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I started this UFO thread in May or June of 2009, soon after I first joined the 30Bananas web forum. I noticed some chatter on the subject on a different thread and, being as I have extensive knowledge and experience in this field, I decided to see if I can shed some light on the subject and also see how many low-fat frugivores on this forum have had experiences or sightings (you will see 5 or 6 in this thread, maybe more).... As for my credentials: I hosted and produced a popular public access TV show for ten years called, "UFOs & Metaphysics." In 1999 I wrote a book called "UFOs & The Government Coverup." The book got me a lot of notoriety and respect (no money to speak of!). I was interviewed on over 125 radio stations and a few tv shows... For several years I was an active member in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). We had the largest MUFON group in the world (Clearwater, FL), with about 100-150 people attending each monthly meeting. At least half of these people were solid UFO experiencers and abductees, and I became close to a lot of those people... I have also attended several major UFO symposiums throughout the United States. I have met, known, and even lived with, innumerable UFO abductees and experiencers. My own sister had a close encounter with UFOs when she was a kid, and it is rumored that my mother did also. I personally have had dreams (before I even knew anything about the subject), but I have no conscious memories of experiences... I have a very large UFO book collection and for many years watched every tv documentary or show I could find on the topic. Thus I have a huge audio-video libray on the subject as well. I have listened to the lectures of the best authorities in the world, both in person and in recordings. Some I have listened to many times... Like almost any serious researcher in this field, I currently listen regularly to "Coast to Coast AM," (largest metaphysical radio program in the world) and am a long-time Streamlink member, so I can download the best shows they have, especially anything on UFOs, and listen at my leisure... I am currently writing some new books, not just on UFOs, but also on my life and ancestry, and other major topics of metaphysical and spiritual interest.

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Anyone can speak here. Me included... Have you checked out anything in this post other than the most recent pages? Authority? I am the real deal. Check out my history in previous pages. When I hear nonsense I will speak out against it... Mark is a miniscule dabbler in this subject. For him to make definitive statements like that (instead of posing it as a theory or something he read in an obscure book) is completely unethical, to say the least, and very typical of why there is a lot of foolishness floating around in this field... It is my responsibility to point out frauds and charlatans and pretenders... Believe what you want.
I appreciate the fact you have stuck around all this time Michael. I know you have genuine interest in this topic. So I will give you credit for that.. This above drawing apparently depicts one of the most ridiculous of the whacko claims floating about, regarding the idea that various races of aliens are fighting "star wars" in the heavens. Yes some people claim that various alien species are duking it out in the skies (information probably obtained via "channeling" or some other lunatic-fringe source)... It is untrue. One of the GREAT things about the aliens (all species) is that they have indeed found a way to live in relative PEACE -- with each other and with us -- despite their great power and technology. They have the technology to destroy the entire solar system or possibly the galaxy, if they wished. If they DID get into fights with each other it would be LIGHTS-OUT! For EVERYBODY! And yet some clowns claim the aliens are shooting each other with pop-guns (relatively speaking)! There is nothing to back up such idiotic claims.... At least that is what the drawing appears to represent to me. Maybe it is just different UFOs against a backdrop of nuclear madness on earth. ... I also disagree with the stern/angry look posed (by the artist) on the faces of the aliens at the bottom of the drawing. One thing we KNOW. The aliens are NOT angry! They NEVER get angry. They will use force for sure. But they do not get angry.

This is an accurate depiction of your most common alien.

Here is another accurate artists depiction from known experiencers' accounts, all over the world. They do NOT live within the solar system, except on huge motherships that are flying cities. Their planet of origin is UNKNOWN, no matter what anybody tries to tell you.
Thanks for your input everybody. I will comment more soon... Sunheart, thatnks for the message of Agu 9. I did not see it until yesterday. I appreciate that you have indeed looked through the entire post, apparently.
Thank you Michael - well done said !!!

I have myself never felt a love stronger than when I saw the UFOs full of bright light (like going into another dimention still beeing fysical)... there are surely many not nice and manipulating things going on on earth and in space ....but I belive that there also are many dimentions in the universe that we dont know so much about ´-or are closed to. It is always easier to see and feel and belive the more things are on our fysical "lower" level.
... and off couse we have to have sceptic - things are not always as we think and/or want to belive !!!but when you feel very very strong a love deep in your heart that is bigger than any other thing you ever experienced (like coming from another dimention) you just have to belive that there is love that might be stronger than we can imagine and are able to feel here . ...a manipulating energy can do lots of harm and let us belive things (belive me I have seen people beliving they are in touch with Jesus , vergin Maria etc and end up in a psykoses becouse they opened their energies to fast with out deeling with their past émotional gabage etc...they just strongly wanted to belive these things - escaping from themself to a better place outside themself!!)...but as long as it is deep love from within yourslef (fully aware of beeing centered) and you feel energies on frequences you never would imagine (but still your soul remember ) you have no doubt this beeing true.

for me it would be silly not to think that there are no higher developed planets and beeings in our whole universe (other than the greys etc)- also spiritually developed!!!... we might not be there where we can open for these (I belive as closer to our own essens we come as more we are able to open for those higher energies . I learned the message from my own experience not to search outside yourself but to come closer to our own essence (to dare feel ourself and soul fully)- there we (ourself) have the answer on everything !!) .

These are little statues I bought from a friend whose girlfriend had many physical encounters with aliens. This first is a representation of the aliens that crashed their ufo near Varginha, Brazil. Amazing case with many top notch witnesses, including the Brazillian doctor who operated on one of the beings. Very peculiar looking alien. Sort of an offshoot from the Grays and some other species. These aliens seemed very peace loving and were not treated well by the military. Awesome story. Dr. Roger Leir did some great investigation of that case, as have many others.
In April 1997, an unidentified flying object was picked up on US radar over Brazil (there were no Brazilian satellites), contact was however made with the Brazilians and the information was relayed. In the city of Varginha, in the Central Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, several persons witnessed a ufo crash and saw a cigar shaped craft expelling large amounts of smoke heading for the ground. In other parts of the town there were many anomalous lights reported. On the same day, three girls saw a creature of the following description: Brown, soft skin ('like a heart'), large, red, bulging eyes and visible veins. The local firemen, and then the Brazilian army take over. In the following days, alien beings are spotted by other witnesses, trying to escape, as they are hunted and even fired at by the military.

One of the alien body is reported dead and autopsied at the local hospital, then taken away to another location. Its hairless body was not more than five feet tall and dark brown, as though it had oil on its skin. It had two large, red, pupil-less eyes, a small mouth and nose and a big, brown head with three rather rounded horns. Revelations on Varginha Case are aired on Brazilian TV and reach the rest of the world. In May, 1997 a scientist accused of having autopsied the alien(s) states in a conference he will be able to speak on the subject in a question of years. In June 1997, fifteen witnesses confirm involvement of soldiers in alien capture. Another witness reports he was offered money to keep his mouth shut. Press and TV journalists have joined ufologists in a six-month-long hunt for information about the fate of the two aliens, giving full scope for conspiracy theorists and resulting in regular revisions of the number of witnesses and their stories, including the number of aliens. The latest version claims that five ETs were flushed out of hiding in the Jardim Andere, a park on the north side of Varginha.

This event is seen by many as being as important as Roswell. It has many similarities: the recovered body was medically examined, there were sophisticated witnesses such as doctors and high ranking members of the Brazilian Army, there was a crash from which creatures were recovered, the US government was involved and so was the military. There were also some differences which distinguish this event from Roswell: the press covered Roswell, there were lots of documents and a brief spate of articles in newspapers and possibly most importantly, there was a testimony from the military about Roswell.

John Carpenter, director of MUFON Southwest and a founding member of ISCNI told FT that he was impressed by what he has learned so far. "There are at least 35 first-hand witnesses to the presence of the strange beings. This includes audiotaped interviews with several military participants. There is the possibility of a UFO crash, but there is little doubt about the existence of five or six strange beings resembling a cross between the Little Greys and the Chupacabras. Some were shot or died, others captured alive," he said.

Artist's conception of one of the Varginha aliens, as described by witnesses

Another depiction... This is a freaky looking alien, but I am convinced this case is for real. Military people also spoke out on their contact with the creatures. One of them died because of handling the alien. Again, even the doctor at the hospital spoke about having performed surgery on one alien and having been communicated with telepathically by the alien. It told him it felt sorry for earth-humans because we have no understanding of spirtitual things... The Brazilian military is just as harsh in dealing with ufo crashes (and surviving aliens) as the U.S. military, apparently. I wonder if the US people were consulted? Sometimes they are, when crashes happen in other parts of the world, I understand (I have heard interviews with a few different persons who were involved with such projects. Of course such crash retrieval procedures are handled by above-top-secret special operations units... Regardless, Varginha is a very strong and solid case.
The doctor mentioned in the first report has now TALKED. He was interviewed directly by Dr. Roger Leir. His testimony is powerful. He wept as he told Dr. Leir parts of the story.



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