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Buying organic or natural clothes seems to be waayyyy too expensive to me and plus, I can never find anything I like. So I decided that I'm just gonna have o make my own clothes. My mom loves to sew so she might be able to teach me.

So is anyone here into making their own stuff? Have a favorite DYI book? Any organic fabric or natural dye suggestions? I've been thinking of hemp fabric...

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I also want to make my own clothes! I am taking a sewing class this fall with my kids to learn.
Doing it with your kids should make it extra fun. I'm glad I'm learning from my mom. She's tried to each me countless times before but I never had the attention span/desire to learn. Unil now I guess...
can u make one with fruit tree leaves?
You making the clothes out of fruit tree leaves? Or making clothes wih fruit tree leaves on them? lol I dunno. I like the first option better. I'd definiely try on an outfit made out of leaves.

But I was thinking I could do some sort of print-screen like type thing and draw my own fruit like designs and put it on a shirt.
These Tarahumara sandals may interest you. The Tarahumara indians are
the tribe that runs 100 miles for fun through Copper canyons of the
Sierra Madre. The sandal is simple to make, and darn good running shoe.

I ordered a sandel kit. I also took a pair of old thin flipflops and
some old shoe laces and made some, based on the videos below, and ran
6 miles with them. Fun stuff. You don't really need a kit. The instructions could be used with any materials.

Custom and kits:

How to make them:

How to tie them:


A fun and interesting book about ultra running and the Tarahumara:
"Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the
World Has Never Seen"

I was thinking this morning of how in the world to make your own shoes. I really appreciate the links and I like that the strings are made of hemp. Those are some good looking shoes man! Thanks so much.

I was afraid they'd be too flimsy and fall apart but the video makes them look nice and sturdy :]
I've been looking for something like this. Thanks
Hi Sushi ♥,
I like to buy old fabric to make clothes out of.
Charity or second-hand shops often have great vintage fabric; and there is also a great collection on Ebay.
I also pick up old sewing cotton threads at Collectors' Fairs.
I find old cotton thread great to sew with and much better quality than modern cotton thread.

happy stitching ♥
This is a great idea. It doesn't neccesarily have to be organic but atleast it's recycled and not going to waste?

I love vintage things but I never thought to buy vintage fabric.

Thanks for the suggestions!
A bonus is that vintage cotton, tends to be much better quality, and has a higher thread count than most modern cottons.



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