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are there any mothers to young children, who are not only feeding their husbands and children high fruit AND cooked vegan foods... yet remaining completely HCRV themselves?

if so PLEASE tell me your tips and tricks!  i have in front of me, all day long, various other cooked carbs like bread, rice, crackers, potatoes, often in my hands as i prepare them.  i try to stay as carbed up with fruit as possible so these foods don't look appetizing.

i am an active, homeschooling and breastfeeding mother of two young kids (6 and 2) and i wonder frequently if maybe i won't be able do this completely until my children are grown and i am back to only preparing food for myself (and my hubby... he does HCRV with me because i'm doing it, but is not committed to doing it and therefore eats cooked vegan when available)!!!!

is this really just a case of "not enough carbs" because i already feel like i'm eating constantly myself, and preparing food the rest of the time.  i've tried counting calories to make sure i'm getting enough, but that's always tricky since pretty much everything i eat is shared with the kids and therefore hard to count precisely.

(my body is also hanging on to an extra 20 lbs, which might be because i'm still nursing.  i haven't been too active the past 3 or so weeks because i had just finished a round of p90x, then i tried to start up my running again and got a weird twingy spot in my knee. )

anyway, anyone have any wisdom to share?  i sure could use some ideas from people who deal with these same issues!  i've been doing 811rv *unsteadily* for the past 4 or 5 years, and i still can't get a handle on this.



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Hi Joanna,

I am an homeschooling mom of 3 little girls (8 yo and 6 yo) and I have been at it since 2 1/2 years. It has not always been easy (still isn't perfect), but it sure is much better now. Since I am kind of a black or white person, I went raw 100 % in one day. I did it almost to perfection for 5 months (and we were traveling!) and I can only tell you that I was very frustrated most days... I asked my partner to prepare the food for the kids and himself and most days, it ended in pastas or late dinners with hungry and fighting kids... so I had to step up and do some cooking, but it was very, very frustrating to cook the food I love without being able to have it. My family was eating unprocessed food, but still eating meat and dairies. I slowly transitionned them to vegetarian and lately to vegan food. It was so much easier here in Costa Rica... When we first arrived, I decided to put everybody on raw vegan food with some cooked quinoa and brown rice... After a month, there was lots of frustration on their part (I, for my part, was in heaven!), so I started cooking more elaborate vegan meals. It is much easier for me to cook for them and not eat the same thing. Now that we have found many vegan (many raw too) recipes that they love, our life is much easier.

I will sometimes eat some plain quinoa or brown rice (or cooked tubers) at dinner with them if I feel frustration creeping back in. This is better for me. I know that I need to go there in order not to drop the towel entirely. This is just me and I feel OK about this now.

It is not easy with a family, but we are an inspiration to our kids. Your children are still young and will look up to you as an example. This is what keeps me going. I can't go back to eating animal products and cooked food that sickens me. I want my children to be vibrant and healthy and to natural choose the food that nourrishes them best.

For me, adding a little cooked food at night to share a meal with my family when I really feel the need to do this is what keeps me on this diet for the long run. Frustration is not healthy. I too have a hard time eating more fruits at dinner when I ate some all day. I want something else, especially after cooking it.

Another thing that has helped us a lot are the make-your-own-creation kind of dinner. I cook quinoa and have many bowls of topping on the table and we choose what to add to it (chopped tomatoes, cilantro, cucs, kale, hemp seeds). The girls love this now and it makes my life much easier!

the things i fix for the family are usually pretty simple, as i try to avoid processed food.  so we do potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, quinoa pasta, etc.  so it's not like when i eat these foods that they are THAT bad for me (and i shouldn't beat myself up for it) but i do notice that these foods are not serving me well and i would prefer to just not have them in my body.  but when i'm undercarbed, i get this selective amnesia as i put these foods in my mouth, and then shortly after, i'm like "what in the world was that? i wasn't going to eat these things!" hahaha

i like your idea about the make-your-own-creation dinner.  we've done that sort of thing before, but not lately.  also, we don't really have formal mealtimes and sit-down dinners anymore... everyone just eats when they are hungry, which does make things a bit easier on me. maybe recruiting my hubby to help with serving the food i've made would help, too.

i definitely feel it is very important that i be a good example.  many times, my kids will abandon their cooked food meal to come munch on my salad or eat from my big bowl of mango, etc.

Thanks Megan... it's as journey! Trust me, it has not always been easy... but patience is the key with this lifestyle. It is well worth it!

Check out LFRV Families, there are at least a few there.

As for myself, right now, no, but check in with me in a few days when I dive back in 100%.  At other times I have done the cook for the family and eat differently thing and it mostly worked.  For me, I'd do smoothies and salads and just gorging on fruit with them, then I'd have all their snacks prepared and tucked away the night before.  At age 6, your child could be partially self-served if you have it already prepared.  I do this with my 4 year old and have done so since she was about 2.5.  If you're cooking meals all day long it's going to be very difficult.  But if you do it all in one go...like around dinner time, also make meals for lunch or breakfast, or whatever, and chop up fruit and veggies and let your kids and husband know it's all prepared and how to get ahold of it, you're going to spend a lot less time tempted by cooked food.  Also, whenever I'm cooking, I use that time to eat or drink a smoothie myself, unless I'm already stuffed. 

I personally found it pretty easy to do when I was carbed up.  It became a kinda fun routine.  If your breastfeeding and you're also doing rigorous exercise it could very well be that you need more calories than you think you do...and if you're *really* holding onto extra fat, it could be due to stress...being a mom and breastfeeding and preparing all the food for family, as well as separate food for yourself, sounds quite stressful to me, as well as the tone of your post.  I would try to simplify the whole thing, and certainly not worry about 20 lbs. 

Also I think Catherine is right on with being okay consuming some simple cooked food if you really want. 

*What makes you think your body is holding onto 20 lbs. exactly?

i've checked out LFRV families before, but always end up back here because there's not as much activity over there. 

i probably do need more calories, i just need to figure out how to fit more in!  i'm not hugely stressed over all of this, as i have been dealing with it for years now... i do get frustrated because i figure i should have this down by now considering how long i've been eating HCRV or as close to it as possible.

i'm okay eating a little cooked food occasionally, but when i do allow myself the occasional plain sweet potatoes or steamed veggies or rice, my weight creeps up and my clothes don't fit well.  then if i stay on all fruit it gradually goes down.  but i can never stick with it long enough to get down to what i feel is close to my ideal weight.  i am 5'6", and right now around 140lbs.  (i've gotten down to 130 in the past, but haven't been able to go below since i had my youngest child.)  my BF% scale says i'm at 30%bf which is way more than i'm comfortable carrying.  and my clothes are tight!

Hi Joanna,

It sounds like you are doing an amazing job as it is. 

I am a pregnant and nursing mum of a 2 year old. My son eats a lot like me but will sometimes have steamed sweet potato, pumpkin, brown rice or quinoa. I also prepare a separate meal for my other half who has recently turned vegan. Sometimes I am tempted by what I am cooking and knowing that the meals are healthy and simple without animal products, salt, gluten etc I dont beat myself up if I sample a mouthful or two or on occasion, a bowlful. Most of the times when I am cooking I am carbed up or I have a delicious fruit meal waiting for me and I do not want to spoil that experience by eating any of the food I am preparing. I know what food is best for me and for optimal health and I always seem to get back into it after a small slip up away from




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