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I started this UFO thread in May or June of 2009, soon after I first joined the 30Bananas web forum. I noticed some chatter on the subject on a different thread and, being as I have extensive knowledge and experience in this field, I decided to see if I can shed some light on the subject and also see how many low-fat frugivores on this forum have had experiences or sightings (you will see 5 or 6 in this thread, maybe more).... As for my credentials: I hosted and produced a popular public access TV show for ten years called, "UFOs & Metaphysics." In 1999 I wrote a book called "UFOs & The Government Coverup." The book got me a lot of notoriety and respect (no money to speak of!). I was interviewed on over 125 radio stations and a few tv shows... For several years I was an active member in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). We had the largest MUFON group in the world (Clearwater, FL), with about 100-150 people attending each monthly meeting. At least half of these people were solid UFO experiencers and abductees, and I became close to a lot of those people... I have also attended several major UFO symposiums throughout the United States. I have met, known, and even lived with, innumerable UFO abductees and experiencers. My own sister had a close encounter with UFOs when she was a kid, and it is rumored that my mother did also. I personally have had dreams (before I even knew anything about the subject), but I have no conscious memories of experiences... I have a very large UFO book collection and for many years watched every tv documentary or show I could find on the topic. Thus I have a huge audio-video libray on the subject as well. I have listened to the lectures of the best authorities in the world, both in person and in recordings. Some I have listened to many times... Like almost any serious researcher in this field, I currently listen regularly to "Coast to Coast AM," (largest metaphysical radio program in the world) and am a long-time Streamlink member, so I can download the best shows they have, especially anything on UFOs, and listen at my leisure... I am currently writing some new books, not just on UFOs, but also on my life and ancestry, and other major topics of metaphysical and spiritual interest.

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Hopefully not.
Here is the first photo, the one of me after the speech I did for the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami UFO Group...

There is so much proof if you look. I have spent hours and hours over documents and interviews with practicaly every ex astronaut with footage and nasa footage, military men, cops, pilots, hours of FAA recordings, man.

You tell em
Suvine. I want to hear about your dream. Please tell me on the Last Page. Thanks.
This huge conference from the national press club called UFO Disclosure Project is good evidence to me. Here are 2 clips:



I have never been to Egypt and seen the pyramids but I'm pretty sure they exist, same kind of thing for me with UFO's.
Hey Guys. My 811 Brothers and Sisters. I am on my way to work. But Listen, I have enormous experience in this field. Like I said, I hesitate to get involved here (for time purposes), but I believe it is worthwhile. Especially since you guys have the brains to eat so properly. Look how many people doubt you when you tell them how you eat. But it IS right, isn't it? of course. It is Unorthodox by your family and friends' standards, but it is correct. Anyway, a place to start with is this: What I would like to hear are some stories from persons who have had encounters. I GUARANTEE you that SEVERAL persons HERE on 30B have had close encounters with UFOs. And yes, Abductions. Good people. People who listen to a very few ignorami (ignoramuses) and clam up for fear of ridicule. Stanton Friedman refers to such persons as "noisy negativists." I don't mean to be harsh. But again. let's hear from some who have had encounters. My sister saw several UFOs near our home in rural NY when she was about 10 years old. Clearly. Saucer craft. Hovering. Darting around. My ex-girlfriend had a super close encounter with a UFO that trailed their car. Her husband and another couple were there. They had "Missing Time" of two hours. Tons and tons of folks I know have had experiences. Just ASK your people (politely and respectfully) and you will be amazed at the stories (about one in twenty at the very least have had solid encounters)... Anyway, I will get back to you later and stay with you on this. I have some great stuff I will share. For now I truly suggest a book called "Night Siege." Get it on amazon. You will NOT be disappointed. 5,000 cases in the Hudson Valley of NY. Also, look up the name of Dr. Roger Leir. He has removed implants from about 14 people so far. Powerful stuff. I have interviewed the man. There are so many people wanting removals that they have to sift through them and take only the most dependable ones who have x-rays, etc. All from people who have had close encounters (and usually "missing time" as well). Unmistakeable "in your face" encounters with craft. I have talked to and interviewed hundreds of such people. Police, doctors, accountants, you name it... You know, when you few nay-sayers speak out so rudely and ignorantly (only a few I have seen doing that, not all of course) it does indeed push away people with powerful stories to tell... Anyway, gotta go to work now, but thanks for your interest. Check out those leads I mentioned. I will provide some good stuff later. I have audio files of super cases I can email also.
Oh yeah. And go to www.Earthfiles.com. That is Linda Moulton Howe's site. BRILLIANT, magnificent investigator. Check it out. Let me know what you think.
Very interesting site Maltron. I look forward to your contributions!
THANK you Maltron
niiice to hear an expert eventhough I don´t see why this subjekt should be discussed here so much buuuut I totally agree to Maltron tooo much evedience there are UFOs and here to say I am one of those that have several experiences with UFOs ...positive , beautiful higher intelligent ones . I dont know why it all is so bad overthere . here in Scandinavia people experience the higher intelligent ones that bring love and good feeling . I want to support you in this Maltron . Eventhough I have had these experiences I never talk with people about it only ones that know about it . I think that the Military overthere might have influence in all the bad ones I personally never had other than good and beautiful ones :-)
...and me either have so much time to go through all the answers but wanted to support Maltron ... for me it is natural they exict no doub and no wired green men for me only higher intelligence :-)
Hi Isabella. Thanks... Read on. It gets good in later pages... Also, please tell me about your experiences. I will do some interpretation if i can. What did the aliens look like? Did you see craft? How many times?



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