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I find very hard to do both at the same time.

Right now I'm foccussing on getting skilled in android programming (with the distant goal of designing in-seasons meals and shopping list, and make the question "what
are we gonna eat tonight ?" become an old memory).

I've never been spending much time giving my point of view or defending the point of view of the people I agree with, not that I found that useless, but just that I
couldnt afford to spend time on this.

Now I end up with 2 problems :
1 - I've become nearly autistic. A few years of talking to a computer and you are not able anymore to make yourself understand.
2 - Because people don't really get what I'm doing, they don't give me support.

And this lead to the 3rd problem :
3 - If I don't get the support of people for my project, why I am doing it afterall ?

Those last days this question has been continuously in my head.
And you what's your opinion/experience about this ?

Would you start a project even if no-one support you ? or would you first look for support and only then start working ?

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Personally, if the project felt right to me I would do it regardless of how many people supported me. I wouldn't wait for support before I started working on it. This is actually the approach I took when I decided to start my YouTube channel and I've found that people have become more supportive over time. Sometimes it just takes a while for people to realize how serious you are about something and sometimes by diving into the project you end up finding people who are more supportive. If I were you I would also try and work at finding a better balance between working on this project and socializing. I also have a hard time doing both and as a result my social skills are less than stellar but I'm working on changing that. Even if you just set aside a little bit of time each day or even just a few days a week to work on connecting with people or meeting new people it will help and you might find that people are more supportive than you think.

Hello Jenn !

"Personally, if the project felt right to me I would do it regardless of how many people
supported me." I did that in the past but I must say it turn out to be a fail.

I already made a version of the software I was talking about, but for desktops. But this version
- looks like 20 years old (wrong technologie choices)
- is very slow (wrong database management)
- took me 2 years of my life (had to study programming from scratch)

Of course, every mistakes is step further toward the final goal, but if it is too slow and you
never reach the goal, or you reach it too late, what the point ?

When I analysed the reasons of my fail, i came to the conclusion that the main reason was :
- the lack of fertile ground

For each decision I had to take, I took the one that brought me to the solution by longest
possible way. What would have happenned if I had submitted my decision to a group interrested in
the result. Would they have agree with all of them ?

If we are 10 people having to solve the same problem, we may all use google to find some
inspiration, but we won't retain and follow the same people advices. Alone we are bound to
follow old patterns, unless we just learned from previous mistakes. With a group we also take
into accounts the mistakes of others, when it's time to take a decision, that's a big positive

So yeah, at this point of my life, I can clearly say that being able to socialize with the right
people, is 90% of project success.

But I have to say, I find it very hard, after having spend long hours in front of the screen
programming, to spend some more hours socializing on the net.

Ah, yes I can see your point. I suppose it all depends on the specific situation. Also, I may have misunderstood your original post somewhat. I was thinking that you were hesitating about attempting your project because your friends/family didn't have any interest in it or didn't believe in you and that it was just encouragement that you were lacking. But that's not really the case. What you really need is to be able to bounce ideas off of people who have experience in this area so you need to find people you can collaborate with. I agree that this is probably the easier option, though I still think you could figure this out on your own. But, like you said, your progress will be much slower. Really, if you think about it, finding people you can collaborate with is part of working on your project so part of "getting skilled" is "making friends". Is there anyway that you could spend less time programming so that you have more time/interest in socializing online? Or are there any programming groups in your area that you could join?

Support: if it’s your goal, why do you need or expect support from others? You could pay people to support you (Business Counsel), or seek investors, but otherwise, I would never expect support from anyone. To the contrary, it’s quite well known that most people prefer to put other people’s ideas down, rather than support. So don’t take this personally. This is where the saying ‘naysayers’ comes from. The world is full of naysayers. often the worst 'naysayers' are close friends and family.

It’s your goal, your project.

We only ever hear of the success stories. All around the world there are people like you, trying to work their goal. If you believe in it, go for it. I think you would be more upset if you didn’t try this. Work this plan and goal, until another plan or goal presents itself.

Socializing, a bit overrated in my opinion. Usually the people who are busy socialising haven’t much else to do. But, you do need to get out a little too, too much extreme at either end is not healthy. Why not at least join some groups, whether this is health, vegan, cycling or even a ‘developers’ group or entrepreneurs group. There are all sorts of groups available on meetup.com    you might find some people you get on with, or at least people with common interests.

In terms of your goals, do you have this all clearly written down in a plan, a plan that you would be happy sharing with me, or some other business counsel? If not, this is probably where you need to spend a little more time. Planning.

Good Luck :)

Hello Edd,

Thank you for your nice message, I answer late sorry (was busy socializing in the Pyrenées).
Part of my answer is my response to Jenn.
Actually, I do socialize a little bit, I'm part of the couchsurfing group here and we go hiking
from time to time, I'm also in contact with developpers since a few months. That's them, who
advice me to stop using the technology I was using and start android instead.

When it comes to have "clearly written down plans", I do have some. I have around 100 screens to
create witch will take me around 6 months (and I'm confident about this evaluation, I've enough
experience on the java programming), with a showable version every 3 weeks.

But before I can start writting my screens, I need to acquire some more knowledge about the
android library, and this, I'm really not able to evaluate. Will it be one week, one month, more
? And I find that really frustating.

Should I look for skilled local people, to help me evaluate and achieve my goal (that's what
they do in every businesses), or go find some good tutorial over the net, like I have always
done ? What is the shortest way ?

Will choose the 2nd option for today at least.

Will keep you informed.

If you network with other people to help get you better at this skill, you could cut two watermelons with one knife.

Cool initiative, btw.

Hello Jacob, you completely comfirm my feelings, do you talk from experience?

Not with programming in particular, but I have found that in martial arts, my skills develop the quickest when I have other people competing and exchanging information with me. I would imagine this extends to other skills as well.

Well.  Is there a way to use Android to become more social ?  Crazy question I know - but a current millennial one.

I swear I have been thinking of these sort of things lately myself and to make a long story short - I think social media applications via the web and mobile apps etc. are indeed becoming a way for " tribes " to exist and " get to know each other ".  Even the 30Bad NingNet is an example of this phenomenon.

Like, I dunno, how hard is it to craft a social media app on Android designed to help " foodies " get together and try local seasonal produce in a " smart mob " type of scenario where the app drives 100 or so people to a destination that would benefit the host ? ( in terms of what you mentioned liking to design as far as like seasonal produce, shopping etc. )

Also, if you did acquire social media development skills on Android, it would seem like those types of skills learned could be parlayed into other interesting areas, $, people, etc..

Hello MagicCreative, I completly agree with "social media applications via the web and mobile
apps etc. are indeed becoming a way for tribes to exist and get to know each other".
I'm looking forward for the day when I will feel confident with Android programming, and team with
like minded people on inteligent projects and get the benefits you are talking about.

Yes. Not necessarily with the software itself but with the skills I learned with it. At first my main reason was to manage to eat well. I find that the main difficulty is to organise your week, your shopping list etc...



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