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The above website shows an interview of a guy who fell off the hclf vegan diet. My sister sent this to me trying to persuade me not to enter this lifestyle fully. I have no idea what to say back to her and honestly, I feel it's not worth my time to.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or facts you guys have on this, I really am stuck here!

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Well the author is intelligent and more independent minded than many here, so I suppose that could be intimidating.  But his bottom line argument seems to be "I don't believe in moral judgments and I dont give a @#$#@ regarding the ethics of eating meat."  The counter argument from an ethical vegan standpoint would be whether he cares or not, I still care about the animals.  From a healthy diet standpoint, just read 80 10 10, follow the diet, see if it works for you.  Don't knock it until you've tried it!

Yes, you're right. I've only just started this lifestyle and I'm feeling better than I have my entire life. I can only hope that it will continue to get better throughout the years. Thanks for the response!

I would probably make a sarcastic remark saying something along the lines of "ya people are as sick as they are and needing so many medications because they are all on vegan diets." Every time a vegan diet doesn't work for whatever reason, the whole world hears about it. Every time a SAD diet fails no body is surprised. A million people eating SAD can get cancer and none of them will say it was caused by their food, but every time a vegan gets cancer it was obviously because of their extreme diet. 

Very true; good point. Why are there only advertisements of vegan failures in the media...?

I would not be surprised that if 50% of more of the people that are members on this website will or have already gone back on the SAD lifestyle.  Reasons could vary from financial reasons, to not being emotional satisfied eating fruits and vegs, gave in to outside pressure, started this diet from a high fat/protein/proce-sed carb SAD -and went cold turkey which is hard for most people to adjust to, and did not follow the basic rules of 80-10-10 and gained too much weight and quit, you name it.  People that stick to this diet are not just about the health aspect.  You need to be all about animal welfare and also the environment and people in general. If your only focus is your own health while that will end up being your only focus which leads to putting too much pressure on yourself and expecting your body to change overnight rather than let your body heal as long as it needs.  This is why I keep on emphasizing for people to focus on more than just your own health.  Read about how eating meats hurt our environment and world hunger.  That corn and water that is being fed to chickens, pigs and cattle could have gone to the poor.  

Great comment; thanks! 

The ex vegan makes a point that there's no avoiding inflicting pain and suffering death, even for vegans.  Vegans all rely on commercial honey bees to produce the fruits and veggies we rely on...we would die without them...we are all only living due to honeybee  slavery =(  But killing animals for meat is probably worse. 

You should clarify that ALL people depend on the honey bee to pollinate our crops.  Not just vegans. Honey bees are just doing what they naturally do.  As they say, a broken clock is always right 2x a day.  People that quit this lifestyle convince themselves or create their own justification why they no longer are doing it.  Totally understandable.

and due to the pesticide/gmo manufactures these are killing bees, and honestly those industries might as well be the meat and dairy industry because they're all corrupt

Yeah, good point. Sadly, we can't save everything at once. And what about those honey bees? If we as humans were not on this planet, wouldn't honey bees still be picking pollen from one area and moving it on to the next? Isn't that their innate desire?

I totally agree with and see your point in the first paragraph especially, and the others. Love the rest of what you said. Thanks Ramsell!

Hmm. Interesting. Interesting, indeed.

Such great comments can be found here!—and I couldn’t agree more with the lot of them—. So hence is why, we as vegans, shouldn’t be confrontational and fight fire with fire [if it ever comes down to it—though it may be hard to do so when one is so deeply impassioned—I’ve been there many a times!], but be the living and breathing example of purity this way of life brings. As days have stormed on, I’ve gradually learned [whilst being an adherent to 811] that it requires the proper mixture of all the necessary ingredients [sleep, diet, exercise, hydration] to completely grasp its fullest and finest force—just like with any other so-called *cough* “diet” that stocks the shelves at bookstores, right?

I personally felt like [concurring with Ramsell’s last point] that Erim’s rant was filled with anger-like projections and postulations—he was merely presenting his subjective views on various matters [while several points can be pinned down as solid, a hint of self-aggrandizement can surely be found as well]. When it all comes down to failures [with anything at all], there are so many factors that one could lunge at as to why things didn’t work out the way one had hoped—more so than not, it’s all about experimentation and finding out what works best based upon already trialed and erred responses from those who are THE living and breathing examples of purity for which we all desire to wholly harness, internally. Beauty extends [outward] from within—so if one wishes to feel and be the best ever, one should buy and eat the best food ever—FRUIT!


Thanks for sharing this, Kasia.


* Has anyone read ‘The World Peace Diet’? I’m in the midst of finishing it up right now—[if anyone has/is] I’m vastly interested as to what your thoughts are?



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