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The above website shows an interview of a guy who fell off the hclf vegan diet. My sister sent this to me trying to persuade me not to enter this lifestyle fully. I have no idea what to say back to her and honestly, I feel it's not worth my time to.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or facts you guys have on this, I really am stuck here!

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I’m glad you said what you said MistyRaw—as the whole “everybody is different” concept played a partial part in a discussion my Dad and I had just the other day—perhaps you could be an extenuation of that for us—. Now I’ve read that in the animal kingdom [let us take Bonobos, for example], species don’t differentiate their diet from one to the next—their diets essentially mirror each other—now with us being stated as “different” from person-to-person, could this merely be due to epigenetics—where genes can be switched on or off due to external forces/factors—more precisely, the features influencing DNA alterations—the variety of toxins/chemicals [pesticides], the immense environmental hazards, significant malnutrition and the lack of this or that macro/micronutrient, artificially enhanced and highly processed foods, inadequate exercise, hydration, or the lack of sufficient sleep, just to name a few, spur the development of dis-ease and dissimilarities amongst us [internally]. So that’s why we’re ultimately different—because of the variance of [harmful] external stimuli?


Does this make sense—what are your thoughts? Maybe I’ve missed the whole entire point here—perhaps I’m seeing it all incorrectly?


This was all written in haste.


I just want to learn—I just want to understand—and I’m sure others know a lot more than I on this topic. Please, enlighten me!

Thanks a lot for the help/clarification.

 "it’s still pretty close to a low-fat raw vegan diet, except with lean meats and some eggs every now and then." -Erim Bilgim

 Let me see if I understand this correctly, fruit made him sick & destroyed his teeth but he continues to eat fruit as a staple of his diet?

 How are 'lean meats' and eggs 'every now and then' changing his health in a substantial way?

 The only 'lean meat' is mercury laden radioactive fish:

 Egg: 63% fat

 Filet Mignon: 37% fat

 Chicken: 20% fat

 Turkey: 14% fat

 Cod: 7% fat

 My advise, don't listen to those who make changes as often as the wind blows but listen instead to those who are wise with years & steady in both mind and body.



He took 3 years to change his mind, is that as often as the wind blows?

 If I worded it

 "who's mind is rooted in truth rather than searching"

 would that make you happy?

Definitely agree with you whole heartedly. Thanks for replying!

Your sister is right !  Do not go into this lifestyle " fully ".  Do not turn this lifestyle into a " wagon " - " that could one can fall off of " !

You will notice though, that in pursuing a purifying and healing lifestyle, you will feel better all the way around, virtually in exact proportion to how " closely " you " live it ".

In 20 years I have noticed exactly this:

When I am very strict with this diet to the point of cutting myself off from society, in order to focus on this diet purely and simply,  I experience a level of health and spiritual clarity that could be described as " Edenic ".

When I sort of let myself " live a little ",  after all " you only go around once ", and " everything in moderation " you know, and  sometimes also, life presents me  with bound circumstances that require I " become flexible " in terms of what I eat, when, and with whom - then I enjoy the situation and the flexibility and my " openness ".

However, during these " flexible " times, I have noticed over the years, that my level of " Edenic " health then drops, due to my temporary experiences of " Earthly Existence down in the Valley " - so to speak.

It is all good !

Love this. Thanks for the reply!

*Like!* :)

What does he want,other than to punch someone in the face without further discussion? Freedom needs the ability to CALM the wildness and violence within AND in one's surroundings as well.Such free spirits AUTOMATICALLY seem always to protect the weaker and calm the bully down.

It is not weak to NEED other people.There are always stronger and weaker people than ourselves and what we think as strong or weak may not always be even near correct.

Someone or something needs to CALM him down.

What could that be?

Lets be clear, he is not an ex-vegan, he is an ex 100% Raw Vegan, there's a big difference. He wasn't eating enough and had mood problems amongst many others. I wouldn't suggest raw vegan to anyone, but raw til 4 to get enough calories and have detox be slow and steady. This is a guy who didn't do it right and a meat eater trying to blame it on the diet rather than the person.

I'm doing all raw and it's going great.

Right it can be great but many people dont sustain it. It looks like the is guy is now trashing veganism because of it. Not an impressive article.



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