all, he had some legitimate issues.  I'm going to skip the politics of the interview with the bashing etc. because that isn't relevant to my discussion; results are the bottom line for me.  To summarize the issues mentioned in his interview:

  • Mentally weak & extremely susceptible to stress
  • Getting out of bed caused anxiety
  • Difficultly sleeping, including light sleeping, difficulty falling asleep, and Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Teeth problems, including extreme sensitivity, clear signs of heavy acid erosion, receding gums, breaking of a molar, and six cavities
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty doing anything other than maintenance for exercise - not training or highly intense activities
  • No sex drive (not low sex drive - none)
  • Pale skin

The knee-jerk reaction is to say that he was doing all of this as a teenager, which is when you typically experience a wide array of emotional reactions, growth spurts, social anxiety, and so on.  He said he quit at 19 years old and did it for 3 years, so he started around 16 years old.  However, I'd like to move past that for the sake of discussion, since if you're eating healthy, you shouldn't really be experiencing those problems regardless of what stage of life you're at.  First of all, he blames a lack of B12 for his RLS; I would like to know if he had a medical test performed to verify deficiency.  Second of all, I'd be curious to know if he has had any allergy tests done; anemia, fatigue, and anxiety were all signs of food allergies that I was unaware of growing up in my own body.

Third, has he previously posted a detailed description of his diet?  He mentioned that some days, he would eat up to 4 pounds of leafy greens.  I haven't finished reading the 80-10-10 book, but on the sample meal plans I've read so far, they seem to max out at around one pound of leafy greens per day, which would mean that he would be consuming four times as much as what Dr. Graham recommends, which is also 4 pounds of food that is not a fruit, which seems excessive.

Fourth, he mentioned a variety of sleeping problems.  I can relate to that, having had sleeping problems my entire life until getting my diet under control by identifying my hidden food allergies.  He mentioned that he couldn't do real training or activities that required a lot of intensity and could only do maintenance exercises & endurance running; when I was struggling under a sleep deficit, I was totally sapped of energy for all physical activities.  He mentioned fatigue, lack of a sex drive, and other issues, which can all be attributed to a lack of sleep.  Also, a lot of the material I've read on fruitarianism & sleep has recommend 10 to 12 hours of sleep, so that could be his core problem.  I'm curious to know if all of the problems listed were solved by changing diets, especially the sleep-related ones; if not, a sleep study would be a good thing to have done, especially to see if he had some form of sleep apnea (although that is typically related to being overweight, which he is clearly not).

I would genuinely like to know more about what his daily diet was, because we have a severe shortage of long-term testimonials that don't end with the person quitting fruitarianism.  Dr. Graham, DurianRider, Freelee, and Chris Califano are the four people who spring to mind who have been doing it successfully long-term (5 to 10 years plus).  I also think it's extremely important to follow the principles correctly; in browsing through the forums, I constantly see complaints that are related to not ingesting enough calories daily & not staying properly hydrated with up to a gallon or more of water per day (and also not getting enough sleep!).  I'm curious to see what his actual diet was and if his symptoms were directly attributable to that.



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